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Rua and Ruka - Yugioh 5Ds

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And next from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's we have Rua and Ruka :D The green haired wonder twins~!
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I've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5D on YouTube (damn I want the subbed seiries, it just so funny! All the over acting!) and I can't wait to see how these two fit in to the story line. I'm up to ep 6 and there's been alot of build up but nothing to really start off the whole 'evil artifact' that tends to characterise the seiries. There was the dragon but that doesn't really count until we know how it was summoned.

From the opening shots of these two it looks like they're not much into smiling but then again neither is anyone else much.
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well this is'nt the first time a main character had a sidekick, for yugi it was joey and tristand, for jaden it was syrus, and for yusei its ruka and rua,
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I thought it was just "Rua" and "Ruka". o_o At least, I didn't see a small "yu" kana above the name...
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Hummm, not sure, I've seen two spellings for their names and wasn't sure which to go for XD Hummmm, maybe I'll change it to without the y since that version seems more used.