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free tag base

Sketch (c) Skullsmasher

This is free to use, but please follow the rules:

-Please keep our (c) somewhere on the picture/tag
-You may make your own lineart changes/additions but please don't completely alter the tag
-You CAN include these along with traded/sold characters, but you CAN NOT sell the tags themselves to make a profit. Doing free ones for your friends is okay
-I will NOT make one for you
-I will not help you with how to open up the file. All you do is click and download it. It's a PSD file so if you cannot open up PSD files then I'm sorry :(
-Hope you like it! :D
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© 2011 - 2021 PeachTabby
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Yay, another cute base! I'll be coloring this in too!
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Absolutely loved drawing Apprentice boar on this or well coloring! :)Come out gorgeous!
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Sorry! I hadn't completely read the rules and so I went ahead and made a post on FP to sell recolours of your base! I have fixed it now and returned the money to their owners :)
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So just making sure:

We can NOT make a virtual profit off of these?
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no sorry :( no kind of profit is allowed
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Ok!Thanks for letting me know!
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Thank you! I'll be coloring a few here and there :D
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Thanks! I'm colouring some for friends and I :)
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Thank you for making this! I am going to be using it for my new Character Caleb and maybe a couple more characters. I appreciate it!
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