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I'm TALLER than you

By pdutogepi
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YAY! I finished my Ed and Yugi Wallpaper, unfortunatly it looks kinda blurry when you actually put it on your desktop which is a shame still makes a funky wallpaper though X3

Yeah I had to put some text where there was a huge space so I just decided to put "I'm taller than you!" cos it's true XD

I decided to mess about with the filters on Adobe Photoshop for this since I hadn't really used them before, I added the texture on it cos it made the blurryness a bit more bareable plus it looks like the whole thing was done on textured papaer, tis a cool effect, kinda like I scanned the thing or something *lol*
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hi pdutogepi
i like your art and your crossovers are great. an idea that came to mind is how would an american show and an anime crossover sound?
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eek! 2 of my favorite anime characters in one picture! yay!
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LOL thats to good!!! nice work!
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They look a lot alike, weird...
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh its so cute and true
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That's funnY! It's like me and my friend hailey (i'm the taller one) LOLZ
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Excellent! i love your style!!
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Thankyou so much ^^
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Oooh! We like it! :+fav:
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LOL YEAH XD ED taller than someone else~ XD DDD Great Idea XD
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haha I thought Ed was only 3 inches taller than Yuugi haha you made them a notisable difference in hight but not a big deal I like it and the texture is spiffy
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*lol* Ah well I drew it when I didn't know either of their heights so that's why X3 Maybe Ed is standing on something, hehehehe =p
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Oh! I love the texture! Ed and Yugi look so cute... and Ed finally found someone smaller than him >>; At least little Yugi doesn't seem to care about being the smallest ^^;
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I'm already used to in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I do sometimes created my own effect (mostly the layer effects in Adobe Photoshop and Appearances in Adobe Illustrator that I like the most). I do tend to like Illustrator more than Photoshop.

PS: I still have Jasc Paint Shop Pro on my computer and if I do attempt to buy either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. I have to buy a new computer first since the old one is becoming unstable.
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oooh that looks real good^^
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