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Hey all!
Just letting you all know that I've now added a Facebook page to my collection of places I post my art at. I figured since a lot of people like and use Facebook that it might be a worthwhile addition, plus my personal Facebook, which I did post my art in originally, is private, so it wasn't really getting my art out beyond the friends I follow there.

So if you wish to follow my art in any of the social media places I'm on, these are the places where I post it:

Of course, my art is also continuing to be posted here as well, but feel free to follow any of these other accounts too :)

In other news, we've been decorating my new bedroom the last few weeks and I'm hoping to have a lot of desk space for both my computer and a proper desk to sit at and draw, which will be nice. The room is dessert themed with one chocolate wall and three 'custard cream' walls, which should make this new room seem much more brighter than my current room too (which is blue). Still a lot to be done though, but I really wanted to go all out with this new room and make it very much 'my' space. A space I would feel happy with.
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July 16, 2015


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