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Portfolio: Figure Drawings 2

By peach-mork
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Some figure drawing for my portfolio. I'll stop posting now haha.

For a bigger version, go to my portfolio:

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you are very skilled! so lovely lines...
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Wow you're skilled as well~! Thank you for the comment!
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What kind of a pencil are you using to create this? Looks amazing!
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a 2B sumo mechanical pencil!
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Gee, awesome! Is it from your drawing sessions at the Academy of Art in San Francisco?
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No, from Cap U's Commercial Animation program in Vancouver, BC.
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very good drawings
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you welcome ;) I think you've got a great talent, so keep it up :)
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Love these drawings!!
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Are the figures you've drawn real live models?
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Yes; these are all from real life drawing sessions
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Is that Steve I spot as the lone male in here? :)
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Haha, yes it is. One of the best male models here in vancouver, when he's not looking at you like +_+ haha
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great figure drawings. although realistic looking a lot of your style shows. =]
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Thank you! I hope that's a good thing :)
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of course it is. anyone can do a life drawing and make it look exactly like the live model but if you can't put in your own personal style then all you can do is make copies.
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that's very true. Thank you very much. :)
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I'm in the process of putting together my portfolio too! Unfortunately I've been neglecting my life-drawings so when a professor told me he wanted to see at least 5 pages of it I got pretty worried >_<;;

But more relevantly, your figure drawings are incredible! They've all got such a great sense of mass!
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Ohh, thank you so much! I feel like my life drawings are one of my shortcomings, so it makes me feel better to hear you say that! Thanks! Good luck with your portfolio! I'm sure you're work is great!
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Awesome figure drawings o-o Love smooth flow o.o
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