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If you ever want to keep up with what I am doodling or working on, I post a lot of that stuff on my art Tumblr, Doodle Drops!

My art Tumblr used to go under a different name, but I changed it a few months ago, but figured since I only really post finished pieces here, Doodle Drops in a nice place to get a sneak peek on pieces being worked on.

I have a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh pieces on the WIP pile at the moment, because I am really enjoying Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.
I also have a ton of sketches in my sketch folder. Need to get round to those!
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My friend YooMe is currently taking art commissions in order to raise money for her cause (she and her 5-year-old daughter recently fled a bad domestic situation and wish to rebuild their lives).… - All the details can be found in this post here including prices and examples! :)
They also have a GoFundMe set up for donations if you wish to send any, or if you just want to spread the word.

They really need to get back up on their feet again and could use all the help they can get to do so :)
Since I'm always looking for new friend safari's to explore (and shiny hunt!) in, I thought I would post my 3DS Friend Code here to see if anyone else with Pokémon X and Y would like to exchange friend codes for friend safari's!
My code is 3239-3567-0170
My friend safari is a flying type safari with: Pidgey, Staravia and Rufflet!

If you add my FC, just comment here with yours and I'll add you too!

Just posting the link to my new artblog on Tumblr:
I promised myself I would draw more this year, so I made this artblog to post my finished pieces, as well as doodles and older stuff too. My finished stuff will still be posted here as well, but it'll be there on the artblog if you wish to reblog anything :)
I made my hamster the mascot of it, so a cartoon version of Woolley will appear now and then.

Here's hoping that I actually stick to drawing more, because I've done three pieces over the last two weeks and it's really made me realize just how much I missed drawing stuff (more than just little doodles anyway).

In other news, I've been watching season 2 of The Mysterious Cities of Gold and I am absolutley loving it. I am so amazed and so happy that a show that I watched when I was a kid now has a new season, just over 30 years after the original first aired.


I haven't updated the journal here since Jan 2011. Wow.

WELL, lessie, I've been around, obviously. Posting the odd bit of art here and there. I'm finally getting used to colouring in SAI so will probably be using that as the primary programe for colouring from now on. I'm hoping to start drawing/colouring more, but sometimes it's difficult to find the motivation. Once I get going I usually don't stop on a picture until I've finished it though! Though my life has been rather busy as of late. I started an animal management course back in September, which I've completed the first year of. I've been doing well, but between that and work, it hasn't left me much time for much else!

I started the course because a few years ago, around the time I stopped writing here, I began getting bouts of anxiety relating to work, which was not much fun at all. I work part-time in a supermarket, which isn't the ideal environment for me as I'm not a massive people person and don't do well in huge crowds, but I also started feeling trapped there, because I had absolutely no plans and I had no idea what I really wanted to do, even after 10 years of being there and it's getting to the point where I will need a full-time job soon, but I just couldn't face being in retail full-time. Oh hell no.
I still have no idea what I want to do, which is a little disheartening at times, but I realized sitting around feeling sorry for myself was getting me nowhere, so I decided to take the animal course, just to see how things pan out, since I do love animals and it's what I wanted to do when I was younger (though even back then I had nothing specific in mind). I may not end up doing anything relating to animals in the end, but it's better to gain more experiences with different things, just to see if something sticks out to me, then carry on doing nothing and sticking to the same old routine. I've learned loads on the course so far and I've gotten to meet some really awesome people there, plus my anxiety at work hasn't been half as bad since I started the course, so whether anything comes of it or not, at the moment it's had a decent positive effect, even if sometimes the course can be stressful.
Guess we'll see how things turn out after the second year.

Being on the course inspired me to start keeping hamsters as pets again, as well. So after a 5-year gap of not having one, I adopted a rescue hamster from the RSPCA back in November. Her name is Woolley and she is one of the most crazy, hyperactive hamsters I've ever had! She's lovely though, as mischievous as she is!

I'm going to Ayacon this month! Very excited for that! I'm sadly not cosplaying, as I've not had the time to even think about costumes sadly, but it's still going to be a fun weekend and I will be armed with my camera!!

Show wise, I am currently absolutely obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. I am absolutely LOVING the show and I've been surprised with how dark-ish it's gotten lately (For kids show terms anyway, the dub is gonna have fun with it, that's for sure!) but I love the direction it's going in and makes me eager to see each episode.
I think my fav characters are probably Yuma and Astral. Oh gosh I love them so much and how much their relationship has changed during the course of the series.

I'm still following the Pokémon anime, though I hadn't really watched the dub episodes each week until the dub of the Episode N saga started. The Decalore Island saga looks like it's going to be a bunch of random fun, so I think that'll be nice. I'm looking forward to the X and Y anime. I want to know who'll be travelling with Ash in that series!

