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United States 2016 reformation map pt. 2 by PeachLover94
Mature content
United States 2016 reformation map pt. 2 :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 3 0
Gregory Forrest conceptual inspirations by PeachLover94 Gregory Forrest conceptual inspirations :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0 ICH is a Viper Pilot by PeachLover94 ICH is a Viper Pilot :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Vehicle Voltron III: AOTA - movie treatment
written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)
Inspired by "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"
created for World Events Productions by
Peter Keefe, John Teichmann and Toei Animation
Based on "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV"
created for Toei Animation by
Saburo Yatsude (Kozo Morishita,
Masahisa Saeki, Keisuke Fujikawa,
and Shigemitsu Taguchi)
30 East Trillium Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77381
TREATMENT: 03-16-2019                                                                                                                                               
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0
Mature content
Catherine Hook and the Crocodile at Skull Rock :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 4 3
Character Profile - Colonel Saul Tigh
Birth Name: Saul Tigh
Father: Michael ♂
Mother: Kathryn ♀
Birth Date: Omegaber (December) 24th, 6900 C.E. (Colonial Age)
Hometown: Emporius, Aerilon
A) Aerilon Elementary School (Ages 10-22/Grades Kindergarten-5)
B) Emporius Middle School (Ages 22-27/Grades 6-8)
C) Lord Hubble High School (Ages 28-35/Grades 9-12)
D) Colonial Military Officers' Academy (Ages 36-43)
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches (5'10")/178 centimeters
Weight: 152 pounds/69 kilograms
Build: Swimmers' Body
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Regulation
Voice: Low-Medium Register (Baritone) with Generic American Accent
Gender: Male ♂
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Love Interest(s):
A) Ellen Tigh ♀ (Wife) (KIA - Killed In Action)B) Commander Noah Adama ♂, Commanding Officer (CO) the Battlestar Galactica (Rumored)
C) President Laura Roslin ♀, President of the Confederacy of the Twelve Colonies of Man, Commanding Officer of the Destroyer 
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 0
Mature content
The Epic of Snow White - concept movie treatment :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
VCU - Romelle (Style Board)
AGE: 21
Casual Outfit:
 Jumpsuit and Boots
Paladin Armor:
Alliance Uniform:
 Tunic and Pants, and  Boots
 Sports Bra,  Sports Shorts, and  Shoes
Snow/Winter Gear:
 Jacket,  Pants and Shoes
 Bikini Top,  Bikini Bottoms, and  Sandals
 Gown, and  Shoes
Blade of Marmora:
 Suit with Hood, Mask, Belt and Blade
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Scaredy Engines - RE-WRITTEN
The Railway Series/Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
Volume L: Haunted Engines
Story IV: Scaredy Engines
Original Story by
David Mitton and Robin Kingsland
Re-Written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)
Dear Friends,
Sodor is a place of mystery, and some of those mysteries can be very scary - even to engines if you can believe that!
On one of these October nights of the haunting hour, a visiting Stepney almost met a terrible end, Toby met an old warrior, and other scares rattled the engines' frames.
But maybe you should read about them for yourself...
The Author
Every year on October 31st, the engines of Sodor look forward to Halloween.
They love the fireworks organized by Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller, and the children dressing up as wizards and witches and who knows what else.
But the thing they most love is the spooky stories told to them by Edward around the turntable back at the Tidmou
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
VCU - Sven/Shiro (Style Board)
AGE: 22
Casual Outfit:
 Shirt, Pants and Shoes
Paladin Armor:
 First as On/Off Sky Paladin of the Black Lion;  Second as On/Off Sky Paladin of the Black Lion
Alliance Uniform:
 Tunic (with missing sleeve added in) and Pants, and  Boots
 Shirt and Pants, and  Sleeping Cap
 Sports Shirt (often Optional),  Sports Shorts, and  Shoes
Snow/Winter Gear:
 Jacket,  Pants and Shoes
 Swim Briefs, and  Sandals
 Shirt, Vest, Jacket, Pants and Shoes
Alternate Casual:
 Shirt and Coveralls, and  Shoes
Blade of Marmora:
 Suit with Hood, Mask, Belt and Blade
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 0
Daisy - Silent Running Lowell by PeachLover94 Daisy - Silent Running Lowell :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 3 Concept Kamala Harris 2020 Sign by PeachLover94 Concept Kamala Harris 2020 Sign :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0 Peach - Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora by PeachLover94 Peach - Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 6 1 Peach - Logan's Run Sandman by PeachLover94 Peach - Logan's Run Sandman :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 3 1 Winnie the Pooh Princess Character Recast Meme by PeachLover94 Winnie the Pooh Princess Character Recast Meme :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 0 AU: Star Wars V - Quad Movie Poster by PeachLover94 AU: Star Wars V - Quad Movie Poster :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 3 0


