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Autofit G3F Clothing to G2F

By PDSmith
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So here it is....The tutorial to make G3F clothing fit G2F.
And if you make minor will be able to do this again...maybe with G3M to G2M when G3M comes out. We shall see.

And yeah I know, this is one of those Tutorials that's a one time use. So I'd kind of like some feed back how how to improve on these things.

Thanks, and I hope it all works out for you. 

Sadly, there is one bit that doesn't work...high heeled shoes and heeled boots.  I think it has something todo with G3F's extra bones that mess up when Autofit tries to fit G3F's heeled footwear to G2F, but any flat shoes and boots like the Eclipse suit (the one on the cover) works just fine.

Lastly....I'm responsible if this make you go 'HOLY DOOKY! IT WORKS!"
and I'm not responsible if this crashes your copy of Studio and sends it into a fiery ball where "Windows Millennium" burns in hell.
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© 2015 - 2021 PDSmith
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Usefull tutorial!
PDSmith's avatar
hope it helps.
Doc-Savage21's avatar
Yes my friend, I read the tutorial, I understood 99%, the remaining 1% needs more time.Sweating a little... 
TommyLong's avatar
This is BEYOND helpful.. great work and many thanks! Can this method be used on other "classes"?
PDSmith's avatar
sorry for the delay, I've been out for a while. Yes it can be used for the other figures.
greendragon-gecko's avatar
Hoi, have you tried building clones for G3 from G8?
I used a mixture of your tutorial plus some tweaks from Sickleyields Morphtransfer tutorial, but so far DAZ decides if it works or will simply crash.
PDSmith's avatar
Genx2 the tool to make most of that work happen won't be updated. the woman who made it all happen passed away recently so we'll never have such a simple easy tool at our finger tips to make v4/m4, gen, g2, g3 to g8.

you'll have to find other tools.  Sorry.
greendragon-gecko's avatar
For the G3 Clones for G2 I didn't use a tool or where the clones in G3 made with it?
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Sorry I know this an old tutorial, but hopefully it still works.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am trying to do this for G3M to G2M instead of F.  I have gone through the tutorial three times now.  Haven't missed a single step but still not working.  First things I noticed, not sure if this matters, but my obj loads as just a grey character.  Second, when I get to the part to do Morph Loader Pro, I get a message that says "No deltas for morph, skipping node." and then it says Created morph successfully.  When I try to load up the morph nothing happens.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  I would love to figure out how to create morphs to make all my clothing items fit for G2, G1 and even V4/M4 characters if possible.

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some morphs don't readily appear to be used and need to be manually selected in the final steps. (when using Morph loader Pro). you  will have to scroll down the 'head' and 'body' and manually select the morph you want loaded to the updated figure.

For the skin. you need to export your m4 skin as a PRESET Material.  ie you need to go to save as and save the character skin as a material setting then when you have the finished figure you can load it...but only if you you have the correct add-on that allow for g1, g2, g3 to 'wear' m4's skin.
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How is it possible to put this Morph Asset and what belongs to in a zip-file? Do i need some folders of the data-folder too?
PDSmith's avatar
All the data you need for the end effect is in the Data folder.  I can't help you after that. I'm just a hobbyist.
Ladyfyre-graphics's avatar
Thank you for taking the time to do this :-)
PDSmith's avatar
no problem, I'm just sorry there is no way to make the shoes work.  Also if you substitute G2F in the tutorial with Genesis, all of G3F's clothing will fit genesis too.
Like this image I did for my toons in a different account.
Look'n for a date 21 by MsThemis
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Thank you so much! I have so much stuff for G2 (not just clothing) that starting over and getting it all for G3 is $$$, not to mention they don't even have all the stuff I use for G2 out yet for G3. But I do have some nifty outfits for G3 and now I can use them! :happybounce:

As for shoes with heels. Heck, there are some G2 shoes that don't fit G2. No, I disagree! And supposedly Genesis clothing fits G2 ... unless you got a cool set of roller skates, then nopes.
PDSmith's avatar
I did this autofit for G3M and G2M to fit Genesis.  That way I could use all the M4 skins.   m4 skins will fit right on to genesis without twisting and turning or screwing around!

I don't have example of the male but g3F to a toon.  Here you go.…
Almost all those outfits are for G3F

GreyGhost64's avatar
Worked like a charm.  You're a great humanitarian for sharing this.  Cheers!
PDSmith's avatar
Glad you liked it and thank you. I'm just a hobbyist trying to help others have fun!
GreyGhost64's avatar
And doing a great job at it too.  Thanks again!
greendragon-gecko's avatar
Used it for G2F/M and G3F/M.  I also made one Genesis2M-G3F so that I can use simple classics like a shirt on G2M. :) Works fine! :) You tutorial is great!
I wanted to do the same for the Genesis2F-G3M, but there is no G2F-shape dial showing up for G3M.  - Any Idea how to get the G2F showing up here?
By the way: where would I find the morph/autofit-files, so that I can save them somewhere? (with me my my troublemaker PC, a save copy is always a good idea)
PDSmith's avatar
I never used it beyond g3f to g2f and to genesis.  sorry. 
greendragon-gecko's avatar
well, G3F to G2M works too. Thanks a lot - it is a great tutorial! Clap 
maxsmeagol's avatar
Oh God, you are my savior!
PDSmith's avatar
And now in reference to your claim I am your savior for 3d with the tutorial.
Bless you my child! Now go forth and render with joy and happiness.

And keep in mind you can do the same with G3M to G2M
or even G3F/G3M to Genesis (at my other account I did it,  here's a link.…
Most of those renders are Genesis wearing G3F clothing.

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