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Yugioh Ninjas of the Leaf

By pdutogepi
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More Yugioh/Ninja stuffage...
...bet your all getting tired of it now =p
I can't help it though....they look cute as Ninjas X3

Anyway this is my first Oekaki in a while and I'm proud that I didn't use one single refrence for it.... even when I felt I needed too X_x; But I set myself I challenge not to and I managed it :w00t: This idea just came to me while I was sketching ideas on a piece of paper and drew Marik in that same pose and thought it looked cute XD Joey WAS supposed to be in the picture with them, pulling funny faces, but I couldn't fit him in *pets Joey*

Anyway that's it! Enjoy! XD
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some weird reason this was under the title
yugi pets...
ok then what ever works for you good drawing

i would picture marik as a sand ninja though
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Bakura sighting! Number 4!
XD Awww, all the lights are in this...Yugi looks disturbingly cute like that. O.o;; XD;; And Mariku looks bored. While Bakura just looks...Cool. o.o ^^ Cool Bakura!
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lol! Funny to see Yugi looking this 'evil' :):) I love the pic :)
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Wow! What BEAUTIFUL effects!
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They all look so cute! Especially Yugi :aww: Too bad there was no room for Jou :giggle:
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Rawr! Ninjanezz pwnz joooo!!! xD good job on the piccy ^^. Well done!
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hehe, more ninjas. . .and more netting. XD
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What can I say...
...I be obsessed with da netting XD
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I could never get tired of this ^^ I think you did so well on this pic :D
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oooh Yugi is so cute there ^_ You may have made Marik's skin a bit too dark though ~_^ That branch is real nice!
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Yeah I had a feeling I probably did his skin tone a tad too dark but it didn't look right any lighter XD Ah well never mind *lol*
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very well done and developed dear friend
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Awww they look adorable, especially little Yugi! ^_^
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poor Joey hehehe ah well he will be alright anyways cute pic haha I dought anyone would get to sick of it after all people still look at my art and I have drawn Kouichi like IDK 100 times or more....
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