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Ends with activity.Thank you for your support.
And Im really not looking forward to the future.

I cant believe I would miss the people in school so much...I cant imagine living after school...I would live with my parents and work.With my parents, who I have such a bitter relationship right now...

Mainly I would miss one person, who gave me something I needed for many years...

I cant imagine my own future...I just bitter...lonely...future.
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(Ok, now I can watch "2012" movie and award as the biggest comedy of all the time)

...thats what Im going through. Unfortunately Ill be not so much active this year on submitting my photomanipulations on dA, because of life. :(

Im really terrified of my big final examination on high school, which will be in spring and I wanted study as much as I can to make at least myself sure I can do it...but that will be not so easy, because Im lazy person and I procrastinate so much...but I promised myself I will,because I dont want to go to university and it will be so hard to find a job without graduation.I really want badly to work abroad and I just want to get out of this country as soon as possible. So I really dont want to mess up...

Maybe I should say fortunately I will be not submit any deviations on dA,because I dont think my photomanipulations were so neat recently...its just not made of heart, but just brain.Im just thinking of other things mainly of school/after graduation/social life etc. and thats really not nice. :(

I might submit more after spring maybe summer (who knows if things are going to be fine) only photomanipulations, which I think I can submit it.

And my new years resolution?
Graduation, job and mainly social life.
Change, survive, step forward...I dont know if this all is possible for me to come true. :(

I really hope you dont mind,
love you all guys.

Happy New Year dA. :hug:
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Dear procrastination,

just please go away, youre getting on my nerves.
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I found a great inspiration for Spirk and I'm really excited to come back home and make another Spock/Kirk and Steve/Tony photomanip :la:

But guys, 105 favs on Steve/Tony - Closer???What kind of fandom am I, you're really crazy. :D
No seriously, you make my dream come true...

:iconstonyplz: :iconthankyou1plz::iconthankyou2plz::iconthankyou3plz::iconthankyou4plz::iconthankyou5plz::iconcuddleplz::iconstonyplz:
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Omg Ive been very inactive again , I shouldnt sign on tumblr, because its freaking addictive ;_;
But that wasnt the only reason why I havent submit here for so long...
Its stupid to say I didnt feel well, because of work experience (in a office,printing , very depressing , I wanted to work alone , but unfortunately I sat next to an annoying supervisor who scolded me whenever before I do something so I couldnt go on the internet and there was no wi-fi),driving school  (yep, I dont want to go there ,but my friend at school pressed on me to go there and she said  I would not regret it,unfortunately I met a teacher who also always scolds me), had an argument with my friend, who I have known her for 8 years , my friends at school, who they made me feel deceived...yeah, that was very stupid, but at that time I felt as if I wanted to escape from this country, need a freedom .
Also I realized I made a wrong choice. Before I went to high school my teacher strongly advised me to go to this type of school (to economic), but she didnt know I love art....and this is not the only case.I mean, I let people irl advise my destiny who they dont know me very well.How could I just believed them and go my way according to their advice?I always told myself that my heart is more fragile than logic, because I never know how much patience, stenght or whatever can handle.Unfortunately most of my choices were based on logic...sure, theres nothing wrong being Spock, but why am I unhappy?Maybe because I dont know who I am?Who knows , its so complicated.
Anyway, it passed an almost 2 months ago, ll go to same school in september (last grade,finally), the exam from driving school awaits me and I dont talk to my old friend.I think its better so , because frankly I dont know what to talk about,because she has a different hobby and she doesnt know what fandom is and if I explained to her what it is she wouldnt join,because she would say its a nonsense. :shrug:
Everything changes and life goes on.

