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I'm Not Feeding You...

By pdutogepi
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Erm.... Yami Bakura....dressed in Ash's clothes....which are too small for him... XD HA!

Yeah this idea I had back some days or so ago when I first found out Bakura and Satoshi (*Ash*) have the same Japanese VA, and then a friend commented on my live Journal and kinda mentioned that Ash's clothes would be tight on him so....this was born... ^^;

I decided also to do it in real media stuffs cos I haven't done that for a while. YAY for Pencil Crayons!
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awww poor pikachu he has a cute face he's like plzzzz
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That so cute and sad! *Pikachu needz food! Where's Ryou when you need him?*

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I love voice actress jokes :D
^ Pokemon with Bakura doing Ash's voice. Chaotic.
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The parallel makes me want to draw Crowler as Ojama Yellow or as Goku. .__.;

Or maybe Luke Valentine as Pandora.
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dude that is crulety to pikachus! XD love the pic
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the poor pika better run to brock again
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Number 5!! =D
XD!!!!! Poor Pikachu...
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hahaha i love pikachu exspression.
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lol! Cutie pikachu! :):) Me likey :):) the pikachu's so CUTE! :)
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heh! you should add something like, "OH MY GAWD! MY CROTCH!"

that'd be hilarious. (sp)
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lol, that's pretty cool!
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XD XD thats so cute. poor Pikachu
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Aww Pika looks so cute! I'd feed him!
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AWW!!cries* u make me feel bad for poor pika, and i usually rout for bakura!!
(very nice
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:hug: That Pikachu is wayyy to cute! Look at those eyes!

Great idea!
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lmao that's hilarious! xD Poor Pikachu xD
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Awww! Poor Pika! *feeds him* Good colouring skills.
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:rofl: XD Poor pikachu! I like how you colored it! ^^ *gives Pikachu an apple*
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Too kawaii!!!! XD XD That evil Bakky dude....trust him to resist to kawaii Pika face -___-
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XD Pika looks so sad! *runs after Bakura with a knife* XD ^^;
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