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Hallway Kiss

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The original image is a pose of action figures by sky_dark on livejournal. Thanks for the lovely resource image!

Obviously, it's Ed x Roy, which is a first for me, but I like it. It's sweet in it's own way I guess.

Drawn in around 15-20 hours working over a few months. CS2 + Wacom tablet.
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Love it love it love it ^_^
Amblerrone's avatar
That's really cute. :aww: You did a great job!
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lol ed is 4 foot in this pic.
GaigalaAnna's avatar
Ed would be furious if he saw how short he looks in this picture
it's freaking awesome but.. ed may be short but roy is like 6"2 and ed's like 5"7 he's not that short. lol
Z0MGedELR1C's avatar
lol, i see that ed's face is red by his upper cheek and his ear ^_^
WarriorcatsFirestar1's avatar
Love dis pic, your awlsome and I love your profile pic its so lol
Xof-Eht-Soahc's avatar
PFFFFF Mustang's legs must have cramps from that XD
jazzprowl2's avatar
whoa.. For one, that is cute and funny at the same time seeing their size difference lol
lady-soujiro's avatar
this is sooooo shota! :love:
JaviZzX4's avatar
Is best like Uke
Mozart282's avatar
I love how roy has to squat <3
ProfistOfDoom's avatar
Nice! <3 love it! I've been going on an EdXRoy rampage for the last 2 days, this is wonderful...I feel like writing a fic nao........hmmm then roy picks ed up and lays him on his desk, undoing Metal's belt, tossing it aside carelessly.......
Lord-Sithis's avatar
sucks to be short...
mangamari's avatar
rofl i like ur signature XDDDD
Graystreak's avatar
I like where Roy's hand is...a little to the right and that's PDA, guys! Get a room. :P

.....actually nevermind. I think I'd like to see this.
Spottedflames's avatar
yes im not the only one! lol
Gotapenname's avatar
Very cute picture :)
SahorieAlchemist's avatar
Aaaah always sublimate yaoi drawings CK!!!!
PrinceUsagi's avatar
Shaman-Pixels's avatar
OTL I feel stupid. For, like, five seconds, I thought this was a photo. The smaller version (can't remember the fricken' name for it!!) looked like cosplay. xD
Great drawing, though!
hagane56's avatar
aww... i think the details and colors look great it looks really great i really really like it
great art work ^-^
TheInvaderKai's avatar
me likey TuT i love how he has to bend his knees !!!!
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