Other than those... I recently took on watching Free! (The infamous "swimming anime") and Silver Spoon. I've seen the first 4 episodes of Free! so far and I'm enjoying it much more than I thought it would. I'm not really into "sports" animes, but Free! is absolutely HILARIOUS and so over the top. It just... really makes me laugh so much.
I've seen the first two episodes of Silver Spoon and that's taking a bit more to get into, but I applaud it for showing the more messy side to farming and that it's not all frolicking with cute farm animals. It's smelly, it's messy, it's hard-work and yeah, sadly a lot of farm animals are of course farmed for their meat.
I'm keeping with the show anyway, as it's interesting to watch a show about an agricultural high school, since I'm doing the animal course and will be doing a unit on farming when I go back after the summer break.

I guess that's everything for the catch up of the last few years! Haha!
So, you'll of noticed that I've suddenly started posting art stuffs again. I seem to have gained my art muse back and I intend to keep it. I'm going to try and be less stubborn with myself and post art even if I think it's crap XD
Drawing more was one of my resolutions for this year (As well as eat more healthy and that kind of crap) so I intend to draw as much as I can, no matter how simple or complicated and I hope to learn some new things along the way. I've already learned a few new things that I feel by now I should of already knew, but hey, progress is progress!!
I gotta admit, drawing more has helped lift my mood a bit too, it's made me feel a little more productive.

And to celebrate, I got a Tumblr for some reason!!
I mostly plan to spam art stuffs there, probably the same stuff you see here, as well as photos and maybe a few other silly things, who knows.
But yeah, it's pretty much going to be an art blog I guess. I usually fail at keeping those but I'm hoping to keep up with drawing and such :)
I guess if any of you guys have a Tumblr, feel free to mention so I can follow you and such.

Also, forgot to mention here, but I also have a Twitter!
I feel so... semi up to date with these popular blogging thingys now.

Oh well, I REALLY should sleep now. Last day at work today before I'm off for a week. Looking forward to that week off SO much.
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas :) Mine was better than I thought and 5 days off from work ain't bad either!

Anyway I'm mostly posting this entry as I have a shameless advertisement for you all!

Do any of you like Yu-Gi-Oh and RPs on Live Journal?

I'm a moderator and member of a Yu-Gi-Oh RP called DuelAcademy_r2, we're an AU game mostly based on GX (Japanese version) and we've been running for almost six years! At the moment we're looking for new members to take part in the game. We happily accept applications for both OCs and canons from all three current Yu-Gi-Oh! series' (within reason).

For further information, please refer to our info page. Here we have information about the game, what characters are taken and there are links at the bottom which give you info on things such as the past plots that we've had, the application process, card info ect.
We always have an active plot running, so we always have something that's going on for you to take part in! The game itself works on a day-to-day style of play over the journals and through event posts. We put a lot of focus on character relations and we're also open to any ideas concerning the characters themselves!

Likewise, also feel free to drop into our IRC room (#duelacademy_r2 on to have a chat with us, ask us questions and see how we do things!

You may also post questions in the comments here if you wish :)
I've not been drawing much lately, so I decided to do something that should hopefully keep me drawing for a while, but also will keep me working on a goal until the English version of B/W comes out!

Aim: To see how many Pokémon I can draw before the English release of B/W. All pictures must be in full colour. Pokémon will be picked randomly by myself.
Start Date: 23rd September, 2010
End Date: Spring, 2011 (Date depends on what the US and/or UK release date is)


547: Erufuun
562: Desumasu


In other news, I did get a new camera already! I'm hoping the weather is going to be alright tomorrow (Well today technically), because my dad and I may be going to a wildlife park so I can practise with it!
If we do go and I get some nice pictures, I'll upload them here :)
Can't believe it's already been a week since I was at AmeCon.
But yeah, I went to AmeCon last weekend and had loads and loads of fun, I blew lots of money on plushies! :D I know that is not a surprise!
Keele University also is a very beautiful place *_*

All my photos from the event can be seen here: Amecon Photos! I'll be going through them and editing/uploading the ones I like best here as well at some point.
I didn't get as many photos as I thought though, I gave up taking photos in the Masquerade because the seats we had weren't great and my camera wasn't taking many clear shots.

But I'm thinking of maybe looking for a new camera, probably after Christmas. My current one is okay, but it really fails with taking photos in settings like Masquerades and other shows. But to say Photography is a hobby of mine, I know crap all about what camera is best ect. XD

Anyways, that's a small update anyway. Going back to work today, booo :(
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I went to the London MCM Expo last weekend and it was so much fun! Despite the lack of sleep and the fact that trying to get home left me with many bruises on my legs XD; Oh well! I really enjoyed my time there and met a lot of awesome new people, as well as met up with people I hadn't seen in a while!
As you can see, I've uploaded a few photos from the event, though I didn't get as many photos as I wanted (Least outside the Masquerade). I'm actually really regretting the fact that I decided not to go in October and there's no way I'd get that weekend off work now, in fact I heard October is fully booked as far as holidays are concerned. Oh well, I do plan to hopefully go to both May and October next year though! :)

Though, I still have Amecon to attend this year and it's just over two months away!! I am so excited for that! I can't wait!! X3
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Figured I should probably update my journal here, since I haven't written one since last May.

