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Hi, your design is very good. The color is soft and sweet. The subject of the picture is a child so that's good. The gradation of the c...


Bonkers 22

Oswald walked into the large gym in the basement of his lavish home and ducked as a red haired young man with a black and orange striped tail came flying over his head and crashed into a pile of mats. Oswald heard his daughter giggling and shook his head when he saw the young man struggling to regain his composure.

“Violet, perhaps you should go easy on him. We can’t have him injured before the battle even begins.” the black rabbit walked over to a table and set a small box down.

Violet smiled. “Sorry. You’re right. Are you okay Daniel-James?”

Daniel came over to her. “Yeah. I want to help you so much.” he shrugged his shoulders as his tail drooped. “But I can’t even beat you in a sparing match.”

“Don’t take it too hard. I’ve been at this a long time. Ever since my first transformation.”

Oswald looked at them, his long ears twitched slightly. “This is true. I knew my daughter was special so I made sure she learned defend herself.” The black rabbit gestured for them to come to the table. “Violet, I want you to continue working with Daniel while I work with his father.”

Violet gave a respectful nod. “Yes Daddy.”

“I want you to have these.” He opened the box in it were what looked like watches.” Violet smiled.

Daniel ran a hand through his red-orange hair. “Those are nice, but I think I can tell time on my cell phone.”

Violet narrowed her eyes a moment then whacked him upside the head.

“Hey! What was that for?!” Daniel asked surprised as he stared at the girl beside him.

“You must have fur for brains. Those aren’t watches.” she said plainly.

Oswald smiled. “She is right Daniel. These are for communication.”

“Dad’s gonna keep tabs on us in case he needs us.” Violet smiled.

Daniel rubbed his head. “Ohhh. I get it. Like James Bond.”

Violet shook her head smiling.


“Thank You, Thank You.” Fitzroy waved to his audience. The tall Toon rabbit walked off stage and walked to his dressing room. The Toon had a quick drink then changed his clothes. He finished tying his shoes, then grabbed his jacket. “Another night, another big pay out.”

The tall beige Toon walked out to the parking lot. “Where is he. I thought I told him to be here promptly at 10:00pm.”

Fitzroy walked a little more then felt a shift in the air. His long ears twitched a little. Suddenly through the corner of his eye he saw a shadowed figure.

“My my. Toons sure have changed since my day. Looks real good to me.” came a voice.

Fitzroy froze. “Who’s there! I’ll call security.”

“You’re different then most of the Toons I know.” The feminine voice said again.

Fitzroy felt scared.


Conner walked out of the building towards his car. “What a day.” He rubbed his shoulder.

“Tell me about it.” came a voice.

Conner looked up to see Daniel sitting on the hood of his car looking kind of tired. “Daniel! It’s been a while, where have you been?”

Daniel jumped down from the hood. “Training. And boy it isn’t easy.”

“For the Academy?”

Daniel shook his head. “For this threat that’s coming. And I don’t know what’s worse, the threat or training with a girl who can kick my butt three ways from Sunday.”

Conner smiled. “Aw, it will get better. I know you all will do your best, and I’ll be right here if you need me.”

The two of them smiled at each other before Conner grabbed Daniels arm. “Come on, let’s head over to Ben and Abbi’s. I could use some coffee.”


Bonkers walked back to his desk, his arms full of books. “Remind me to not get backed up in my paperwork again.” He plunked all the books down on the end of his desk as Andrew laughed.

“I can try.” The red haired man shut off his computer. “Are you okay? You seem more tense these days.” Andrew asked.

Bonkers grabbed a pen. “Don’t worry, I’ll be alright.”

Andrew saw it was time to go. He grabbed his bag. “Are you coming?”

Bonkers shook his head. “I have some work to finish. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Don’t work too hard.”

Bonkers waved at Andrew then began writing his report.

An hour later, Bonkers saw something flash by the office window. It was nighttime and it couldn’t have been a bird. He went over to the window and looked out to see what it might have been. Then he smelled flowers.

