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Ninja Bakura

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Well here is Ninja Bakura looking all serious =p A shy and slightly hestitant ninja who isn't too keen on fighting but won't back down from a challange. He's got the sweetest nature and will trust and help pretty much anyone, similar to Hinata, other's think he's just too kind to be a ninja and he wants to prove them wrong...
...and he sure does when his alternate personality comes onto the scene *grins evilly*

RANK: Genin
SPECIALITY: Genjutsu, Ninjustu
Distinct Jutsu's include "Summoning no Justu" (*Which I included cos It's my one of my fav Justus*) in which he can summon Normal Type Pokémon XD YAY! Nin-Meowth's, that has a nice ring to it!
And "Sennen no Justu" used to call out Yami Bakura when he's in a tight spot and feels he can't fight much longer. Therefore when his good old yami comes out to play all stamina and chakra are once again increased XD Nice way to cheat I 'spose *lol*

I need to think up some Genjustu he can use =p

And yeah if ya don't know what the hell I just rambled on about just ignore it, I'm not sure if I made sense myself *lol* but that's the bio I made up for him...well the small version anyway XD

I think I just screwed up anime all together LOL
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T_T; Oh. So it wasn't only me who sometimes pictured Ryou Bakura as a ninja? T_T;; Except mine summons bunnies.....See?



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It's fun to make other anime characters as Naruto-like ninjas, I'm a huge fan of doing crossovers and went through a phase of making Yu-Gi-Oh characters as ninjas XD;

Your pictures are awesome and so well done *__* I love the summoning one XD I just have to fav these 8D
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OOhh, where are some more of those pics? :3 I'm in that stage now, you see....
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xD I completely understand! At one point, I even put Malik into the Village of Sand, and Yami Bakura in Sound....>.>;; But the fanarts didn't work out...xD

Ryou is my Yugioh obsession, so he was the only one who turned out right. xD Thanks for faving! ^.^ :glomp:
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=D Let's see, one Bakura picture...*counting all the Bakura pictures you have*
^_^ He's so cute!! And he looks slightly deadly. XD;;; Don't want to be near him when he uses that Sennen no Jutsu....Actually, I would, but if I was the attacker, no. ^^;
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Cool! Ninja Bakura looks awesome! :D
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Ninja Bakura Lite is very awesome: check out the pose! O.O Nice work on the bandages *jealous* > for some reason I find bandages very hard to do........they tend to look like the dude's got a skin disorder with me; what's your secret?
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My secret...I just draw random lines, some in different directions to each other with different spaces apart lol Thanks for the Comment :D
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yay go Ninja Bakura ^o^
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His poor arm, is it broken?
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Nah, it's just a common thing in Naruto for some ninjas to have white cloth around their arms...if anyone knows why then I'd like to hear too XD
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Oh! Maybe it's to support t'heir muscles, and for the fist.
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It could very well be, a lot of the ninja characters that use "Taijutsu" , basiclly raw fighting techniques, do tend to have those bandages on their arms and stuff.
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Must for protection or something.
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Well the proportions are a bit out as the guy above me has said, but the lineart is clean and the coloring is nice. Good job :)
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hehehe cute I really like the coloring on him his body is a bit out of proportion hehe tiney feet but the pose is cool haha your braver than me with the poses hehe for some reason he reminds me of Riku from Kingdom Hearts and I cant figure out why probably the hair lol
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Yeah poses are so freakin' hard O_o;; I drew that pose from one of Sasuke in the Manga, it would of looked a lot worse if I tried it without a refrence XD
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Yeah hehe I often like to look at pics for poses but somehow mine always end up looking painfull for the characters hehehehe
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oooh! Ninja Bakura! Yay! Draw the ninja Meowth next! XD
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