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Invisible Monsters

My first post on 2010!
This illustration is based on the novel Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk. Its about a model who loses her jaw by a rifle shot. Beautiful story and a very intense critic of our society.

" If I can’t be beautiful, I want to be invisible "

Happy 2010 everyone (:
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Show esse desenho , parece  filme de terror , a mulher vira esse bicho e mata todo mundo
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Chuck Palahniuk.. "fight club"?
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Awesome.. it's Shannon <3
Quero uma pra mim! *-*
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haha... linda! O desenho é mesmo magnífico!
i love this! cant wait to see more!
We liked your painting so much that we linked to it in an italian review of Invisible Monsters (…)
Just to let you know that we've appreciated your work :)

Herr Joe & Madame Freida
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Fiz um vídeo desenhando o PC SIQUEIRA [link] Não sou profissional, só fiz uma homenagem ao PC!
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wow. that really freaked me out a little when i first saw it! :fear:
the shading, especially on her arms and in her hair, is beautiful though! this is a fantastic piece of art for one of my favorite books ever, thank you so much! :love:
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Muito bom cara. Essa personagem é foda! Curto muito as suas cores, parabéns.
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Bando de brasileiros fanzinhos fingindo que sao gringo so pra chamar atencao
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ficou ótimo, eu vi esse no programa do gentili..
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hi pc, i got a question..
do you use a Tablet-PC in your ilustrations?
id love to try some digital art, and i got a tablet.. but don't know how to use for that yet
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Eu tive que ler o livro em inglês (não achei para comprar aqui , então baixei ) e é simplesmente foda ! Leiam o livro por favor ...
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This is amazing.
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i didn't read the book yet, but i know the action in it. It makes me almost cry, but also it's cool ^^
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Fucking awesome ! I thing this my favorite pic.
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vim aqui suplicar um favor da galera votar no meu hoodie clicando "I'd wear this" nessa pagina [link]
parabéns fico incrível tá até no site do chuck palahniuk quem quizer ver ai [link] só imagino ela assim agora
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