“Hi Mr. Bobcat. You’re working late?” Bonkers looked up to see a white face with black hair and two long rabbit ears smiling at him.

Bonkers eyes widened. “Violet? What are you doing up there.”

Violet laughed as she hung from the side of the building. “ Actually my father told me to get you. You’re wife told me you work here. She’s a nice lady.”  Violet came down and sat on the windowsill. The moon shining over her dark hair. “My father says you must come as soon as possible.”

“I guess my work will have to wait.” But when Bonkers saw his supervisor walking near, he stiffened. “Tell him I’ll be there in an hour.” Bonkers ran back to his desk and continued his paperwork.”

Violet shrugged her shoulders. “Alright.” Then she jumped out and climbed down the building.

Bonkers saw her leave. “Why couldn’t she just use the stairs?”


Fitzroy stared at the darkness around him as he was led into a room. “Listen what do you want, I can get it for you. I have money. So does my family.”

“We don’t need money kid, we need allies.”  Out from the shadows walked a tall slender young woman who at first glanced looked human. Long slender legs, a fitted white mini dress, blonde hair hair tied in a bun and big blue eyes.

Fitzroy could tell woman was very attractive but in a odd way. Although she seemed human, the Toon rabbit realized she wasn’t. Her bright coloring and tiny waistline made him realize she was in fact a Toon, like himself. A very impressive one. “You’re a Toon, like me. I think.”

The attractive female ruffled his red hair. “How kind of you to notice.” She walked around him, taking in his appearance. “And you’re not like most ‘Toons’ , I know. My boss could use someone like you. And I sure would enjoy the company. The name’s Holly Wood, nice to meet you.”

Fitzroy was dumbstruck by her beauty. Maybe this is how his father felt when he met his mother.


The night sky was filled with stars, their twinkling light filling him with hope. The great King felt the breeze blow past his round ears. He lowered his brow as he got to his feet, adorning his cloak once more.

“It cannot be, my old enemy has returned.” He glanced back at his three friends sleeping on the ground near by. “Be brave my friends, I will return as soon as I can.”

The brave King took off into the night and a shimmering heart appeared, and when it closed, the King was gone.

A young boy with brown hair sat up, rubbing his head. “Your Majesty?”


A thunderous laugh echoed in the dark void, and the darkness took shape. Two feet and two arms cloaked in a dark robe. The shadows it’s loving embrace. Soon a hole opened up and Holly Wood jumped as she heard her name being called.

“What was that?” Fitzroy asked shaking.

Holly squared her slender shoulders. “That’s my boss. Want to meet him?”

Holly took Fitzroy by the arm and dragged into a dark hole.

Fitzroy shook at the nothingness around him. Holly shook her head. “You’ll get use to it.”

“Where are we?” the rabbit asked.

“You are in my realm of shadows, sweet, loving, ever embracing shadows. But as much as I favor the shadows, I know my old enemy is near. He and his brother defeated me before, but I can see this world is different. He won’t win again. I must expand my world of shadows, and your world is in the way.”

Fitzroy froze. “What! You want to cover our world in darkness, you can’t. My career would be ruined.” Fitzroy turned to Holly. “Why would you want to help this guy?”

An icy wind blew and Fitzroy fell to the ground, he was truly scared now and sorry he was ever mean to his parents.

“This may sound corny but you won’t get away with it. Toons will stop you.” He looked at Holly sadly. “They have to.”


Oswald stood up the moonlight gleaming off his suit. The wind blew past his long dark ears. “You will not win. I will not lose my family again.”


Oswald turned to see his daughter in rabbit form standing there. “I’m going with you. We will fight this enemy together.”

Oswald smiled at the young girl. “Together.”

The two of them take into the night, as the city began to darken. The they were going to stop their world from being swallowed up by the darkness.

Bonkers began getting phone calls from all over the city, everything was going dark. If they didn’t hurry, everything would be gone forever.

To be continued…


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