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New Golden Flower Background by Peacesong02 New Golden Flower Background :iconpeacesong02:Peacesong02 0 0 Golden Flowers (With Asriel) by Peacesong02 Golden Flowers (With Asriel) :iconpeacesong02:Peacesong02 0 0 Underfell!Sans by Peacesong02 Underfell!Sans :iconpeacesong02:Peacesong02 2 0 Sans by Peacesong02 Sans :iconpeacesong02:Peacesong02 1 0


I found you by AniiTaRuiz I found you :iconaniitaruiz:AniiTaRuiz 205 20 Quantumtale Pg. 11 by perfectshadow06 Quantumtale Pg. 11 :iconperfectshadow06:perfectshadow06 614 163 Underfell Sans (Flowerfell) by Daffupanda Underfell Sans (Flowerfell) :icondaffupanda:Daffupanda 1,845 114 Story Time (Undertale Comic) by Tyl95 Story Time (Undertale Comic) :icontyl95:Tyl95 600 193 Happy One Year Anniersary, Undertale! by GolzyDee Happy One Year Anniersary, Undertale! :icongolzydee:GolzyDee 1,092 80 obnoxious or not you still don't deserve this! by thegreatrouge obnoxious or not you still don't deserve this! :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,572 370 Sansy Long Legs by Foxy-Sierra Sansy Long Legs :iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 91 86
Underfell Sans x Reader x Underfell Papyrus
(A/n: Before we start, I'd like to say that this isn't really a love triangle and the Uf! Skelebros will get separate fics after this...prologue, I guess you could call it. Also, I'm gonna get yelled at for this, but Frisk is female in this and I gave her eyes. And this is an AU inside a AU. XD AU-ception. Okay, I'll shut up now and let you get into the story.) 
You let a scream rip from you as a large skeletal monster, which was very scary looking by the way, ran straight at you. You darted into the woods, hoping to loose him in all the trees.
You dared not look behind you, but you could hear him closing in on you, big boots crunching in the snow as he chased you.
"Human!" You heard him yell.
In the midst of your running, you hadn't noticed there was a drop in front of you until you were already sliding on your ass down the snowy hill.
"WooaAAAAHHHH!" You yelled.
You 'Oofed,' when tumbled off the ledge of the hill and face planted into the cold snow. You pulled yourself from the
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 160 33
Frisk will be back (SONG IN THE DESCRIPTION) by Live4Love136 Frisk will be back (SONG IN THE DESCRIPTION) :iconlive4love136:Live4Love136 1,008 181 CQ Bros by thegreatrouge CQ Bros :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,827 220
Friends Forever 1.
  Frisk huffed, trying to catch their breath after one final, long jump. They wiped some sweat from their brow, sweating despite the frigid air. It had been a long, hard-fought battle. Bones lied scattered across the snow, the remnants of that last attack. Frisk had dodged all of Sans' attacks, until finally, finally, he had decided to stop fighting. Yet even still, the small armored skeleton was acting tough.
  The small skeleton huffed. Inwardly, he was not expecting the human to be so difficult to capture. But as the battle went on, he'd become hesitant to fight the human. Something about the situation did not sit right with him, and he found that, to be honest, he actually kind of liked the human. Platonically. He whipped his scarf back. "Mweh heh heh! I can see you shaking in your boots. Therefore, I the great Sans, will spare you, human."
  Sans couldn't help but look disappointed. "I can't even stop someone as weak as you... Alphys will be upset with me, I'll neve
:iconpokefangirl491:Pokefangirl491 38 176
Tale and Fell (Undertale/Underfell)
Footsteps echo through the empty cave of the corridor, the glittering gems embedded into the wall the only source of light as shadows dance along the wall. A human girl runs through the corridor, her green/blue/grey eyes locked on what’s in front of her as she carries an eight year old child in her arms, the eight year old clinging tightly onto the a flower pot containing a golden flower.
The girl was battered and bruised, much like the child, her shoulder heavily bleeding, though she did not stop. Her golden hair had been tied back into a neat braid, a few strands of hair loose to frame her face. The denim jacket she wore had long been forgotten, locked in a storage box somewhere, leaving her in her jeans and forest green tank top. The square glasses she wore were chipped, the right lens cracked.
The child had shoulder length brown hair, their honey eyes watching the girl with concern. Their blue shirt with purple strips was torn and tattered, a hole in the knee of their jeans.
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 30 11
To Be Determined - Corrupted File.exe Fanart by xSilverDracox To Be Determined - Corrupted File.exe Fanart :iconxsilverdracox:xSilverDracox 20 10 Why are you my best friend again? by Miiv12 Why are you my best friend again? :iconmiiv12:Miiv12 50 29 How to draw Sans the skeleton by Miiv12 How to draw Sans the skeleton :iconmiiv12:Miiv12 31 20
Distant Memories: Chapter 1: Determined Spirit
It's funny how fast time can pass when you are having fun. With the Asgore's abolishment of the 'kill every human that falls in the underground' rule. The two skeletons took their human charge outside of their house without fear. Allowing them to explore and interact with all the other monsters who were very welcoming of the little child. And since there was no longer a need to watch for humans, Sans and Papyrus were able to be with Frisk a lot more. Travelling from the different areas to see their friends.
And Frisk was growing... quickly, having now reached up to half way of Sans' hight and a good length of Papyrus' leg, though they still demanded sometimes to be carried, even when the two skeletons were trying to teach them to walk on their own.
It's been a good two years since Frisk had fallen into the underground, and quickly approaching their Birthday. A day now that they could happily celebrate with the rest of the monsters in the underground.
Everything seemed to be going up fo
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