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We are strong. by PeaceInfinityStars We are strong. by PeaceInfinityStars
Spock, when will you come back to Earth?Why don't you talk to me?I'm your mother I have the right to know what's going on and I'm worried about you.It's so hard to fall asleep and eat when you didn't reply any of my messages...please, tell me what's wrong Spock.
Your dear Amanda and Sarek.

The more times Spock read this message the more his guilt increased. He didn't know why he didn't reply Amanda's messages. It was really illogical and rude. He tried somehow to massage his head and heart, but failed. Both of them needed a psychological treatment not physical.He knew the only remedy was to see her mother and talked to her, but the main obstacles were his father and his way to tell them. Should he lie to them, because it would embarrasing if he was honest or should he tell them the truth,because it was just logical?How could he tell them about his Pon Farr especially in front of his father?When will he explain to them everything about himself?
Thousands of question and no answer drove him really mad especially for a Vulcan. Half Vulcan. And that's what drove him more mad, because the battle between logic and heart intensified. He felt the pressure inside, he even could't breathe and he was exhausted.
He needed air. It was kinda surpsising for a human, but not for Vulcan how easily he could handle all those storms inside his head and just closed his laptop quickly, but subtly, without a sound and emotion.Really, no wonder, he was still a Vulcan. Spock walked calmly and opened the window. That was the moment he didn't regret when he came back to Earth. He closed his eyes and he could inhale as if the relaxing terrene summer nature gave him a freedom and exhaled as if Spock was grateful to receive such a natural painkiller.
He leaned slightly and rest his forearms on the window board. He still couldn't get rid of his thought about his parents he just couldn't.
Spock felt the forest nature surrounding him. Suddenly he saw a tiny person walking directly to the door of his house. The person held a phone and was talking. Spock picked a place on Earth where he could be peacefully alone, because he hated the rioting human neighbours so in a quiet location he heard a familar voice under the window and with his enhanced Vulcan ears he could even hear every word the person said. It was Jim who was knocking the door loudly and talking to Bones on his phone.
Spock recalled he invited him for a lunch, but he forget to prepare the fresh ingredients. Another illogical thing he did, what a shame for a Vulcan.
Spock released his position and went downstairs and he opened the door. He saw Jim ending his conversation whith Bones and smiling at him.
"Hey how's our wilde Vulcan doing?"
"Captain, you misunderstand, Vulcans including me are not wilde."
"And you misunderstand I don't mean seriously. Besides did you forget we're on vacation and you don't have to call me Captain anymore?"
"My mistake, Jim."
"It's ok Spock, do you have the fresh ingredients?"
"My mistake."
"Man, all these missions we've been through you were so loyal ,how could you forget such a simple thing?"
"I am aware it was a illogical thing I did."
"You know, I'm also too tired to cook,let's order a fresh pizza, can we?"
"Of course."
Jim called the pizza service and Spock let him walk inside his house and went to the living room. It was huge and dark with many old fashioned wooden furnitures. Spock didn't need to switch on the lamp, because the enormous window and sunny weather lighten the whole room.
They sat on one big dark leather couch relieved. Spock psycholgically and Jim physically. After a second of silence Spock spoke first.
"Jim, did you walk all the way by feet?"
"Sure, I had a bet with Bones who walked faster to your house and you see I always win." Kirk chuckled.
"Indeed, but you know you should more practice on chess."
"Always see a flaw in me, huh?Seriously, why don't you say straightly you always win on chess?"
"I don't say I always win on chess, you beat me a few times. I say if you wanted to go on a competition it's highly possible you might not win if you don't start to practice."
"You indeed are a wilde Vulcan."
"Jim, it's illogical to remind you twice if know what I said a few minutes ago except if you have an aural disorder."
"I'm human and nothing is logical."
Both sat in silence. Jim looked down to check the messages on his phone and Spock looked desirably and straightly at him.
One thing Spock was sure was his human/vulcan heart never forget Jim's beauty caressing him. It always beat whenever he stared at him.He loved every part of him. His eyes, mouth , body and soul. Sometimes Jim can be conceited especially when he found a flaw, but that's why Spock was never bored whenever he was with him.
His beauty seduced him so much he decided to approach more to him. He ignored Jim's messages, because he trusted him. Even when there was a flirty messages from his girlfriends and boyfriends he knew Jim was a ladiesman and he knew Jim just checked the messages and ignored them, because Spock was his only true lover.
Spock laid slighlty his hand on Jim's hand and Spock's fingers slowly and gradually crawl from Jim's wrist to his hair.
Jim smiled as Spock was playing with his golden hair and stopped checking the messages.He put the phone on the low table and looked at Spock.
"Don't you think you win too much?" Jim teased him.
"Jim, you can't compare winning or lost to love.I find logical using a moment like just the two of us alone... "
"Spock, for the next time, please don't say 'using' again. I'm not a toy, am I?"
"I promise I'll not say that word again and you're right, you're not a toy."
The longer they stared at each other the more intimate their relationship became. As their faces were getting closer the doorbell started ringing. Both men jumped from the couch and looked at each with a scared look.
