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Charminis - World Map

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YES- FINALLY ITS FINISHED, this is a map of the Berryverse continent! its the world where Charminis live in!
Charminis most often live in places that are dense with trees

I've never had a good experience with my backgrounds but I don't think this one looks completely bad (??)
It was actually quite fun to make as well! Prepare for a big paragraph of info

Habitable Zones

The living areas of Berryverse, all largely vary in environment and climate so have fun choosing what's best for your Charmini

Berryverse Central
As the name suggests, this bustling forest metropolis houses a large number of Charminis! The nights are never quiet, the lights never die out and the markets are always busy with Charminis dressed in the latest fashion trends!. A lot of diverse Charminis reside here with the goal of living a fulfilling life! The edges of this place is much quieter and is perfect for Charminis who like the city life but prefer less sound. 
The Charmini #25, Berrie lives here <3
Insight:Berryverse Berryverse 2

Ocean-Jewel Port
A beautiful ocean side town known by others for its love for the arts, fashion, music, dance and drama as well as pristine waters and caramel sands. Sea side shops, resting on the tallest tree tops and branches include the most romantic cafes and restaurants as well as expensive perfume harvested from the finest peachuberries! Elegant and highclass is one side of the port which contrasts highly with the other more obscure side where a lack of laws has caused it to become dangerous, poverty stricken and a common site for crime (and pirate raids)
Insight: Oceanjewel

Ironfell District
Located right next to a giant crystal powerplant, one can already guess the type of city this is. Residents here are seen as sophisticated, and knowledgable as many here like to practice the mysterious force of magic and also try to expand society's knowledge of magic in a way that can benefit charminis. Residents here often own a cauldron and at least a few spell books on their shelves 
The Charmini #79, Quinn lives here <3
Insight:Ironfell Ironfell 2 Ironfell 3

Florebloom Gardens
This peaceful and nature enthused town is seated right next to a star shaped lake and is surrounded by fields of flowers and hundreds of orchards that grow all kinds of magical berries! Forebloom's residents love magical creatures, familiars, berries and all things nature!
The Charmini #78, Mabel lives here <3

Cretopian Oasis
A small town located beneath a dessert! the residents here are blessed with a refreshing oasis in one of the harshest desserts and also have a good spice trade! In addition to this, they also have a famous bazaar/market that attracts many tourists, but be careful though, there's known to be many pick pocketers around this area!
Insight: Oasis 2 Oasis 3 Oasis 4

Wintergreen Town
A cold wintery town located high up north. Residents here have to deal with snow storms at times but are treated with the most beautiful skies at night! Wintergreen is the leading development into research of space

Skyberry Isles
A series of small floating islands most of which are connected by a bridge for its residents ease of transportation. There is an abundance of water and food and It's a beautiful place to live with a beautiful view, the perfect place if your charmini isn't completely mortified by high heights! There are a good number of Charminis with the "winged" mutation located here! Skyberry'
s culture shares some similarities to Earth's traditional middle eastern culture.
Insight: Skyberry

Charmini must be level 3 or have at least one mutation to live here
Refers to an excluded island of trees that surrounds a 500 meter tall, magic-infused tree located at the centre of a misty lake. Due to its high living standards, it naturally expects Charminis that have come from nobility or have a well-known name. Gracefield has the lowest population of Charminis out of any town/city but is also the most exclusive and sought after by many as a place to live.
Insight: Gracefield

An exotic island that consists of a variety of small villages and towns filled with culture, ancient magic and a wide range of species vegetation not seen anywhere else! an old tower stands, half sunken into the middle of a lake, its purpose long forgotten but is said to bring prosperity and good luck to whoever visited it. Some say that this was the place where the first Charminis came to be.  
Insight: Eden

Nature/Land Names

Crystal Spire
A tall magical spire created by a team of magicians from Ironfell. It harvests energy from the sun at an astronomically fast rate and provides it to thousands of Charminis!


Extra Info

All the major towns and cities in Berryverse are connected via teleportation portals which means if you have two Charminis living in seperate cities, they can still  meet up for a coffee break or something, however this is a magically demanding for of transportation! Charminis can also use mounts/boats as a cheaper but longer form of getting to place! 

This map will be used for important quests and events in the future! Regardless you can decide right now where you want your Charmini to live, although it won't be canon yet which means you're free to experiment and go wild! 

Additionally I will allso be making a housing/town guide which I'm super stoked about! Basically, Charminis live in there tree houses which can be joined by a bridge or just solo! theres also town squares but they're all built on trees! its better in my head than in words! 
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JJdoesart4funStudent Digital Artist
The map is so beautiful! <3
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
thank u sm <33
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JJdoesart4funStudent Digital Artist
No problem! yw
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iAmirroraHobbyist Digital Artist
Just a question, do you take commissions for things like this?
And backgrounds?
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this is amazingly adorable, so detailed to. i wish i had the patients required to do a map like this, have always wanted to map out my own world. but it never happens.
it is rare to sea lovely maps like this will full detail on the area's, it looks like the map could continue OAO  !!!

i really love this !! <3
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much ;;v;; i love building worlds, so i dont really notice how much detail and time i put into it until the end xD
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OAO i want so much to be able to build my own it is in my head but i cant get it down on digital yet, but i will aim for it, this is a huge inspiration, so bright and colorful !! i will look forward to seeing more if you create another !! >W<
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This is great! I'd love to finally get one of those someday :0
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much <3
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alliemewsHobbyist Digital Artist
this looks so amazing! 
um, just a small detail, but is dessert intentional?
desert is like the hot land of sand, dessert is like cake.
idk if its intentional or not!
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
thank you for pointing that out, its not intentional and I need to fix it haha 
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alliemewsHobbyist Digital Artist
lol its ok ;>
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EchoTheNekoHobbyist Digital Artist
Desserts is stressed backwards. Easy way to remember ;)
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wow amazing
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
Thank you qvq
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crackedkittenStudent Digital Artist
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Ooo how pretty!
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AA thank you so much QuQ
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Waaaah this looks so awesome <3
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AA thank you owo
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BloodLustingCreatureHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks amazing!! You draw maps really well.
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peachubunStudent Digital Artist
Aw thank you! Maps are more fun to draw than "actual" backgrounds for some reason >w<
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