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SDs are evil O_o

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Published: August 18, 2005
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First.. I wanted to draw SDs (I never draw really SDs x_X)
then I thought I should draw Gohan.. as SSJ in his blue Gi and his tail is grown again XD" X3 then I wanted to draw Videl, too.. But in blue underwear XD"
So I began to draw.. and then it ended so.. Oo"
then I thought about a story for the pic... XD I now for this 'story' Videls hairstyle doesn't fit, but it was after all only a fun-pic
Videl wanted to be a mystic, too, after Goku told her, what the old Kai had done with Gohan.. so she asked Gohan if he could do this.. XD" and Gohan took the chance, but lied in the case, that she had to sit their in her underwear ^^"
stupid idea, I know XD"
I don't want to be Gohan if Videl finds out, that she isn't 'mystic' after all ^^"""""""""""""""
damn XD I like the pic, but it's so damn OOC x_X" and doesn't fit with the story.. damn XD"
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:iconmiraigohanplz: : Dude, i know my Videl wore a training bra on her training with me but this is messed up
:iconhungrygohanplz: : But you think it's hot no, we must have our girlfriends hot no?
:iconstillthereplz: : (nosebleeds)
:iconvidelthx: : Pervs
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GoHaNViDeLSoNHobbyist Writer
Hehehe ... evil Gohan indeed! xD
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don't get me wrong i like videl but is she that dumb? dose she honestly think gohan learned to fly by wearing a bra and some underware?
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Well she is Mark's child, her brain must come from somewhere
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I wrote in the description: It was and is a pic just for fun. It IS OoC, so why are you now questioning WHY Videl is doing this?
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Muhahaha, Gohan, you sneaky devilMeow :3 
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you go crouching tiger dont hide that dragon
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Nice one gohan haha
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ThechileanProfessional General Artist
If only i where Gohan at the moment
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Gohan è il migliore quando si tratta di ideare strategie! :)


Gohan is the best when he has to think some strategy! :)
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Hahha... XD Gohan, you certainly ARE a genuis! =D
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What is going on and what is SD?????
TeraSiren's avatar must continue this picture! TELL WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SHE FINDS OUT!!! > : )
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Hahahahaha! This is sooo cute! Gotta love Gohan, being so embarrassed, but so evil at the same time! :lol:
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The-Emerald-DragonProfessional General Artist
OMG XD that's funny!
Ha, Gohan's little pervert inside came out of hiding XD
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its cute! I like the expression on his face.
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Gohan's blush is the cutest! Good job!!!
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Poor Gohan. Why? Those pants would never hide an erection, much less a Super Saiyan one.

Gross? Maybe, but you know I have a point. Heh.

Cute pic.
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Aq215Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes they are :D but they are also adorable
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I don't think he'd be able to have the guts after what she could do to him. XD

Ah, well. Awesome colors and lines.
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TaintedTruffleHobbyist General Artist
so cute! i love there faces! i dont think gohan would have the nerve to try it thoug. fave.
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