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:bulletblue: Fairy/Hobbit Doors
:bulletgreen: Repeats
:bulletyellow: Commissions

Fairy/Hobbit Doors

:bulletblue: All fairy and hobbit door necklaces are made to order at a flat rate of £10 GBP. I will ship worldwide. All commissions will be posted and reserved on Etsy for the commissioner to purchase, allowing for smoother postage and organising on my part.

:bulletblue: All fairy/hobbit doors are made of fimo. There may be one or two pieces in my gallery that are called "fairy doors" but are made of metal. These do not count. If you would like one of those, it would fall under the "repeats" section below.

:bulletblue: All doors are approximately 1.5"

:bulletblue: If you have a design you'd like me to make, then let me know. I cannot promise that I will be able to reproduce it exactly, as my skills are not exactly top-notch, but I will certainly give it a go. If I don't think I could do it to match, I will let you know right away, and we can work something out, either a slightly simplified version, or a different design altogether. When it comes to doors, unfortunately, my imagination is a little bit linear, so if anyone has any of their own designs for me to make they would indeed be well received, and I really will try my hardest.

:bulletblue: Commissions can either be of your own design, or you can give me a few specifics, for example the colour, the look, a feature, etc, ie: brown, wooden, red door, brass handle, yellow rose

:bulletblue: All doors are attached to a 16" chain

:bulletblue: If a larger door than the ones stated above are requested, I will attach them to a longer chain so that it sits across or beneath the breast. Larger doors will cost slightly more, due to the chain itself since I don't have long ones on hand all the time, but if your own design is supplied, then I may be more likely to follow it at a larger scale. However, as I said, they may cost a little more.

:bulletblue: If you simply make an enquiry about a commission, I will not automatically assume that you are commissioning at that very moment, or that you intend to. I will treat it as purely an enquiry. I would, in that case, respond with your answer, and if you decide you would like to go ahead and commission me, I would appreciate all commissions either in dA note form, or as a message on Etsy, to state that you are at that point commissioning.

:bulletblue: Do not be afraid to ask for different things. If for example you'd like an ordinary door, like the one you probably have on you own house (unless you live in a cave, then it may be a boulder), then just ask. If perhaps you would like the doors as earrings instead, then just ask! I cannot guarantee that the doors will match exactly, if you request a matching pair, but I will try my hardest to make it so.

:bulletblue: For those in the UK, the doors may take only a week or two from formal request to arrive at your door. Those overseas may take longer.

Repeats of Necklaces/Earrings

:bulletgreen: I am willing to make repeats of necklaces and earrings that I have made in the past. Just drop me a line!

:bulletgreen: Please be aware that, for people within the UK, requests for repeats may take up to a month from formal request (not enquiry) to it arriving to your door. This is because I may not have the charms/features that it requires in my possession at that moment, and therefore may need to buy more. In the case of some of the items, I won't have the supplies in my posssession, and these will need to be ordered in.

:bulletgreen: As stated above, requests may take some time. Therefore, those in the UK, if you would like one of these items by a certain time, I would strongly advise you to request them with as much time to spare as possible to avoid disappointment. Those overseas may take considerably longer.

:bulletgreen: Whether I have the items in stock or not, I will contact you every step of the way to ensure that you know what is going on. I am not a thief.

:bulletgreen: Again, don't be afraid to ask! If I have made earrings in the past that you believe would work better, with embellishments, as a necklace, then say so.


:bulletyellow: I am willing to take Commissions (see my commission status before requesting, however). They, as the same as above, may take up to a month. I will have to find the items that are required in the colours requested, I will then have to work out how to put it all together, and while I may complete it, if you don't like it, I may have to take it all apart again. This will take longer, but, hopefully, in the end, the result will be what you hoped.

:bulletyellow: Don't be afraid to say you don't like it! I will not ship any commissions until I have posted a picture of the finished piece here on dA. If you do not like it, I will either take it apart and try again, or, if I like it, I will keep it as it is and merely start a second piece from scrap.

:bulletyellow: Don't be afraid to share your ideas. I may like your ideas enough to make one for myself! If I do, then the price will be cut down, since I will be gaining from it in another manner.

:bulletyellow: All commissions will be listed on Etsy, and then reserved unless another method is requested. I will contact you immediately as I put the listing up, and send you a link so you can purchase it ASAP. It makes shipping and organising easier for little old me ^^

:bulletyellow: All prices will be worked out based on the prices of the items that were used. If you are on a budget, I will find the items needed before you make the formal request, and give you the price then and there. If it is too steep, I will search again to see if I can find things cheaper elsewhere, but I do my best to only give you the lowest price in the first place, or we can work together to perhaps simplify your idea.

I really do truly enjoy making jewellery. Your requests/ideas/enquiries are not a nuisance. Don't be afraid to ask!
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