Peach and Mario's Strike by ASDFGHJKLDQREW Peach and Mario's Strike :iconasdfghjkldqrew:ASDFGHJKLDQREW 7 8 Heavy Exploratory Cruiser by BastardShipyards Heavy Exploratory Cruiser :iconbastardshipyards:BastardShipyards 10 2 USS Valley Forge (2357- ) by anno78 USS Valley Forge (2357- ) :iconanno78:anno78 9 1 Avianca Colombia B707-320 by JetStream-61 Avianca Colombia B707-320 :iconjetstream-61:JetStream-61 3 0 Boeing 707 Pan Am by Stephen-Fisher Boeing 707 Pan Am :iconstephen-fisher:Stephen-Fisher 2 0 Tick Jumps For A Taste Of Codfish by MsHook Tick Jumps For A Taste Of Codfish :iconmshook:MsHook 28 4 Marlin Sans Nostalgia Goggles by Jdailey1991 Marlin Sans Nostalgia Goggles :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 33 12 Donald and Douglas: Engines in black by Startoursfan21 Donald and Douglas: Engines in black :iconstartoursfan21:Startoursfan21 3 1 Cylon Basestar (TOS) ortho [updated] by unusualsuspex Cylon Basestar (TOS) ortho [updated] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 149 11 Colonial Landram ortho by unusualsuspex Colonial Landram ortho :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 60 10 Cylon Raider Mk I ortho [update] by unusualsuspex Cylon Raider Mk I ortho [update] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 117 5 Viper Mk I ortho [updated] by unusualsuspex Viper Mk I ortho [updated] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 97 2 Battlestar Galactica (TOS) ortho [updated] by unusualsuspex Battlestar Galactica (TOS) ortho [updated] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 219 10
Admitting, Broken and Lost Friends Because of Me
To all my remaining friends and fans here, what you're about to read is me opening up and telling you what's really been happening to me here while admitting with a broken heart but you will either see me as a friend still or someone who is no longer the guy that so many looked up and admired. The choice is yours to be made after.
What I hope is that we can all learn from what I've got to tell you, so that other people can open up and talk about things that they thought they'd never say and would never want to do in life. So... here goes.
Because of me and the why things turned out in the end, it has come to heartbreaking end to one chapter of my life that I must end in tears and one that's marked the end of an era. 
After all the information thanks to :iconknightridergirl80: and :iconpudgemountain:, I admit to most of the blame of this but you got to understand and keep in mind that this was back in 2018 6 months ago after Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse was
:iconkanetakerfan701:KaneTakerfan701 3 61
Tick Spies Sabrina On A Hook by MsHook Tick Spies Sabrina On A Hook :iconmshook:MsHook 18 5 Snow White and Huntsman by Disney by daekazu Snow White and Huntsman by Disney :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,816 152


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Journal History

What would they sound like? Here's what I would imagine them if they were voiced back in the original 1980s cartoon series.

  1. Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (1982)/Voltron I/Vehicle Voltron of the Milky Way Galaxy (Near Universe) - Peter Cullen (Narrator, Coran, Hutch, Alfor, Hawkins, Karp and Throk)
  2. Lightspeed Electroid Albegas (1983)/Voltron II/Gladiator Voltron of the Hyperion Galaxy (Middle Universe) - B.J. Ward (Allura, Nanny, Romelle, Haggar, Ginger, Lisa, Cinda, Twyla and Dorma)
  3. Beast King GoLion (1981)/Voltron III/Lion Voltron of the Denubian Galaxy (Far Universe) - Neil Ross (Keith, Pidge, Jeff, Chip, Bandor, Steele and Cross/Amalgamus from the 1998 V3D)

Any better ideas for what they should sound like? Hash it out in the comments!


PeachLover94's Profile Picture
Robert Barnes III
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I was born in 1994, so I am one of the 90s generation. In 2007, I heard about the game Super Princess Peach, where Peach has to save Mario and Luigi, and I developed a little crush around her.

Some of my art has revolved around Peach and the rest of the Mario gang, but I have shared other interests as well. I will be putting up some of my other art as well to showcase various interests, but I hope to later become a Video Game Developer, a Film/TV Director, a Manga Artist/Writer, and or a Voice Actor later in life.

~~~FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION~~~ I am in need of Core Membership Points. So if anyone who drops by and has way too many points to go around, it'd be much obliged of you to click the link and give a point or two. ->…




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Did I enjoy the movies? Um... yes. Are there things about them which I would have done differently if I was making them? Absolutely! All in all, however, I enjoyed them for what they were and what they aspire to be.
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