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I've played games from both franchises (AW1, 2 and a little of DS) and VC2 and the other day I had a random thought.... If characters from AW were on VC, what classes would they be?

I thought that Andy might be an engineer because of his repairing abilities, obviously; Sami would be a scout (perhaps a shocktrooper, or a character that can change between scout and lancer classes); Max would probably be a tank driver (probably), Grit a sniper (one of his potentials could be a range extension power or something); Jake might be a shocktrooper and Rachel a lancer with a chance to attack again. Olaf.... mmmm.... armored tech? Adder a scout and Jess perhaps another tank driver.

This was quite random xD
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Its gfx card got burned by its excessive use. Good bye laptop, let's see if i can replace you soon!
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  • Playing: Phantasy Star Portable 2
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The tech support was really fast and i can work/play/browse again. ^^

What's the ODD unit (no, it's not the word "odd", it's an achronym)? o_O it was replaced along with the mother board.
  • Listening to: Doomsday Zone, Project Chaos ver.
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Phantasy Star Portable 2
  • Eating: salad
  • Drinking: coke
The other day when i turned my laptop on, screen showed garbage and i was like WTF? then when it had to start, it restarted o_O, then it entered the "restart repair" mode (or whatever it's called) and found no flaws on hard drive. The screen was still showing the garbage.

So, the problem seems to be of graphic card... again! It does not start normally so i can't work with it ;__;

Now it's been sent to the technical support, i hope they'll repair it soon for i need it for University.

It's been 2 years since the other laptop died. Are those things destined to break in 2 years?
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  • Playing: Phantasy Star Portable 2
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A new family member has arrived! He's called Phylipos Asterix (yeah, pretty unusual for a dog XD) and is 1 month old. I hope he'll grow happy and healthy. :3
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  • Watching: Muchachada Nui
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  • Eating: Arroz a la cubana
  • Drinking: coffee
For an easier browsing i've organized my deviations in folders. Man... so many time there and now i organize... lazy i am XDDD
  • Listening to: Light form the Netherworld - Yasunori Mitsuda
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  • Watching: The PC screen, what else?!
  • Playing: Phantasy Star Universe AOTI
  • Eating: Roscón de Reyes :D
  • Drinking: coffee
Well, since the previous journal entry my life has changed a bit (well, not much) but as the title says i'm not used to update my journal XD

At last my laptop died, or at least disappeared. Theoretically, the Tech Support repaired it, but didn't get it back to the store i bought it from (perhaps someone kept it for him or her, who knows -_Ó). The fact is that one month later my PC was not ready; and they guaranteed me my repaired laptop or a new one of the same value.

Now, well, since last May, i have a Sony laptop like two times more powerful than the other and.... Windows Vista home premium. It's good to have a better machine than before but something smells fishy here, hehe. Windows Vista makes me nervous, and the Vaios i'm sure they have something hidden, somewhere, something that is saying.... "hehehe... i'm here seeing what you do, and you can't see me. The DRM will fall uppon thee. HARHARHARHAR!!!"

...Still, no problem here :)

For those that are interested, for ALL my fans (dunno, two and a half people or so. They are there, i know :P) i'm ok, the holidays went ok, i've been on the beach (Barbate, Cadiz) and now i'm gonna begin classes again. Ka-oS IV is almost finished (the basic morph targets are ready, so she can talk now ^____^).

Well, see ya around!
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  • Playing: Phantasy Star Universe AOTI
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  • Drinking: Whatever goes well with pasta
Last week, working on 3dsMAX, suddenly the graphics on my screen corrupted, the vertices of my model went to the infinity drawing some weird vertical lines, and the windows of the operative system went corrupt as well, some red points, and so the mouse cursor, with weird vertical black lines. The system crashed. I restarted the PC and the screen still showed those weird red points even before entering the SO. It seems that my laptop's temperature was very high, later, when things cooled up a bit, everything worked fine, the wifi and so on, but with games or 3d programs the problem came again.

Now my laptop is in tech support and i have to parasite (again) my bro's :iconmelficexd: comp until the repair is done. They say that it'll take 20-30 days. Next week (wednesday) will make 20 days since i sent to the tech support.