So does anyone have tumblr? ^.^
If you want to  me follow go to
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because she said her socket almost burned and she needs it urgently for her work...
Without that socket I couldnt connect to my old pc and photomanip ,draw - I dont draw with the mouse ,but from my ipad to my pc...ok I explain you more in detail.
I found an app called LogMeln (and its free yaaay) - its an app, which from your ipad you can see anything what you do on your pc .It was kinda complicated to CONNECT - you have to register first on your ipad on LogMeln app and then separately you must register on your pc on their LogMeln website.After quiet tricky registration you can finally connect.So on my pc I can finally open photoshop and it also opens on my ipad!So on my Ipad I have photoshop and when you for example draw something on the ipad it also shows on the pc!:dummy:
I hope you guys understand my explantion - I think video explains better  ^^; :……
Just want to inform you I found other different digital drawing technique,because when I found a drawing app on my ipad I was quiet dissapointed - of course Im talking about free version.I will never  buy an app,because Im a bit afraid if I buy one app, I would buy another app and then I would be underestimate or even obsessed and I would spend all my money.
You know the situation when you have milion tons of fantasy in your head but youre too lazy to draw or photomanip ( or even WRITE a little fanfic story)?....
Yeah the most fcked up crisis ....well, I hope on friday I might photomanip another k/s deliciousness...I might bring my socket back to my pc when my mom sleeps...if she stays awake till 3:00 am, I might explode!:rage:
Hmmm 6th march passed...I totally forgot to change my id (must add my tumblr adress,because I guess somebody already found it...also I didnt use so much,because it was extra complicated with the tags and it still doesnt work as it has to be :( )....
Seriously I dont know why Im now less active on dA...maybe more focusing on life?:shrug:....well, a bitbitbitbit...but now lets focus more on fandom!This year I wanted to post these couples :

Star Trek: Kirk/Spock (wish fulfilled yaaaay), Garak/Bashir, maaaybe Kira/Odo, Chakotay/Janeway, Janeway/7, Jadzia/Lenara,Scotty/Uhura
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena/Anthy
Monk: Monk/Trudy
APH: Germany/Italy, France/England, Italy/England, Switzerland/Japan, Switzerland/Austria ....omg and much more!
Gurren Lagann: Rossiu/Simon
Glee: Kurt/Karofsky , Brittany/Santana
Kim Possible: Shego/Kim, maaaybe Ron/Drakken  (I dont mind it extra rare/weird couples :D)
Homestuck: Nepeta/Equius, Dirk/Jake , Jane/Roxy,Karkat/Gamzee, Karkat/John

Ok... we will see....
(noooo procrastination,laziness,  dont come near me :crying: ! )

BTW happy easter! :) :iconbunny:
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Well nothing unusual, but the only little change might be on my dA.
Photomanipulation --> Digital Drawing
Nono still not giving up on K/S photomanip :P
But the reason why I still havent upload anything is Im now self-teaching how to draw
on my ipad (installed Sketchbook for free).I know its quite similar to photshop (and actually when I was little I drew so much I even filled 3 or 2 boxes full of paper :)),but I havent draw anything for 4 years and when  I watched APHetalia and saw many wonderful artworks...I really dont understand why I gave up on drawing.Started training on sketches and body movements on manga/anime....more difficult will be the colouring/shadowing...hope my lazyness wouldnt kill my drawing passion again.
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and let's pray the doomsday wont come....
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New K/S manip coming soon!
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...I know you have many friends and family and you want to make the best present in the world, but I still dont understand your exagerrated Christmas stress.
Am I the only person on this planet who isnt stressed?.......
... today I had a courage to invite people, which I talked ,to my little party....everybodys dont have time.Everybodys rejected.I understand.Its christmas.Its STRESSmas.How could I forget about this.Maybe I should go partyig after Christmas.Oh,wait, but everybodys might gone to  the mountain.So february?Ridiculous.And why should I worry when in this country nobody invites me to their party?
Should I be strong?Patient?Have faith in myself?Have no regret?.........
Is there a hope?
Now Im not talking about a party, but....when you finally have a bit of be a part of the society.
I tried not to dont like Christmas....I always like surprise and mainly being together with my family....but now Im 18 and this the beginning of the hell call adulthood.
No party.
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N-n-n-n-new c-c-c-captain K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kirl a-a-a-and M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-cCoy??????? W-w-w-w-was  h-h-h-h-he r-r-r-really k-k-k-k-kissing him???????W-w-w-was h-h-h-h-he t-t-t-t-training f-f-f-for t-t-the n-n-next S-S-S-S-S-Star T-T-T-Trek f-f-f-f-film?????D-d-d-d-date???P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-photomanipulated?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
B-b-b-b-because t-t-t-t-t-this l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lools s-s-so r-r-r-real a-a-a-and I-I-I-Im s-s-s-so f-f-fan d-d-d-disturbed and c-c-c-confused!!
P-p-p-p-please t-t-t-t-tell m-m-me i-i-if t-t-t-t-t-t-t-theyre r-r-real o-or I-I-I w-w-will f-f-f-fan-die!!!…
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I havent celebrate my b-day since when I was 12...but what am I going to do on my 18th b-day?Probably nothing...I would probably go home from school, throw my bag and go directly to sleep...
Sleeping till a dream will come...
And just ignore the reality...
Too young inside , too old outside...
Not looking forward to that day.
Im just the only young person who is not looking forward to beign adult.Period.
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  • Eating: music
  • Drinking: music with ice my only friend, which we meet every once or twice a week and school keeps me very busy and very tired I couldnt even write a proper comment or make photomanips....and tiredness just doesnt want to find some suitable pictures on net....
Damn, I must think more of photomanips instead of sleeping in bed.:)
But its getting harder and harder to create something no naked and romantic or when I have an idea I couldnt find the right pictures for the photomanips.I mean, I found many nice non-totally-naked gay pictures , but I dont think and Im not sure if the idea is I guess I need to focus more on the graphic experiment than creating a story, which takes many hours to do.Finding a suitable picture is really the worst part of photomanip...I dont know, even when somebodys is tired - is still creating and doing something, but when somebodys then is tired....
Just wanted to keep a contact on dA - I hope youre not upset of my non-active-posting-photomanps.^^;

