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Hello guys and girls

In the last few i was waiting for the winter season here in Liechtenstein, but there was no snow until december. This wasn't normal, crap. At the day it began to snow in our mountains a decided to go to malbun, which is our winter destination for the tourists. There i shot my first pics for my next deviant album. So, i hope i will be finished at the end of january 2012.

So on have nice week happy new year

.... jep, 2 Years ago i jointed deviantArt and I am still faszinated about those people who submit they art.
Well, i'm maybe one of these people who do not submit so much arts as others, but i also have to say that i'm not
an artist in that way. I've never lerned how to paint pictures or airprushing. The only thing i can do is working with PS, and even that is not
good in any kind, when i see pics here were i realy speachless.

So on, my friends, hope you will also stay here the next 2 years with me :D

Salut and greetings from Principality of Liechtenstein
Patrik Dentsch coming out of me

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