"I'M COMING!" Jim shouted and ran to the door and opened swiftly.
There was a ginger haired boy with a rounded glasses. He held in one hand two pizza boxes and in other a bill. The boy's eyes sighted on bill and read it.
"That would be two dol-"
"Here's five dollars , have a nice day!"Kirk broke the boy's sentence and closed the door quickly.
Jim turned around and Spock stood right in front of him.
"Jim, are you alright?"
"I'm finefinefinefine-"
Spock with a brief kiss interrupt his sentence. He knew the tension between them needed to release.
"Todqy is an appropriate day to each lunch together outside.Do you mind if we proceed that?" Spock asked.
"No, not at all. I think it's only logical." Kirk smiled and opened the door.
They sat near peaceful transparent clean river, which was not so far from Spock's house and ate pizza together in silence. It was weird, because they had always something to say especially Spock was always the first who spoke. But now Jim was concerned. He hated the ability to read someone else's mind, because he was worried he could found out a really unpleasant truth about him and it could destroy his awesome ego, but right now he needed that ability so badly.
"You asked me if I was alright, but what about you, Spock?"
"Family problem."
"Oh." Well that was a brief answer Jim thought and he continued.
"Did Sarek do something to you?"
"Then what?Spock, we have two days all by ourselves you can't go on like this like forever."
Spock looked up at him and answered. "It's about our Pon Farr."
"Jesus Christ, how could I forget about it..." he covered his face with his empty hands and looked at him again.
"But that was a year ago. Besides what has to do Pon Farr with your family?"
"Jim, I dind't reply to their messages for a long time, because I went through that time and as a Vulcan I can't tell them such an intimate reason..."
"And you don't know what other logical reason you should tell them."
"Precisely. And not only that. I have even an intention to lie to them..."
"Spock, Vulcans don't lie and I bet they even don't know how to lie... was that also another reason why it bothers you so much?"
There was no pizza left and and Kirk leaned his head on the tree.
He was thinking about Spock's issue and after few minutes he spoke.
"Now you're in Earth and you should see them."
"Logical. But what about my reason?"
"Spock, you said Sarek is now on Vulcan, isn't he?"
"He's likewise on Earth with Amanda."
Jim hated when Spock named them as if they were a foreing people to him.
"Then we have a problem." Jim said.
Spock was kinda playing with the tiny rocks next to him and he stared at him with a dark hopeless eyes.
"I think I'll go see them next time."
"When?" Kirk asked.
"After our next many missions."
"Spock, that will took us many years. Your mother will not live that long you know that."
"I am aware of that."
"You know what?Tell them you missed them and you love them. If you want to keep your privacy then don't tell them about it. You don't know about their sexual life and they will not know about ours."
"Highly illogical."
"Spock, they are your parents not politicians. The have raised you since when you were a baby. They know your emotional side . Look, even Sarek saw you crying."
"But that was when I was an infant."
"I know you're now an adult and you should not do those things, but think about. Your parents are worried about you. When their worry is getting bigger and temporally longer and the only thing they desire is to see you. But if they want an explanation then you know what? Tell them you had a war and you'll not talk about it."
"But Jim you said Vulcans don-"
"Captain's order."
Spock was speechless. He couldn't believe Jim did such a thing for him. He never felt so relieved, but on the other side he was still kinda nervous. It was just a theory. Would they believe him? At least Jim was his evidence, but if they started to suspect Jim and Spock for not telling furthermore about the war?Would they think of them as they were spies?Their own son was a spy?
Spock felt exhausted again. He was too afraid to see them and to fail such a risk.
He was still playing with the tiny rocks, but Jim with holding their hands stopped that nervous game. His eyes directed to Spock's and soothed him with a slight kiss.
Spock slowly opened his eyes and hugged him tightly. He caressed Jim's hair. He could smell his scent of love. He was an angel.
"We can get through it." Jim whispered.
And his voice so good and bright as if he spread his shiny wings and a fistful of feathers wiped Spock's tears inside him.
As they were still stuck to each other Spock put his hands down and hold Jim's hand.
They could feel their body heaten and looked at each other.
Started from sweet brief kisses to wilde passionate make out.
It was a paradise. Just the two of them alone and nobody else.
"Spock...why two days...I need two centuries to stay here with you!"Jim breathed deeply.
"JIIIIIM!" came another familiar voice.
"DAMMIT BONES!"Jim shouted and looked at the doctor who came.
"Jim, you shouldn't respond to him..." Spock murmured.
"You reminded me too early." Jim quietly and sarcastically replied.
"Guess what?I came to his house early!" Bones said eagerly, but when he looked at Spock he realized how stupid he was.
"Oh I see..." Bones smile faded away and turned to Jim.
"Never mind!How about we'll spend the whole day all by ourselves only the three of us!"
"Uhh sure why not!" Jim said.
"It would be illogical if you leave us without any adventures." Spock added but a sarcastic 'great' would sound more honest to him. Another spending time arguing with a CMO. Seriously, didn't the CMO have enough arguments?
But the only reason why he stayed with them is because of Jim and if Jim left Spock their relationships became bad.
Bones pushed both of them to the calm river and Jim dragged Bones also to the river. This was how their day started.
They played in the water, camped, sang,laughed, explored the forest, watched tv etc.They had a really great time.