At least it was under warranty! :)
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  • Drinking: Coke
Tagged by :iconyukohoon:

1. Post these rules:
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

a. I'm the third biggest producer of hentai of Skies of Arcadia (dunno really XD).
b. I like epic movies (Matrix, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean....) OST's.
c. People in Messenger barely talks to me ;_;
d. When i post on forums there's no one online on them.
e. I reached lvl 90 on PSU playing all offline.
f. I like soft hentai more than hard hentai.
g. My favourite ice cream flavour is cheesecake.
h. I can read hiragana and katakana (and some kanji).

Let's tag!

:iconmoonlit-raven: :iconxlouisax: :iconvarsoviapacta: :icongalletasdanesas: :icontifa-lock: :icononyrica: :icontaichia: :iconlokheart:
  • Listening to: The computer's CPU's sound on the classroom
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El próximo kiriban será para quien haga la visita 8000 y me lo demuestre con un screenshot (nada de retoques, plz). Mismas reglas que el anterior.

De todas formas estableceré un "minikiribancito" (jeje, qué nombre más guay) para quien me demuestre la visita 7777. Probablemente lo que me pidáis sea transformado a tamaño chibi, superdeformed o como se quiera llamar.

Animooo!!!  =^O^=

Now, if you don't understand spanish and are interested on requesting kiribans i'll repeat in English:
Next kiriban will be for the one to make the 8000th pageview, showing me an screenshot. Same rules than the other.

I'll make a "minikiriban" for the 7777th pageview. And probably whatever you ask me to draw will be translated to chibi-size, superdeformed or whatever you want it to be called.
Ok, ok :iconsuichi-ameria: me ha taggeado, y ahora voy a seguirle el juego este de decir cosas raras sobre mí.

1. Me dan asco, o al menos una sensación muy rara de "alejaos de mí", las setas y los hongos, pero sólo si no han sido cortadas ya. Las pizzas con champiñones me las como.

2. Me siento incómodo si no llevo algo que me diga la hora.

3. A los 23 años de edad me siguen gustando los Legos. Eso es normal?

4. No se me ocurren más!

Y mis víctimas son..../My victims are....

ENGLISH - The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours.

Note - I don't know if you half to do this but I don't care if you dont I think its just for fun.

ESPAÑOL (Traducido por *B-TenShi)
- El primer jugador de este "juego" empieza con el topic "6 hábitos/cosas raras sobre mí mismo" y la gente que ha sido taggeada tiene que escribir en el journal sobre 6 hábitos/cosas como indican las reglas.

Al final, necesitas elegir a las próximas 6 personas que han sido taggeadas y una lista de sus nombres.

No te olvides de dejar un comentario que diga que "has sido taggeado" en sus comentarios del devpage (???) y de decirles leer el tuyo.

Nota - ¡Sigue el juego, leñe, que está divertido! xDDDDDDDDD!!!

Quien me haga la visita 6666 se lleva un kiriban de esos. De lo que el/ella diga (que no sea dificil de dibujar ^^U).

Whoever makes me the 6666th pageview will be awarded with a kiriban of whatever he or she wants (not difficult to draw, please ^^U).

Sera Tenshi?... Será Ame....? Será Keiichi...? Será algún agloparlante de esos? qué será será? XDDD
Me voy a ir de vacaciones ya mismo. Así que si no escribo ni posteo nada (tampoco pintaba mucho ultimamente ¬¬) ya sabeis  de lo que es.
All fans of Rockman girls should take a peek here! :iconmegamangirls-club:

I hope to draw them as soon as possible! ^^U
Since the start of classes i've been doing almost nothing to upload here.... buf... If only I had my own computer, my brother wouldn't have to share his. And I would be free to make a 3D model with millions of faces!! XD

I wanna earn money...

I want a job.

I wanna be 3D designer for an important company!

I will be the best jedi ever existed!! :P

(well, the last one... I dunno)
Hahaahahaaa... my first journal in many many time! Please look this video file, It was made by :iconmelficexd: when I attached Pulsar to a biped object. In my opinion it looks cool…