30 Day Prehistoric Reptile Drawing Challenge!

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Just in time for Dinovember!

You may have heard of the #30DayDinosaurDrawingChallenge, a popular drawing challenge centered on dinosaurs. Well, I'm going to make something quite similar to it; one of the main differences is that it won't focus on dinosaurs, focusing on other prehistoric reptiles from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous instead! Only a few entries will allow you to incorporate dinosaurs into your drawings. 

Day 1: Favorite pterosaur
Day 2: Favorite plesiosaur
Day 3: Favorite ichthyosaur
Day 4: Favorite prehistoric crocodylomorph
Day 5: Favorite prehistoric squamate
Day 6: Favorite prehistoric testudine
Day 7: Favorite overall prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile
Day 8: Favorite modern non-dinosaurian reptile
Day 9: Accurate prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile stylized in 4 ways
Day 10: A hybrid of any two prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptiles
Day 11: A prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile moving gracefully in its environment (think things such as flying pterosaurs, swimming plesiosaurs, walking paracrocodylomorphs, etc.)
Day 12: A prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile laying eggs/giving birth 
Day 13: A prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile sleeping
Day 14: Wild speculation *
Day 15: Make up a believable non-dinosaurian reptile
Day 16: Any two prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptiles near each other (no fighting, no anachronisms)
Day 17: Any two prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptiles fighting each other (just don't go too far, no anachronisms, intraspecific combat is allowed)
Day 18: Draw a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile alongside another type of prehistoric animal (can include mammals/dinosaurs/amphibians/arthropods/mollusks, no anachronisms) *
Day 19: Draw any modern non-dinosaurian reptile in an outdated, inaccurate, or controversial manner
Day 20: Draw a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile in an ecological niche it could belong *
Day 21: Draw any good pop culture representation of a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile (doesn't have to be accurate this time, just very memorable)
Day 22: Draw a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile with a somewhat flashy but still believable color scheme
Day 23: Draw a mythical creature based off a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile
Day 24: Draw a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile in a large aviary/aquarium/vivarium
Day 25: A prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile eating *
Day 26: Baby prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile
Day 27: A prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile from the side, front, and top views
Day 28: Modern descendant of an extinct reptile order (Pterosauria, Plesiosauria, Ichthyosauria, Protorosauria, Placodontia, Nothosauroidea, etc.)
Day 29: Draw a prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptile doing mundane things (scratching itself, cooling off, warming up, hiding in a semi-enclosed space, etc.)
Day 30: Scenery with prehistoric non-dinosaurian reptiles *

*Can include a few dinosaurs or other animals
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Sounds fun! I might give it a shot this summer at some point.... ;)