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So here's a bit about myself. I've lived in two different countries (Canada and USA), Moved fifteen times in my life (not a military brat), lived in five different provinces and four different US States. Been to 27 different countries (being in the airport doesn't count). Served and retired after 20 years Naval service; ending my time as a member of the US Navy Judge Advocate General Corp (JAG).

I have two pet peeves. 1) Know it all's. (we all hate them, why go in to it). 2) Solicitors - Don't solicit me to visit, do, click, offer, or 'like' something. If it has to do with 3D art, I'll check it out. Anything else, please find a picket fence and FALL ON IT!

As you will see I'm a lover of the female form. In all aspects.

I don't do rape, pain, mutilation, or humiliation of women images. Please don't ask. To tell the truth I'm disgusted be those things.

Love, passion, romance, caring, and respect are the things I like most. Call me a woman at heart and I'll agree.

As for my images, I push myself to do better than the last group of images. I started this hobby full time July of '08 and have come this far. Where will I be in four years? Hopefully putting out image the level and quality of Avatar.

If you have any other questions about me, please ask.
It didn't take me much to notice that in 2 days I went from my average of 100 to 200 views for an image to two days later with the current post, I'm up to 9000 views. So for those who are new to follow me and this chapter, after it's done I'll post all of the Star Wars T-girl series in a single PDF to read offline. Free. With images not seen in the series as well as a few others like test images. Now the other portion... you won't find sex as an integral part of my TG stories. These stories are plot drive adventure stories with breaks along the way. I will hint and I may push the boundary but all out sex? Not my thing. And lastly, I don't do request stories or images or 'make me look like a woman' images. Between the brainstorming I do with @ShadowhawkOne and recently with @DelilahTG, my plate is full with stories. the below are the current stories I'm working on.. 1) https://www.deviantart.com/pdsmith/gallery/73023192/star-trek-special-forces-transgender 2)
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I'm tired of seeing it for the last year. I'm here to have fun, see art, discuss art, talk about concepts, tutorials and stories. I didn't discuss politics now, 4 years ago, 8 years ago or even 12 years ago (I was under a different account then.) If you feel the need, give yourself a hug or high five and move on. If you think I'm wrong and my stories are politically motivated, I guess you don't know why I'm doing this... Politics is NOT my intent. I'm pushing nothing. I have a common theme not an agenda. I'm not here for the followers, the numbers, or the idea to push what I believe on anyone. I'm here to entertain. One person. That's all. Entertain one person. Which is why I even stopped using hashtags and advertising on group sites. If others like what I do and want my images on their group sites, then sure ask me you want to share it with others, but I'm not going out of my way to push my images, ideas, beliefs, or personal code of conduct on anyone. So no politics.
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Well it's kind of simple. I'm here on DA to share ideas, art, tutorials and in general to better the 3D hobby. I don't care about views per image, never have. I've always stood by this belief; if one person enjoys my work then I've accomplished my goal. I'm sorry if you don't agree with me, but if you want me to pay to see your art. Good bye. I'm not interested in your work and I'll unwatch you in a cocaine heartbeat. There is my one and only heads up on this subject. On the flipside of that, I will never charge people to see my work, I don't have a Pat...what ever account, never planned on using one. (Yes I created one, to see what all the fuss was, and I never logged in again.) For the rest of you. Good on ya and I'll continue to look, comment, and enjoy what you have to say, show, and at times; teach me.
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I thought I had clicked 'watch' a long time ago and when Shadowhawk told me of your art jam I saw it was offering the watch option. Guess I had to re-click it.

I've had similar things happen myself.

Thank you very much for the mention!! I really appreciate it!

If you're a core member and you don't like Eclipse, you can get a refund for the remaining months of your subscription. You need to file a customer support ticket by going to https://contact.deviantartsupport.com. Select 'Sales & Services', then go to 'Tell us more about your issue'. Select 'I'd like to cancel my purchase' and 'Core Membership'. Scroll past 'Solve your issue', and click 'Contact Us' at the bottom. Tell them why Eclipse is not worth paying for, then submit. I got my money back within a couple of days.

Hope everything is ok. haven't hard from  you in a minute.