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United mask burns lies and distrust. by PeaceInfinityStars United mask burns lies and distrust. by PeaceInfinityStars
Jim opened his eyes,
seeing his dream - his paradise.
In an abstract place,
he was staying in a bright haze.
Lights were flying around him,
he was wondering who gave him such a beautiful trim.
On the glass floor,
leading him to the glass door.
Curiosity is never refusing,
walking with his eager smile was amusing.
The door was open,
Jim's smile was broken.
There was a man sitting on a throne,
who might be his clone.
His twin looked sad,
he was staring at the half broken mask lying on his bed.
"Are you ok?" Jim asked,
"I'm fine" the twin's truth was masked.
"No, you're not.Please be honest."
But the silent clone's truth was still hiding in his nest.
His twin arose,
the floor was touched by his toes.
He took the mask and handed to Jim,
saying "Find him."
The clone dissapeared,
let Jim confused and unasked questions feared.
He held the half broken mask and looked up,
thought he was drunk and kicked out from a club.
Suddenly a night sky appeared,
his curiosity reappeared.
He stared at the moon,
someone was singing a tune.
There was another being - a Vulcan,
singing about his man.
His voice caught Jim's heart,
the distance between them tore apart.
Illuminations, which seemed like a tail were circling around Jim's body,
in any unknown future situation he wasn't afraid of anybody.
He appeared on a moon with his Vulcan who wasn't unknown,
he even understood him better than his own bone.
The Vulcan held the other half of the mask and told him "I found you.",
felt as if a prince found Cinderella's lost shoe.
Jim wondered why his twin wasn't happy,
but he remembered times when the lies around him was sappy.
Until a day when he met a Vulcan named Spock,
from fragile stone Jim became a shiny transparent rock.
Spock knew JIm's smile was clearly logical to his soul,
the half masks told them their spirit mates needed to be sealed and to be whole.
Jim and Spock held up and the masks were united,
lies ingited,
and their kiss was invited.
Dahliaxat Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
You know how I love rhymes, and the art before us is so intriguing. Love how Jim is looking at Spock, and both of them revealing the mask....

Amazing my friend...
PeaceInfinityStars Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Thank you so much and Happy Birthday, Denise!:D:hug::party:
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