In the morning Spock heard some noises and woke up on a couch. When he shook his head he sat and looked around him.
Bones and Jim woke up before him?Spock thought surprisingly.
He arose and followed the noises coming from the kitchen.Indeed, Jim and the CMO were breakfasting.
"Good morning, you green blooded hobgoblin!"
"Bones, don't start his day with such words. You know today he had to visit to his parents." Jim reminded him.
At first Spock wondered why he slept on a couch, but when he heard the last sentence he felt the energy full charged and didn't care about sleeping.
"Jim, when did they call you?" Spock asked.
"I think it 's about two hours...not sure. They asked me where are you...I told them you're with us and they said you have to go there in two hours."
Spock was shocked.In two hours? He grabbed both of them and led them to the hover car.
"Whoa whoa hang on!We'll be there in half hour by hover car!Don't you think we'll be too much early there?Besides I have never seen you so stressed and nervous..."Bones said.
"Doctor, I have also...other things to do." Spock replied.
"Wait. What other things, Spock?" Jim asked.
"You'll see." Spock said.
And so they flew away.

They came back at midnight. Just the two of them. Just Kirk and Spock.
"Damn Spock, why you didn't tell me about your cousin's birthday." Jim said tiredly.
"I apologize for my frequent forgettery."
"Nono it's ok. At least your cousin lived near Bones house so he could go back to his wife." Jim smiled slightly.
"That was indeed a logical choice of place."
"I was even surprised your parents were invited as well."
"So am I.Also to my surprising expectation their reactions were quiet cheerful."
"See?What did I tell you,Spock?"
"You win."
Jim chuckled and they went upstairs to his guest room.
They sank to the bed and felt the cool blanket.
They looked at each other again.
A peaceful quiet in the room, but there was still something, which broke that off. Spock's eyes was still full of concern.
"Spock...what's wrong?You did a great job, our theory worked and we're finally alone.Is there something else in your mind?"
"No...I succeeded our theory based on lies..."
"Half lies, Spock. Look, at the party when I went somewhere else for a little while...what did your parents say?Something bad? "
"No, actually we had a pleasant conversation..."
"Then why such a sad look?"
"I don't know..." Spock murmured.
Jim knew Spock's heart was the most complex heart he had ever encountered. He could see his parents were happy to see him and talked well with them.It was logical to see things as it was.Why Spock, why?
"So will you look at me like that even when I say...I love you?" Jim didn't want to hurt Spock, but he wanted to know and help him as much as possible.
"Jim, I'm not sad...I'm exhausted." he calmed him down.

Jim rolled to Spock's side and took his hand lazily.
"'re my most precious you realize how much pain will I suffer if I would lost you?I know, Vulcans live longer than humans,but in the world in the universe there are so many dangerous visible or invisible things you never know what suddenly hit you and you could die because of this.I tell you this, because it's not fair when you didn't tell me everything what bothers you and I'm worried, because that one of the dangerous thing might hit, please tell me Spock."
For the first time in his life Spock smiled tiredly and said.
"You don't need to saved my life.And you must understand even Vulcans can't hold their daily energy longer..."
"Then let our hands fill the energy we needed the most...the energy of love."
"Your metaphorically creative statement amuses me."
"And your ridiculous Vulcan sentences never let me down."
"You're my T'hy'la."
"You're my everthing."
They were tired,but happy. Jim successfully reached to kiss Spock's hand and Spock did the same thing. As the time was running the pacific tranquillity waved around them and they stared at each and let their feelings floating inside them. They didn't want to get up so they tried to reach and kissed each other on their foreheads then on their lips. With their smiles they gently closed their eyes, leaned on their pillows and fell aspleep.

As they were holding hands they were pouring their energy to each other,
a blood inherited by their father and mother.
As their relationship was lasting longer,
their bond became stonger.
slashygirl Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
What a perfect image to go with a sweet story of love and understanding. So happy you wrote us a story for the image. It's fun isn't it? I enjoy doing the same. Thanks so much for sharing.
PeaceInfinityStars Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
At first I didn't mean to write such an extreme long fic, but it's really fun when you have a mood for writing :)
(although I'm always bad at writing and that's why I often put under my photomanip, because I don't want my fic to seem noticeable - but anyway it still seems noticeable when a fic like this is really long :D)
Thanks, your comment always makes my day :hug:
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