As you have probably noticed, I haven't really uploaded any drawings recently. I've been doodling, but I haven't had the drive to really do any proper pictures. Part of the reason may be because I've been suffering a little with anxiety recently, something that I feel has steadily gotten worse over the past few years, though sometimes it's not too bad, but others it can be terrible. It's been mostly work related as well. So I've been feeling a bit down in myself, especially recently. Seems like this is possibly something similar to what my dad has suffered with most of his life, his nervous problems started in his 20s too.
I've been considering seeing a doctor, if only just to talk about it, but in the end I think it's something I will just have to live with. I've always been a rather shy and low-confidence type of person anyway.
I've been considering finding a new job, one I can cope with a little better. Something quieter possibly, but at the moment there isn't really anything I can go for. I actually asked at the library if the new one would have any jobs going, but I was pretty much told there was very little chance of it due to them facing job cuts as it is.

On a happier note, I'm going to London Expo in May and Amecon in August :) So those are at least something to look forward too! Hopefully I'll get some nice photos from those events to upload here, my camera hasn't been very good at taking indoors photos lately.
HGSS is also out soon (26th of March for us UK peeps I believe) so I'm looking forward to playing that. I'm getting SoulSilver! :D

As you can see, I spammed my account with lots of snowy pictures today. They're pictures I took a few months ago when we got that heavy snow but I hadn't had to drive to go through them. I probably have some more to upload, just need to continue going through them.
I've actually been researching a little into my home town lately, like it's history and stuff and found it's something I'm really interested in. I've come across really old photos and it's amazing to see the town then and now. It's fun to compare them. Some of the photos I found dated back as far as the late 1800s and had numerous ones from the early 1900s.
I can only wish everyone could respect the town and it's history and even how pretty it can be.

That's about all I really can say right now. Hopefully I can work myself out of this slump and get to doing some drawings too.
Just a short journal to say YAY I'm back from the Expo (Well I've been back since Monday XD) and it was awesomes :D As you can see I'm actually uploading a few photos taken in London and the event itself that I really liked :3 Though if you want to see all the photos I took, feel free to go through my photobucket here:…

Hope you enjoy the photos! :D
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Maybe I should do another journal update here, huh? XD

Not much arty stuff lately, I know D: I don't seem to finish pictures much these days, maybe I should at least do another doodle dump in my scrapbook section? XD Well I'm going to the London Expo this weekend and I'll be hoping to bring a small sketch book to doodle in, unsure if I'll have the time to doodle but who knows!
If anyone is going, watch out for a Notch-ear Pichu on Saturday, that will be me XD Though I'm not really 100% happy with the outfit :/ I still class it as a work-in-progress really. The trousers we dyed went a more Pikachu yellow, so it doesn't match with the top at all D| Dunno if I'll have a tail or not either, I've made one but just out of thin cardboard XD; It's a bit awkward to attach to the back of the trousers I'll be wearing, when my shirt is so big, but we'll see I guess.
Cosplay has never been something I'm good at.
Oh, I have cardboard cut out Grepa berries too! XD (Which is the Notch-ear Pichu's favourite berry!)

On Sunday I may wear Pichu for half the day, or I'll be carrying around a plush Drifloon most of the day XD

Also I've really gotten into this Pokémon egg clicking site lately:

Whee 8D
At the moment alexandrasalas is running commissions to try and raise money for YooMe and her little girl as they're in danger of losing the house they live in, thus in danger of losing the Visa she's applied for so she can go back to live in Australia with the father of her little girl.
Even if you're unable to get a commission, please just spread the word! It all helps!

See Kasumichan's Journal and YooMe's Journal for the details!
There's a bit of a spam prank going on around dA at the moment!

Basiclly you get a comment by someone which has a link that reads "rofl this may be relevant to your interests", DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! Apparently I have heard that this allows a hacking program to get a hold of your account and post these comments with the same links on other people's accounts!

I unfortuntly clicked the link, so I don't know if my account if affected or not, I've changed my password just in case, but please watch out if you get that link from me, and if you do get that link from me, then please know I didn't send it and it's because a spamming bot thing that has a hold of my account.

