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How many times have I loved you
just for you to leave me and decieve me?
Your love isn't true..
You come to me like a dream
and entrap me like a hunter-
the only problem is, I succumb
to the spell you put me under
and then you leave me, once again.
Just a simplistic little tool
to make your means come to an end.
I'm a fool; I know it.
A struggling, helpless poet
who can't help but be seduced
by your influence; confused,
and yet so aware- this isn't fair
that I feed upon your insincere
lustful glance- this isn't romance;
it's hatreds' guise in a half-full glass
of fast and hard completion-
you feast upon my disrection
and then laugh-
you sinful bitch.
Cure for my itch.
I wish you didn't exist,
but then I'd be lost; obscured amidst
my own mind, space and time-
just another fool who knows how to rhyme
without Inspiration(the devious whore
who sucks you off until you're dry and then comes back for more)
:icons0lidsn4k3:s0lidsn4k3 2 15
No one respects a poet
Nobody respects a poet- they just don't care.
Inciting prejudice upon what we write, calling it 'emotional flair'
and misinterpreting our meanings- labeling our works with one word,
be it 'pretty', 'confusing', 'superb', or even 'absurd'.
No one focuses on the points that we're trying to make-
unnoticed are the tears upon the trails we've had to take.
Visual stimulation and the next quick fix
is what grabs the collective conscience in an iron-clad fist.
The paint for our Picasso lies within vocabulary-
our inspiration? A cigarette, the local library,
the pain of losing someone, rediscovering life-
this can all be used as fodder for the fire that we light
within our minds- we put our very lives out on the line
to elicit a sense of insight to what we've seen in our time,
but no one wants to hear it- they turn a deaf ear
to our outpourings of adoration.
Of hatred.
Of fear.
They don't respect the craft- for example, I could rant
with a
line-break style
:icons0lidsn4k3:s0lidsn4k3 20 82
Liquid Love
You smile when you hear
the sound of a happy youth
in the next room laughing
about the usual chitchat.
You might find out
that behind closed doors
a giddy girl lets loose
in liquid love her most
giving moments and that
anyone should be so lucky
to have.
Muffled sounds of ecstacy
crawl under the door
and fill the room like sweet perfume,
a scent of intoxicating memories
of your own pleasures
that wrap you in the arms of agony.
The sounds of liquid love
cause fractured sleep to ensue,
forcing you to rant of an angel
whose body you want to love,
or lose your mind in silence.
:iconkindsir:kindsir 1 6
optimistic in a pond by obsessiveradiohead optimistic in a pond :iconobsessiveradiohead:obsessiveradiohead 4 21
Tips For Editing Poetry
***Tips For the Novice (and otherwise) - Editing***
The blanket statement, "Editing/revision harms poetry," is simply wrong.  It's akin to a photographer claiming that focusing the lens ruins the emotion of the photograph.  It is the details, and the appropriate attention paid to them, that separate a photograph from a snapshot.  Imagine a film maker slapping every frame he shot up on the screen without editing for continuity, for pacing, for effect.  What a disaster.  That is not to say that editing can't be destructive - there is such a thing as poor editing, just as there is poor writing.  But done correctly, done well, it is one of the most important tools in the poet's shed.
Never shy away from editing/revision.  Some young writers feel that to revise is to kill the spirit of the poem.  This notion serves to sacrifice the potential of a poem for an ideal that
:iconsuture:suture 565 160
Rudolph the red nosed......
Rudolf the red-nosed wino
snorted a bit too much coke;
it always left that poor wino
feeling depressed, and rather broke.
Rudolph the red-nosed wino
had a very shiny nose;
and if you stood too close to him
he would take off all his clothes.
All of the other winos,
used to wait til he'd pass out,
then they'd piss upon poor Rudolph,
until he'd wake up and shout.
Then one foggy christmas eve,
rudolph froze to death
in an alley; end of story-
what? Did you think I'd waste my breath
detailing the life of a wino?
You must be out of your gourd;
the paper this poem will be printed upon
will be more than he could ever afford.
Yes, I'm acting quite pompous,
but there's a moral to this story, as well-
don't write about junky winos,
or you'll be going straight to hell.
:icons0lidsn4k3:s0lidsn4k3 3 23



Matthew Ramada
United States
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because things are out of date

Old/Dead Artists:
Manet +
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Mary Cassat +

More Contemporary:
Damien Hirst +
Cecily Brown +
Cai Guo-Qiang
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Ross Bleckner
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Chuck Close
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Diana Al-Hadid
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Dustin Yellin

Cynthia Reeves Artists:
Jaehyo Lee
Paul Ching-Bor
Ray Ruseckas
Johnny Swing
Danielle Julian-Norton <-- (actually got to help set up her show at Cynthia-Reeves)
and basically everyone else who shows there who I haven't seen yet.


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