Ultimate EQUINE Contest ROUND 2-Last week!

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Winning pieces of round one and who get to continue the competition:

:thumb311194872: This whole piece was extremely well done, and I loved how you could see the lanterns of the horses far off in the distance. But theme wise, it explained it all in the description. "The manip is highlighting one of a thousand horses who are migrating. They are carrying the lamps to ward off the darkness so that they can continue to move towards their destination."

Starlight by Nikkayla Just plain awesome. It seemed (in my opinion) that the forest was almost an 'in the middle' zone, and the white unicorn represented the 'light' running through giving off energy/light (like the sun) but then the second horse represented darkness trying to catch up and eat up the light.
The detailing as well as the hair were excellent and I love the idea of using ribbons on the horn.

Shatter The Darkness by The-Lumos This piece was beautifully done, and the describes everything that is happening. "This theme was 'Breaking the Darkness'. I believe I have captured it in all its essence, mostly in literal terms. The horse was running through the woods, running from the darkness, and came upon a jar that had a little horse firefly within it. With one big step in the stride, the jaw shattered into a million pieces, releasing the light to break the darkness."

creatures lie here.. by midnitejinx This one was cool. Instead of representing the darkness broken, its showing it right before it gets broken.... that is assuming your ready to uncover the secrets of this spooky cave.

One word. Epic. Instead of the horse breaking the darkness of an area, the darkness is the horse, and the light is destroying it. Awesome. Great job of portraying it too! The smoke is fabulous.

W a n d e r by Cataclysm-Studios This one was harder to understand and required a lot of thinking. In my opinion I think that it shows the horse as a carrier or messenger. He is burdened by holding the latern in his mouth to ward off the dark, but at the same time the crow always haunts him whispering darkness into his ear. Great job! The way you blended the horse to the water was insanely well done.

My love will be there by mockingale Sooooooo amazing! Everything here is portrayed to perfection! Great job! As for the theme, it seemed to me as the horse was in a depression. The dark waters showing the darkness the horse had sunk to in his mind. But the jellyfish are the things that make the horse happy, the things that give him hope to come out of the darkness and into the light.

belyi rytsar' by dasha-v-m Really neat concept. The white horse representing the light, and in its strength, three horses of darkness are no match for him, and they show all signs of submission to the light. Great job.

.clearing the dark by maemaeee I think this was one of the most obvious ones portraying the theme. White unicorn blasting away the darkness. Not overly original. But effective. The manip is very well done, everything is beautifully detailed! Amazing as always.

*Contest* .:Breaking the Darkness:. by Indigo-Elixer Really well done and original. Awesome job! The theme is described in the description. "The horse, glows in the darkness, and underwater, at the bottom of the ocean, must be pretty dark xD So, the horse is illuminated therefore, breaking breaking the darkness. "

So there you have it!
Indigo-Elixer maemaeee dasha-v-m mockingale leenei midnitejinx The-Lumos Nikkayla scrimpytheshrimp Cataclysm-Studios

Congrats! Your moving onto round two! :la:  round two ends August 11 Good luck :)

What is a Graphics Off?
This is a five staged contest that uses the process of elimination. Ten artist are chosen to compete, only three make it to the final round.

How do I enter?
You cant enter any more

Do I get a chance of winning with my entry?
It depends on if you get chosen to go onto the four other rounds.

How it Works
Each round with have different expectations and whoever meets these expectations the best will move onto the next round. (Round One: open. Round Two: 10 artists compete. Round Three: 7 artists compete. Round Four: 5 artists compete. Round Five: 3 artists compete). Each round will last for ONE week. Failure to submit an entry in this time will disqualify the artist. NO ACCEPTATIONS.

:bulletred: you must use stock and credit the stock owner (NO PRECUTS!) :bulletorange: must be an equine piece :bulletyellow: this is a photomanipulation contest. No other medium acceptable. :bulletgreen: all entries must have a direct link to this contest :bulletblue: entries MUST be sent in a NOTE. Entries that are submitted in a comment will be ignored. :bulletpurple: be original! No stealing ideas.

for those of you who scrolled right down to see the prizes, make sure you still read what is written above!

