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Feels nice to be in love with such a special person~
I've gotten myself into designing circuit boards. :D 

If anyone knows any cheap pcb manufacturing and assembly places, post a link below please!
Happy Easter everyone!
Recently, I've been noting people thinking that I steal art. I'm progressing along in my style, and my style is to accurately paint what I'm referencing, but with my own style. Sometimes I don't put enough of my style in, I suppose, and people think that I simply stole the reference and called it mine. No, I don't do that. If I ever upload something with parts I didn't use, I say so in the description. If you want proof, here's something I'm working on (and probably won't finish, lol):…
A time for egghunts and freshness. Spring cleaning and beginning anew.

Woo, spring rain, make my mountains green!
I'm writing this to PROVE to you that I am not dead.

So there.
"Merry whatever doesn't offend you." -Matt Rhodes
Since nopony reads these anyways,

It was fantastic.

Okay, that last episode was probably my favourite Moffat episode. It was really well done, but I was wondering about quite a few things. Most notably, why there wasn't a reference to "Timelord Victorious."
The Statue of Liberty? C'mon, it didn't even do anything. Sepia at the end? Nooo no. Slo-mo running... in a frantic scene? Not doing it for me, Mr. Moffat. But besides that... I cried.
And now we wait for the next episode!

... Makes me want a TARDIS even more.
Can't wait for Season 7!
I really liked it.
I saw a bit of something that fell in with something else I saw from the middle of Season One... But forget it, I'm just being paranoid..

I'm wondering how many Princesses there are, and whose niece Cadence is, and why she ages like all the other ponies, despite the other known Princesses aging slowly over tens of thousands of years.
As well, I wonder why all the changelings are Alicorns... and why they've got holes in them... Why the daytime made no difference.

The two-parter was quite touching... Unfortunately, Season Three is quite a ways off.
In my opinion, Season One was better for the most part, but from S2E18 and forward, Season Two got better.
In the first half of Season Two, most of the mane six weren't together, and weren't even utilizing their special talent. However, when Pinkie sung, "Smile, Smile, Smile," I thought better of it.

I mean to say, I hope Season Three isn't "worse" than Season Two. I hope it all gets better and better.
I got my long awaited microphone in the mail tonight! I'll up a photo when I've got it set up (still need to buy the cord and stand).

Let's try and get into this lucrative pony music business...
Last night, I was arting, and I pressed too hard.
I heard a click and the sensor inside the forward tip broke.
I can only use the eraser end of my Wacom Intuous4 stock stylus.
I urgently need to get working again.

If anyone knows how I can get the eraser end to NOT erase in Photoshop Cs5, please let me know. Thank you.
Dangue! I made two pieces of art in one day (Saturnday) and five the next! I am all tuckered out.

Going to go watch some Star Trek: TNG on Blinx Remote... ahh.... what a wonderful weekend... and I've got Moonday off, too!

I'd just like to thank the following peeps for their... existence:

CrookedTrees *Shakes fist at how amazing his shading style is*





JohnJoseco *Shakes fists at how quickly he makes popular art*

Makkon(06) *Shakes fist and a half at how (multi)talented he is*

... After looking at something from CT, I'm going to go paint. Picard can wait.

EDIT: Hmph, nevermind... I'll do it tomorrow. *Waves off*
Disqord would be proud, I figured out how to do it.…
Enjoy the 7 pages of jargon.
I liked this once, since they were all there at the same time, for once.

Also, the party cannon is AMAZING.
The whole premise of my little new projekt is that it's the story of why she's called a seapony.
That's the only reason I thought of it.

That, and an excuse to make some cool art.

I'd say something about the bill in Congress now, but that would mean I'd have to make another journal tomorrow...

... Wait...
So I just bought a tablet with my mom for my birthday (20th). This makes drawing, oh, about 40 times easier, since I don't have to use the circle select, warp, liquify, blur, unsharp mask tools in PhotoShop to achieve such results. Example!:…
(Yes, I write horridly crooked on unlined things.)

Anyhow, I have to draw something for French, so I'll start on that later.

Billy Neighs can go off the front page now, he's all good selling Celestia oxyclean to keep her coat white.
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