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Dragon Force

Fairy Tail is currently one of my favorite reads. :) Natsu Dragneel in all his glory!

REF: Ch. 159, pg 23

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima

EDIT* Added the tattoo on his shoulder, silly me ><
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too bad this show turned into itchy porn with no story line.


btw nice work, love your art mate .
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Haha, very true XD

Much appreciated~ :)
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Oh my God! I love the lighting!
Pdubbsquared's avatar
Oh man, this is an old piece Sweating a little... 

But thanks! Much appreciated~
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some bitch gon' die tonight
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Oh man...dragon force Natsu... :drool:
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wow just wow great job on it fantastic work!
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Much appreciated~ :D
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Have you read the latsest issue of the manga? its getting really good
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I would have never made this pic if I wasn't reading the manga. On the other hand... OMGWTFBBQ DRAGON SLAYER BRAWL!! :omfg:

(Always up to date with Fairy Tail :D )
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*w* gonna be a dragonforce brawl...OMGWTFBBQ
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I Know!! It's getting so awesome!
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this looks great!!
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Could use some more work ;)
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Awesome, Good Job :clap: :)
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Thank you very much :)
Anderson93's avatar
You're Welcome my friend :)
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nice coloring on the flames
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when i saw this i was listening to dragon force through the fire and flames XD
Black-Bird-Zaiden's avatar
when Natsu is in this mode, I call it his "EPIC MODE"
ApolloStudios's avatar
Thumbs up if you were listening to Dragon force when you saw this!
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This is simply awesome!
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