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I'm back to the DevArt community, hope this time is for good.
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It has been quite a while since last time I posted something here. things at school and at work were driving me crazy.  Now I'm done with school and I'm ready to take some new pictures, let's see what comes out.

Also, I had some photos I took while at Washington DC, now I've been working on them finally posted them.  I hope you like them.

About Washington DC, it is a wonderful city, full of history and places to go, it is a shame I didn't have much time to visit some more places; maybe next time.

Anyway, I'll be posting some more stuff soon, I love the winter and this cold weather makes me feel better for taking new photos.

By the way, the website I had uploaded some months ago only lasted a couple of days.  The web server suddenly crashed, the hard drives burned, and all the info was lost.  Shame on me for not backing up my info.  But well, during this holidays I'll also be working on the website. I'll let you know when it's done.

Finally, I've found a very easy technique to improve your group photos, instead of making them say "cheese" or "whisky" ... make them say "sex" ... you'll notice the great difference.

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Bueno, a pesar de estar de trabajo hasta la coronilla, he logrado sacar una nueva versión de mi website!

Por favor, denle una miradita, firmen el guestbook, y me dicen que opinan!

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Heh, although I've been real busy at work, I've managed to kick out a new version of my website!

Please take a look at it, sign the guestbook! tell me what you think!

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