1st place
3 month premium membership from :iconpeachesrox:
1 free complex commission from :iconpeachesrox:
1 large journal feature from :iconpeachesrox:
20 points from :icondoodle543:
Golden package from :iconxglassraindrops:
Full body painting of a character from :iconsaintthesinner:
15 points from :iconridinginlongsocks:
Complex Manip from :iconmutednight:
1 free gold commission :iconbrynora:
10 points from :iconambercappy:

2nd place
1 month premium membership from :iconpeachesrox:
1 free medium commission from :iconpeachesrox:
1 large journal feature from :iconpeachesrox:
10 points from :iconridinginlongsocks:
Medium Manip from :iconmutednight:
Sketched colour headshot by :iconrejectall-american:
Journal feature from :iconRejectAll-American
1 free silver commission from :iconbrynora:
6 points from :iconambercappy:

3rd place
1 free simple commission from :iconpeachesrox:
1 small journal entry from :iconpeachesrox:
5 points from :iconridinginlongsocks:
Simple manip from :iconmutednight:
4 points from :icon Ambercappy:
PRIZE DONATIONS NEEDED! Leave a comment or note me!

Round 2 theme: Lust

good luck :)

Our hearts sing less by mockingale :thumb319052486: rusalka by dasha-v-m an unheard aphrodisia by Indigo-Elixer lights out by midnitejinx What Do You Lust Most? by The-Lumos ruler of all. by maemaeee

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jgirl999's avatar
Can't wait to see who wins!
leenei's avatar
Hey, don't want to complain but when do you think this round will be finished? :la:
peachesrox's avatar
no idea. I'm trying to sort out a LOT of stuff right now
leenei's avatar
Allright, no problemo!
The-Lumos's avatar
Hey Peaches! I was just curious...and getting a little ancy. When do you think Round 3 stuff will be up?
peachesrox's avatar
very soon :) I've just been busy :XD:
The-Lumos's avatar
Okie dokie. No rush. Just curious. :]
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Curse my limited access; it hid this from me D: But all those who got through look fantastic! I hope my entry for the next round will be done tomorrow >< I hope thats okay too <3 If not, totally understandable =)

I won't be able to submit it till after 5pm (Aussie East Coast time) but it should be doooone <3 I have an idea, and I'm rolling! :D
peachesrox's avatar
It'll have to be done by tonight I'm afraid, if its submitted on Monday it wont be accepted :(
Nikkayla's avatar
then i probably won't be able to make it =( its currently 1:16 am on Monday for me, and i don't have access till 5 pm tomorrow night which is after midnight more than likely...

oooooh well >< annoying limited access sucks =(

<3 it was fun though; i do hope it'll continue to be for everyone :D
peachesrox's avatar
ooh well :( You should still try though! I might accept a late entry, since some people arent handing in there entries
Nikkayla's avatar
I shall do my best today to get it done :D Gunna work my butt off to get it finished! Even if I can't enter it, provided it turns out, I'll still submit it :D <33!

Cheers matey <3
peachesrox's avatar
Awesome! Loving the dedication! :dummy: Good luck!

Cheers :)
Nikkayla's avatar
Ah I completely botched my entry =( Its dead as a dodo now - worked on it heaps, Photoshop decides 'WHEE -closes randomly-' and all work is gone. I am le depressed.

D: Photoshop likes to be a bitch occasionally.

<3 I'll still stalk though - looking forward to seeing who moves on from heeeeere <33
peachesrox's avatar
:noes: thats terrible!!!

Gimp does the same thing :(

yay! I'm looking forward to it too!
cantabile-reaper's avatar
omg it's like masterchef with horses.
scrimpytheshrimp's avatar
I wish I could reblog that comment, lol. :XD:
cantabile-reaper's avatar
I'm a closet MasterChef US fan. The connection was instantaneous. xDD
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cantabile-reaper's avatar
I wish I'd known about this earlier. I would have participated! Ah well, next time... xD
peachesrox's avatar
ah darn! :saddummy: I'll have another contest some time after this
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