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Paradox, the hypothetical child of Discord and Chrysalis that did not happen probably. Maybe. But No. Belongs to :icontarajenkins:, as first seen on Cupidite! Happy -early- Birthday!

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freakin' cute
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This might be the best description of a nonexistent character I've yet read.
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Agreed. Paradox soooo doesn't exist. Except when she does, THEN things just get confusing.
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Paradox is best ²j╞╪≥♣↨ççç.
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You two really need far more Paradox in your Tumblrs and all of your art in general.

Quite literally He..... She..... It is the most adorable thing ever conceived by the Human race. Look at those eyes and those ears and the tiny hooves and snout.

It's so adorable I think I'm going to die.
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Multiverse theory dictates somewhere, this little guy is floating around pestering his dad.
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oh my gosh it's so adorable and derpy and hnnnggg
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Well it is Paradox so it doesn't need to happen to exsist :P
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A discord/Crysalis child?... :iconmotherofplz:
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Feeds on mischief and antics? I suppose he was made by advanced alternate dimension science, rather than love.
Likely the most well-behaved individual you'd ever meet, too :P
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I really love the character design here. The Long ears, the big snout, that long tail, and those big eyes! I mean look at the iris. I hope you draw more of Paradox, or design more characters, cause I really admire the way you make them grow on you. There's something about your work that makes characters very memorable, But thats something to be expected from a professional illustrator such as yourself.

I can only hope to achieve such skill in that field myself, but until then I must admire and appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing yet, another memorable and enjoyable piece of art.
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It looks like that Paradox has grown a little bit since the last time he appeared
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Hah :XD: That's great :D
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sanjfhsjhjskgf *tries to hug it* ;3;
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