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FREE TO USE Headshot Icon Base

I really like drawing symmetrical pixel icons X33 (aka I was bored at work....again...*sigh*)
Merry Early Christmas I guess! Totally going to do more than this for you guys, though XDD *wink wink*

So yeah, free to use! :D

-Don't say you drew the original base!
-Give me credit if you submit it to your gallery, if anyone asks, etc
-Can edit the lines to better fit your character
-Do NOT sell these lines or make money off of them in ANY way! That includes coloring them for people as commissions, selling the lines themselves, etc
-No I won't color one for you D: sorry!

Might make more tonight XD All the kids are gone for the holdiays so the campus is super dead ;_; Even the ones in the apartments have left, the parking lot is SO EMPTY rounds are super short
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Used! Thank ya!! <3
PeachTabby's avatar
Oh man looks awesome XD
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i'm gonna use this, thanks ^^
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gonna use the base
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Hey, I used your base! thanks :)
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are we allowed to animate this?
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Totally used<33
I made it bounce. c:
Keep up the good work!
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omg adorable XD
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um, HECK YEAH!! This is kickass, thank you!!
Sounds like your job is super easy now!
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YES! I'm so happy that it's crazy easy XDD like free money hahaha but the schedule is silly :P *shrugs* oh well, I guess it's the price you have to pay to have a job where you sit literally 75% of the time ;O
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can we edit the base, like make it have floppy ears instead? c:
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of course! XDD :3

on one condition, you have to show me when it's done ;D
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gosh look at that face. So adorbs. Definitely gonna color some for fun. Thank you!
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