BTW I just need to tell you what happened to me today.
My friend is a museum and monuments freak so today (damn I got up on 11:00 am because of her - I didnt want to get up very early on the weekend, but you dont know how freaking stubborn she is + we walked very fast all day,which I never get used to :( ) we were inside Pragues Astronomical Clock (most famous monument in  Prague) so I took many photos of it.I went back home and I calmly let my mom show how many photos I took today.But unfortunately I forgot there was one SLASHY/YAOI MALE <3 MALE chibi picture (Japan/Switzerland from APH), which I drew and I know she HATES homosexual love in public so I was really down when she saw it.Her reaction - OMG THIS IS SO CUTE WHY YOU DIDNT PUT ON THE INTERNET?I was like wtf did she really believe theyre not homosexual??So I rather didnt say theyre gay, because shes not like shes a BIG HATER like she would omg throw a bomb or something, but when she just doesnt like something I just tolerate her opinion and I even think its better so, because 1. In our family we talk about other things than our sexuality and 2. I would only tell her who I truly love and when I dont have anybody Ive got my own right when I want to tell something in public or when I just let something in private and in peace.I was even surprised when she didnt ask about their sexuality, but I think she KINDA knew theyre gay, but who knows, nowadays anythings possible......^^;

BTW again,
The Squire of Eros by aldora89 - nice story - love how Trelane is capable of anything , but love is just the exception.;)
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One of the biggest genius left us.....he has such a incredible is really sad how most of the good people left earlier :(.....
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I found the most stunning gallery - ARTIST in the world. Her paintings are so natural...full of fanasy... inspiring...really our czech artist Alfons Mucha is a big inspiration for all over the world and Im so proud to be czech.:heart:…

And Im very surprised that she isnt on dA!(or at least I dint found her)So at least I post on my journal the tribute of her.

.....Back to Kirk/Spock (K/S)!!I found so many original images that can be manipulated and I have so many ideas!Now Im gonna search a fitting K/S head and that would take many hours....well, I guess I should find tomorrow (srsly, listening all  day in school can be very tiring - glad that we have weekend on saturday, sunday :) ). ^^;
Soooo looking forward to make it!:eager:
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Im going to post my k/s work till sunday so itll a bit late...and it will be VERY SPECIAL - I even was thinking if I should add with censor or not. :)

Another news?YAY, I HAVE A JOURNAL!(But I just post only fanfics,which I read and really good manga ^^; )…
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..... a "reading season".OMG i want to read all fanfics and manga on the internet. :)
(But I dont want to read school stuffs : ......hope Ill survive)
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