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Here I sit in solitude
in a state of loneliness;
Not one forced upon myself
but one I sought out.
I listen to songs,
that have linked memories,
They swim back into my head
letting me relive the moments.
A sad, reminiscent smile
breaks the standard scowl.
Happy moments with her,
– and her – and her.
Happy moments with different people;
moments that will most likely never happen
again with the same people.
Why do I do this?
Why I have sought out solitude?
What is there in it for me?
What am I searching for?
What am I trying to escape?
Is it wisdom I seek?
Is it knowledge I desire?
Is it enlightenment I strive for?
Or is it to relive the memories?
Why do I do this when I know there are others;
others out there waiting for me to notice them
and eager to make new memories with me
but I push them back.
What ever it is, here I am in seclusion,
listening to songs with linked memories
and with a sad, reminiscent smile
on  my face, in search of it.
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 6 10
The Path
I emerge from the cave,
battered and scared. My back
aches, my wounds leak,
and I blink at the sunlight.
My vision clears to reveal
an empty balcony on which I stand.
My eyes now move towards
the shadow on the horizon.
My head hangs low
and I heave a sigh.
The battle is won, the cave is done,
but the journey is not yet over.
On the horizon rests an outline
of the journey's end. A city's
distant skyline. I step from the balcony
and onto the path I have chosen.
The path I walk is devoid of travelers,
and our paths are far apart, but maybe
someday our paths will cross, and we
will recognize each other and meet again.
Maybe our paths will cross for a time,
and it will be like before the battle –
only anew from our different paths –
and maybe we'll end up in the city.
I do not know why I chose this path,
It takes me from my friends and family,
but it called me too it – it felt right –
and so far I have survived the rite.
So the path must not be wrong,
for I have not drow
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The Known
I am jumping into the unknown, head first
with my wits about me.
I am not afraid of the unknown – I embrace it.
I am grabbing life by the reins
and leading it in the direction I chose.
It is not the unknown I'm afraid of – No,
It's the known that scares me.
I know things are going to change –
That we will change – and you may say
What you will do if I don't keep in touch with you.
You may promise never to forget me.
But new friends will come, old names will be erased,
and while my name may remain, and yours may stay untouched,
But what about the person?
Will they remain untouched?
Friends will change, environments will change,
Life will change, and you will change.
You may promise that you won't;
But you will. The person that remains unchanged
Is the person I don't want to know.
Change is good, it's what makes you, you and me, me.
I know it will happen, because you are my friend.
But will I like what I find when we meet again?
Will the people I once loved and truste
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A Held Breath
Conversations starting
Emotions Flaring
A held breath
A moment passing
A silent thought
A held breath
Thoughts convoluted
Feelings confusing
A held breath
Conversations ending
Anticipation truncated
A held breath
Subject fleeing
Feelings fleeing
A held breath; released
Conversations starting
Emotions Flaring
A held breath...
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 6
The endless expanse stretches out
A continual sea of cotton
Whose boundaries are not manifested.
Clouds puddle on different planes
And they float in the still darkness
As you transcend the layers.
You look up at a bright object.
An omniscient eye staring at you
And as you look down, a fire burns on land.
Your view of below filled with colors
That merge into a fiery red-yellow,
Broken only by cotton mound islands.
As you climb higher and higher –
Into the heavens…
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 0
This Warm Day
This day is so warm
The whites of winter wither
Under glorious ray's of light
It's a shame I'm the only one
To enjoy this day of warmth
If only someone was with me
She could lie beside me
And enhance this day's beauty
With her own warmth and glorious rays
She could reflect the sun's beams of light
As if her skin was a mirror
Reflect them so well, in fact, that the moon would be envious.
If only she was with me
On this oh so warm day
And how much better would this be?
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I miss...
I miss it –
I miss the gentle weight on my chest.
I miss the pressure my hands felt.
I miss the soft skin touching mine.
I miss the weight of a head on my shoulder.
I miss the soft lips pressed against mine.
I miss the body pressed up against me.
I miss the locks of hair touching my arm.
I miss the hands running through my hair.
I miss the soft weight behind me.
I miss the arms around mine.
I miss the feel of a smooth stomach under my fingers.
I miss the interlaced fingers.
I miss the special moments.
I miss a face pressed against mine.
I miss a body leaning against mine.
I miss a pair of eyes starring into mine.
I miss it all –
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 1 1
You, who flows through my dreams,
Like a river of pure happiness,
Or a mist that blankets the land –
Floating lazily without a care in the world.
Your legs feel like they were carved from the tender flesh of an apple
But have a distinct shape.
Like all the lines of your body,
Which seem to have come from a painters brush.
Your eyes, a chorus of blues, greens, and brown;
Depending on your tender choice.
But always an infinite source of love, caring, and understanding.
Her skin is a natural, creamy peach, velvet –
Untouched by blemishing, unsightly, agents.
I wish I could lie by you all my life –
But alas, I cannot.
I must wake from my dreams,
And face a reality without you.
But I can sleep at night, knowing you may return to me this night –
Or the next.
Perhaps someday you will stay with me –
And not linger in just my dreams.
You've tried already and lasted for a time,
But you have yet to stay.
So maybe someday you can stay in my reality –
But until that da
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The Pain and Darkness
Something keeps on pulling me down
From where I need to be
a place surrounded by the hate that hides in the shadows
In the midst of darkness
The mask of myself shows its face again
In my eyes you see the pain
I know you'll feel the pain
So you close your eyes and wish it all away
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
There was nothing left to hide behind
When you knew your truth I would deny
The foolish things that I've done
I've waited long enough
A stain covers your heart, and tears you apart
All I keep thinking is where I need to be
And you're here now feeling the pain
When will I break into pieces
Nothing left for me
I've held on for so long now
I'll make it through my darkest day
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 9
House of Innocence
Reality rains down on you.
Your only protection is this house your parents made.
Who's walls and ceilings your parents maintain
To protect you from reality's harshness.
All your life you yearn to be free;
Free of this house of innocence.
To enter the reality you view from a window.
To be free of your parents bindings.
But this roof so well maintained
Shall fall to reality's never-ending downpour.
It shall make your pretentious wishes come true.
It will crash through the ceilings so well maintained.
It will sever your bindings
And let you enter into its harshness,
And you will realize what you were sheltered from,
And you'll be given a choice:
A choice to stand and fight
Gaining strength and wisdom,
Or to retreat back into the house of innocence.
But that house will not last forever;
The rain shall destroy its foundation,
And drop you back into the harshness.
Will you fight and gain wisdom?
Or shall you whither in the rain?
So enjoy this house of innocence;
Cherish it while you can.
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 2
M21 by Peacemaker-to-all M21 :iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 1 7
These Emotions
These emotions run around my head,
Bouncing off the walls of my conscious,
Threatening to break through.
Love, lust, yearning.
They threaten to break through
A wall I'm constantly maintaining.
They wish to break through
To revenge my thoughts.
They wish to break through;
Some times the succeed,
Occupying my thoughts for a time
Until they are suppressed.
Occupying my thoughts for a time
With their what if wondering.
What if, what if, what if?
The 'what ifs' that have no answers.
What if, what if, what if?
What if things had gone differently?
What if I had known?
What if there where not so many what ifs?
What if I had known?
Would things have changed?
Could I have changed what happened?
Would we be happier?
Could I have changed what happened?
Could we still be together?
I guess I will never know.
I guess it will have to stay in the past.
I guess I will never know.
All I know is of there feelings.
Who threaten my emotional stability
And hijack my thoughts.
Who threaten my emotional stabil
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 0
Workhorse of the Seas
I love my life.
I sail the open seas;
Born of strong timber,
and steady hands.
They made me to survive against my enemy
The sea is he,
as is the wind.
They work in unison.
They tear at my masts
and slap at my hull.
They flood my decks
and try to drown my friends.
My friends keep me in shape.
They repair the damage that was dealt to me,
by both enemy and friend alike,
but they always keep me safe when I'm hurt.
As they keep me safe when I'm sick,
I keep them safe as they are sick.
As they help keep me upright in the enemy onslaught,
I keep them safe from enemy siege.
In hard times, I bear my self upright,
like the sturdy timbers I come from.
I honor their strength
by facing my enemy without question.
I love my friends,
I love the timbers,
I love the challenge of facing my enemy,
I love my life.
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Mother Nature
Mother Nature;
She comes in many forms.
She is a tree,
or a person,
or a planet.
Mother Nature;
She is indifferent.
She does not care if you are a human,
or a dog,
or a fish.
Mother Nature;
What is she doing?
What is the point of a Hurricane?
Is it to make destruction?
Is it revenge?
Mother Nature;
Why do you do this so?
"Why do you not know?" She says.
"Just say what you mean." I ask.
"Just look at what you are doing." She says.
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 0
Summers Day and summers Night
I remember summer's day.
Heat pounding down on jet black asphalted,
Turning it into molten lava,
For bare feet to be tested on.
I remember summers day.
The blaring sun shinning down,
Amplifying the amber and almond trees,
And the kids saturating the pool.
I remember summers night.
The buzzing of night time bugs looking for mates,
With the almost soundless footsteps of children following them,
And the laughter, followed by thunderous splashes.
I remember summers night.
The smell of chlorinated bodies waiting in turn for purified water,
When the stench that is unforgettable,
Ingrains its nose wrinkling self into ones skin.
I remember summers morning.
The sweet buttery tasted filling the mouth,
Combining with the sweet tartness of a blueberry and whip-cream concoction
To form a mouth water delight.
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 5
Enter the Wilds
Water sparkling,
Its beautiful body sits,
Among ever-greens.
Standing straight and tall,
Rooted in the hard brown Earth,
With green canopies.
Compacted strength,
From ages of painful use,
Is its only trait.
Sitting short and low,
Under towering old beasts,
Is its only home.
:iconpeacemaker-to-all:Peacemaker-to-all 0 3

