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Marik and Treecko

By pdutogepi
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Don't ask, I'm not sure what made me draw this XD Well, besides the cute Marik fanart I saw a few days ago and the fact that the Chibi Treecko plush I have sitting ontop of my scanner won't stop staring at me with it's uber cuteness so....yeah XD

It's Marik the Pokémon Trainer everyone!
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:aww: Marik!!! *we know we commented already, but that was before we knew Marik* Marik is SOOO cute! And so's Treeko! :clap: Awesome job there! :+fav:
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XD That'S cute!! I also love the colouring on the picture! :thumbsup:
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WOW! AWESOME DRAWING! Me love! :hug: :):)
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Omg I can so see the scenario happening here:

Marik: ASH!!!! I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!! nyenyenye
Ash: Bring it on!!!!!
*go to the arena*
Brock: This battle is Marik vs. Ash, no time limit, each competitor may use six monsters.
Ash: .............. wtf are these cards?!!!
Marik: ............ wtf are these balls????

Lolz, anyway: nice border! D'you use PSP Version 8?? :D
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*LOL* That is just hillarious XD I can see that happening too X3

And for the colouring I used Adobe Photoshop Elements ^^ I do have PSP though....version 7 I think.
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:clap: It's lovely! Nice work!
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Marik and Treeko? XD XD

Its great :D
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heh I missed commenting on one of your pics good thing I came to your page eh anyways yay tis a cute and oeiginal idea
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Glad ya like it ^^
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LOL the very circumstances that would have to be in place for this to really occur make me laugh! :D XD It's just funny! Heh, Treeko sure takes after his trainer, doesn't he? XD Nice coloring and shading and pose and bg and all that good stuff... ^^;
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Thankyou for the comment! :D

Yeah I wanted Treecko to resemble Marik in some way, so YAY for Golden band things!
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well done my friend and really stunning;p
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ur welcome and did u see meh new piccy its ony my powerpuff girl and i really tried hard on the computer, if u want u can see it
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I know, it's in my list of pictures to look at later today when I have the time ;)
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oh okay thankies for insiting:)
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lol I never thought of seeing Marik and Treeko together. Lovely coloring as always.
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It's a nice pic! I like it a lot. ^_^ Treeko looks soo cool, too! :+fav:
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