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Ninja Yami Bakura

By pdutogepi
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Whahaha! Now this is the fun part XD I couldn't draw Bakura without his evil alter ego so here's good old Yami Bakura as a ninja. He tends to use Bakura's body when he pleases even when Bakura doesn't implement the "Sennen no Justu" to bring him out in battles. In this time he uses it to learn forbidden Justsu's and a bit of Taijustu and poor little Bakura is none the wiser as he can never remember a thing when Yami bakura takes over his body.
He likes to torture things :D *lol*

RANK: Genin (*But I think Yami Bakura probably would surpass that with the stuff he knows XD*)
SPECIALITY: Likes to torture people's minds with Forbidden Genjutsu techniques. YAY! a bit of powerful Taijustu, and some ninjustu
I need to make up some forbidden Genjutsu techniques, he can use the techniques that Bakura learns too, but for some odd reason he has trouble with the summoning Jutsu, which is the only thing Bakura is good at and he isn't! YAY!

Again, ignore if completly lost in my ramblings XD I ned to make proper bios.

Oh and I need some requests for anime characters to be his two teammates, one boy, one girl, both between the ages of 13-16. I already have their jounin leader which is Morty the Eckruteak Poké mon Gym leader XD *Thanks for suggestion Nicole*
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@.@ Oh my god...Awesome...
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Oh, look, I already commented. XD Bakurae picture number two...
Personally, if he appeared, I'd be worshipping him....While others run away from just the fact that the kind, quiet boy just turned into a kleptomanic sadist. XD;;;;
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i love the shadin on his pants X3! yami bakura rokz!
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Cool! But he scares me, lol o.o
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:D :D :D Ninja Bakura ~ very awesome! Wow, the shading's fantabulous here, especially the pants :thumbsup: Very nice!!
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he looks kinda chibi and yet so evil hahaha I can only imagen on what he's planning on doing with that weapon of his hahahaha

heh *tries to think of other characters* maybe Kai from Beyblade or um Henry from Tamers maybe um Naota from FLCL uh girls hmmm maybe Sora from Digimon season 2 or um Misty from Pokemon lol this is to damn hard......
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Oooh Kai from beyblade that one sounds good too, Henry would also be a very good choice ^_^
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I like the shading on this ^_
Partners, eh? how bout Mariah from Beyblade for the girl? or Kagome from Inuyasha? And for the boy...any of the older kids from 02 ?
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Mariah is a good choice, unfortunatly I don't know Kagome very well X_x;
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Cool pose! FIRST comment! :D EE! Pretty work! Nice line art! Nice colur job!
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YAY! Thankyou!
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