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DiscorderlyConduct - Before You Break My Heart

DiscorderlyConduct is a collab ask blog between me and :icontarajenkins:
Story entry #3

All entries can be found at
FIRST DA ENTRY LINK:…DiscorderlyConduct-Reboot-479345760


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Ok... That was so specific...
ponpon-Starglory's avatar
you should continue this TT
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"She blew him up! --With Friendship! Friendship everywhere!" Greatest quote ever
It's like Black Mage's Haiddoken, siphoning love from the universe into ultimate spells of destruction. 
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According to the IDW comics Chrysalis was blasted into swiss cheese by Celestia.
I'd tell you that you didn't do your homework but I'm not sure how cannon is the comic. Either way I enjoy your strips.
ItsfromPeople's avatar
Friendship, the best murder weapon since the beginning of time. Just think of all the RPGs were the power of friendship is used to kill the final boss.
mirtar34's avatar
Interesting, where did you get the idea the changelings would die off in this manner? 
92CaptainWolf's avatar
You know what? This was a very funny part! "She blew him up - with friendship!" HAHA!
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Love the comic's art style and funny expressions! :D :D :D
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Truthfully, they can't destroy Discord. Entropy (chaos) is necessary for chemical reactions, and thus, life to live. The rest are disposable...

Best out of all pages
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Friendship is over 9 billions kai units at least...

So awesome that is totally out of competition. I can hear John de Lancie in my head here, even I'm not a native english speaker 8-)
godgirl625's avatar

I still care absolutely 0% for this princess crap

However the purpose here is always worthy

And discord seems to be helping nicely
Captain-Brony's avatar
FRIENDSHIP all over the place
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I wish there was a way for me to get private text messages when you share online your newest comic featuring Discorderlyconduct.
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We're trying to keep it consistent so we queue them up on the main tumblr for Saturdays at 11:59 AM Eastern.
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haha!  This was a great page :D
Windspeed8's avatar
OMG this is one of the single greatest things ever, of all time
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