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Hamburger Phone

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Quote: Juno, screenplay written by Diablo Cody (so she's credited for this amazing quote, although I L-ed it up a little)

L's on his hamburger phone! I had this idea after talking on my own hamburger phone to my gf and then I was like, "what if I held it like L?" and so this idea was born. I drew it in the Juno style, line art that's been colored with a solid color and hand drew the text and then colored it. It took around 1 hour or so from when I started drawing it to finishing, done in CS2 with my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet.

What other shenanigans can Light get into? Companion Death Note + Juno piece: [link]
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Shouldn't that be a cake or donut phone.
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I too have a hamburger phone.
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I've seen this all over the Internet and it still doesn't make any sense.
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Have you never seen Juno?
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No, the only anime I've ever seen is "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
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Juno isn't an anime. Google it. Also, read the artist notes and maybe you'll understand.

Btw, Avatar is anime style, not anime. It's American. Anime is Japanese.
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Holy shit XD I have a Juno Phone (not that kind but just the regular one) and I said I wonder how many other peole have one and I looooooooooooove this and Death note XDD
P.S. I hold my phone like his O.o
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LMFAO I am so jelly of his hamburger phone
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does this mean L is pregnant?
… is Light the father? XDDD
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cool tho i dont get the joke
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Hamburger Phone WIN
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You had a great idea, really. This is great. :3
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lol! i so wanted a burger phone after watching juno! i love DN and juno
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lmao this is so goood :D YAYYA
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Lol! I can totally imagine L with a hamburger phone but then again I don't have to, because you've draw it! :D Gotta love juno....
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AH HA HA this is brilliant. XD
Love Juno.
Love Death Note.
... Is THIS why he hung up on Matsuda?
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This is so random and awesome!
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