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     So I've been kinda dead here for a while because of school, life, what-have-you but since I'm pretty sure no-one really reads these except my friends who can just call me or text me or say hi on Facebook, I have not felt the need to make anything new or update this journal because i have no-one to please with them. Maybe over the summer i'll have stuff but probably not because I'm starting something new!


     That is right, I'm going for a year plus long personal project. Ambitious, no? Anyway, I'm planning on making a game. A flash game, no main stream game or xboxlike game, no. Come on, I'm a realist. But it will be ambitious. So hear is the idea so far: A zombie survival game (gee, I'm really trying hard to make it original huh?) where you start in a small town, and that is the only place you are allow to go. You are stuck in this small town and you just need to survive. The catch is that I'm planning on make it so you can interact with everything. See that house? you can go inside it. Oh, see all these things you want to search 99% of the time you can search them. Yeah, sounds crazy. Now some of you might want to know why i am doing this. Short answer? because i know i can it is just a matter of time. Longer answer? I saw it in a article that such a game could never exist so i figured i would make it and when i started looking at it, i knew i could do it, it was just a matter of time. It would also be good to have my name on a game in some form, may as well start small(as in a flash game, because flash is "easy"). Yeah, so this is my crazy project that i want to actually do. Support is very much wanted as idk how i will keep myself doing this crazy project for over a year. Probably week by week goals. Also, anyone got ideas of what i should add in the game?


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