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Amsterdam warehouses

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Jul 20, 2020, 12:21:19 PM
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Freaks me out that they don‘t look straight😧

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😄 They are not streight. In the old days before the build of the "Afsluitdijk" Amsterdam was in direct contact with the sea. So there was high and low tide in the canals and the water was salt. After the build of the "Afsluitdijk" the saltiness of the water reduces and the water level became fixed. This is the cause of the foundations to slip.

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Cool! I wasn’t aware of the Assfsluudfghdk... 😅 “Afsluitdijk”. It’s nice to be able to appreciate the architecture.

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😁 More Amsterdam photos are comming up. Shortly .

The Afsluitdijk (close off dyke) is at it self quite boring, but its history is very interesting. For example it is the only place in Europe where the ‘German Blitzkrieg’ advance was stopped in May of 1940. Only 225 Dutch soldiers knew how to hold back almost 17.000 Germans. Most military installations there are abandoned now, Photos i made can be found by search or google "pe0s kornwerderzand".
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Stunning, older buildings alway have so much more character that new ones (though with the history of soulless money before quality here in the US even our old buildings have less character)

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I agree, In the old days manual labor was cheap and materials ware expensive so there was more room for detail. In the 70s it was the other way around. Only concrete boxes to call home. In this time technology give more room for aesthetics. Examples you can google: photos of zaandam (modern) zaanse schans (historic). 
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Merci beaucoup,
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I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam. This is the next best thing.

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Why dont you go now with streetview? I explored New Orleans once not long ago. The street/ adress i took this photo is: Damrak 12-17, 1012 MB Amsterdam. You can find the warehouses behind the touring boats. Have fun!

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What a gorgeous photography,
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Grazie mille,
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You are welcome, sir/madam/mx. I wish you a very nice day.
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Merci vilmal
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