EDIT: It seems the problem has been solved by dA…
Thanks to :iconalexandrasalas: for letting me know!
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Well Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas too. Both my Christmas and New Year were very quiet and boring, I didn't really do anything. I think the biggest highlight this year was watching the whole of Doctor Who series 4 between Christmas and New Year (*I bought the DVD Box Set just before Christmas~*) :heart: God, that series was just amazing *__* It seemed a shame that when series 4 was just starting, I saw quite a few people who didn't like the idea of Catherine Tate playing the main assistant part... I don't watch any of Catherine Tates other stuff, mostly due to not watching TV at all these days, but DAMN her performance as Donna in this series was amazing and I loved how Donna and the Doctor interacted X3 No more talking on the series just in case there are people who haven't seen it yet, but it was amazing |3

Also, I think I will forever love Murray Gold's work with the soundtrack of the series, I have all three Doctor Who OSTs released so far and they seem to get better with each one they release *__* MUCH LOVE!

So what do I have in store for 2009? Well, I won't be going to any anime cons this year. I was looking into going to Ayacon and/or Fuyucon, but both unfortunately are being held at quite a distance. Really it's not the distance that's the bother but how many times I have to change trains to get there (*About three times I think*), a bit TOO much of a hassle I think, especially while carrying luggage and stuff. So I'm giving it a miss this year, gonna go to Ame next year though :D I wouldn't miss that for the world~

Though, I'm not out of events to go to this year. I'm actually going with my friend Tony to the May London Expo this year. He goes to all the events and this year he's managed to convince me to go along with him XD I'm just hoping I can keep up with him and his friends ability to have a ton of fun on little sleep... I like my sleep XD (*I probably won't be sleeping much anyway, never do in new places for the first night or two*) I'm also going to the midlands expo in Feb. this year which I'm really looking forward too! It'll be like a taster for May XD I ordered my tickets for both events just today, so this is gonna be awesome ^o^
I'll probably will be going to a few Tokyopop Re-Cons this year too as Tony and I like going to those. We just need to wait for dates for ones we can go to.

I hope I can draw more stuff this year. Really wish I could get back into the groove of finishing stuff more regularly D:
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Hey guys! A little shout out to you to mention something special.

A friend of mine YooMe really wants to get her and her baby daughter, Alexis, home to Australia so they can be a family with Alexis' father. But right now they're having a hard time raising the funds to do so.
So YooMe has started a little project to raise money, called dollar-A-doodle. For each dollar donated, she will draw a doodle and post it to returntodAd it's a small and fun way to at least raise funds for them, so even if it's just that $1 I'm sure it will help a lot.
Lets help fill this gallery with hope for Yoome and Alexis to be able to get home.

The details in her journal are here:…

And even if you can't donate, just spreading the word of this is good!
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It's amazing what makes you realize how much you take for granted the things we see on a constant basis.

This year, I've had two things from my childhood destroyed. First it was my old secondary school, which they tore down after building a new modern school and just recently, the demolition of the Tinsley Towers, two iconic cooling towers I absolutely LOVED as a kid. They made the area around there unique, it's not gonna look right without them there.

I wish I had gotten some good photos of both areas before they were destroyed. It honestly feels like this year has been trying to destroy my childhood D:

Anyway, in other .... really late news, I had a ton of fun at Amecon and met some awesome people! And I also got to meet up with Carly, Zoe, Cally and Emma again. Hi guys! *Waves*
I'm HOPING to go to Ayacon next year, I really can't say for sure until I find out where it's gonna be held. There's Fuyucon again next year too, which I probably will go to~ Amecon is running again in 2010 :3

:icontonyoart: and I are going to the Tokyopop ReCon in Nottingham in September, so that's gonna be a lot of fun! :3
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So Amecon is fast approaching and even though I'm not Cosplaying I've left stuff to the last minute. I did a major clean of my room today (Not QUITE finished yet) and right now my computer is in the middle of the room and my bed is off to one side XD;
Luckily everything I wanted to take, clothes wise, are washed and just need ironing and packing away, I can only hope I can fit everything in. I had my con bag with me last year, which was an awesome bag that had tons of little compartments I could put stuff in that I couldn't fit in my trolley suitcase thing, but the con bag got holes in it, so the bag I'm taking this year is a Pikachu one, and it's not very big XD

For those going, keep a look out for me on the Friday, I'll be easy to spot as I should have a Drifloon balloon with me which SHOULD be floating. I'll have him with me all day, unless he pops XD
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First of all, a friend of mine :iconyoome:, is taking commissions to raise money for her un-born baby! If you are interested, details of what commissions she does and the price are listed in her journal~!

So, the new dA!
I like how we have previews of messages and submitted deviations now, just like a paid account! XD

Been in a big slump with art and damn I have been for a while, it's like I can't bring myself to work on anything past some silly doodles. I have some photos from the Edale trip to put up yet too XD Oh well... I'll get to those photos soon I hope XD

Amecon isn't far away now either!! Eee! Been looking forward to that all year~ But before I go there I have a LOT of cleaning up to do in my room and it's bad that I never have the motivation to do it ;o;