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Fudou Yuusei - Yugioh 5Ds

By pdutogepi
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This is my attempt at drawing Fudou, Yuusei from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (*New Yugioh series that's starting in Japan on April 2nd, GX ends a week before that*) and although I love his design, I feel like brutally murdering his hair, it's so hard to draw and get it looking right!! D|
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I wonder what happens when Fudou Yuusei meets Yugi Moto?
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Every yu-gi-oh main hero has crazy hair XD can't to see what 5Ds is like
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I think what you need to do is make the outer parts a bit more inwards. It'd get rid of the awkward feeling for him. XD
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True XD I tried to make them a bit more inwards but it's like his hair has a mid of it's own and they just...wandered XD
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Can't wait to see where this seiries goes.
I've only seen one very blurry picture of this guy but he does look cool. I wouldn't worry too much about the hair. It useally takes a couple of goes to get it right and let's face it, it's not as if they make the designs that easy to get right.
I wonder how much hair gel and dye it takes for hairstyles like these?
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There's a better picture of him for you :D Yeah, I think for my first attempt at it, it's not bad, but I think this style is the hardest to draw out of the three main characters of Yugioh, Juudai's being what I think is the easiest, Yuugi's being second hardest. I think with Yuusei I just have to draw him a few times and just gain my own way of drawing his hair XD;
And I dunno about the gel and hairdye but damn his hair looks like it could cut things up @_@ It looks so sharp and pointy! XD

5D's sounds pretty cool though and I'm really looking forward to it, though I feel I may cry when GX ends ;~~; But I'm sure Mr. Pointy hair, the green haired wonder twins, super ability emo girl and JACK ATLAS will be awesome to watch :D
Also Motobike dueling <3 That makes everything look badass~
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I think I've seen a card with that hair style somewhere. I can't remember what it's called though.
Thanks for the better image. Even though he could probably put someone in hospital with that hair style he still looks angsty. I can't wait to see what his character is like.
I think we'll all miss Juudai, he's just so much fun! But I still miss the original so we'll all miss them together. Besides, motabikes plus completely endless card duels is something I have to see. I love the seiries and I love it dearly but when one battle lasts three full episodes I think someone should really call the editing team.
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Luckily GX rarely had duels last more than two episodes, I think a few reached about 3 episodes, but that was about the most it was, so I'm hoping they keep that format up for 5D's cos I really start losing interest when they last for about 5 episodes like they did in the original series X__X
And yeah, Yuusei really does look angsty and so very serious and badass, that's gonna be an interesting change from Juudai, who didn't get angsty and badass until season 3/4 XD
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