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The trophy of your nightmares by PCAwesomeness The trophy of your nightmares :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 16 0 A masochist's KFC dish by PCAwesomeness A masochist's KFC dish :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 22 5 A birthday splash by PCAwesomeness A birthday splash :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 30 4 The summer brings new serpents by PCAwesomeness The summer brings new serpents :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 14 1 A less-than-ideal tropical vacation by PCAwesomeness A less-than-ideal tropical vacation :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 17 11 New year, new dragon by PCAwesomeness New year, new dragon :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 18 7 Top 10 Anime Birbos by PCAwesomeness Top 10 Anime Birbos :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 26 13 Tamatoa's younger brother by PCAwesomeness Tamatoa's younger brother :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 15 22 Davy Jones' right-hand man by PCAwesomeness Davy Jones' right-hand man :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 20 12 A swimming serpent by PCAwesomeness A swimming serpent :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 15 12
Welcome to Isla Muerta Part 2 - The Landing
It had been an hour since the helicopters departed from the military base, and even then, they were still flying over the Pacific Ocean. Left with nothing to do, the soldiers decided to pass their time by conversing with whoever was next to them on their respective helicopters.
“Man, I could be back on Key West, doin’ nothin’ but chillaxin’ on a boat, hittin’ on girls, and eatin’ Key Lime pie. But nope, Colonel says we gotta go to this dumb old island all because some spectacle-wearin’ fogey wants to use whatever sciency stuff he has to stare at an elephant’s ass.”, moaned a soldier with short, fuzzy hair.
“Look on the bright side, Tucker!”, agreed another, mohawk-sporting soldier. “At least we won’t get our heads blown off these dumb old Arabs again.”
“Did you even hear what Ian Malcolm said?”, exclaimed Sachs. “He mentioned dinosaurs almost every time he talked about the goddamn isla
:iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 5 4
Welcome to Isla Muerta Part 1 - The Journey
"Reptiles are abhorrent because of their cold body, pale color, cartilaginous skeleton, filthy skin, fierce aspect, calculating eye, offensive smell, harsh voice, squalid habitation, and terrible venom; wherefore their Creator has not exerted his powers to make many of them."
-Carolus Linnaeus
Deep in the dense rainforests of a deserted island, a soldier was running. He wasn't running to find his fellow soldiers, nor was he pursuing something; in fact, he was running from an enemy, and one that was far worse than any enemy troop. Hot breath puffed on the back of his neck, and it was all that he could do to keep running.
Finally, the trees thinned, and he broke out of the woods and into a clearing. As he kept running, he dared to take a look behind him, and immediately wished that he hadn't.
A massive scale-covered body was held up off the ground on two long, muscular legs that ended in three-toed bird-like feet, the vicious claws on the toes carving through the soft earth like a warm k
:iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 4 7
The Lost Park: A Jurassic Park Tale Begins by PCAwesomeness The Lost Park: A Jurassic Park Tale Begins :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 11 5 The worst kind of doggo to have by PCAwesomeness The worst kind of doggo to have :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 16 30 An elusive one-horned horse by PCAwesomeness An elusive one-horned horse :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 17 19 Jurassic World: Fallen Lizards by PCAwesomeness Jurassic World: Fallen Lizards :iconpcawesomeness:PCAwesomeness 45 47


Carcharodontosaurus by randomdinos Carcharodontosaurus :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 106 28 Non ammonoid cephalopods of Maastricht by paleosir Non ammonoid cephalopods of Maastricht :iconpaleosir:paleosir 62 1 Small bony fish from the maastricht formation by paleosir Small bony fish from the maastricht formation :iconpaleosir:paleosir 52 5 Maastricht formation: chronrichthyans by paleosir Maastricht formation: chronrichthyans :iconpaleosir:paleosir 109 20 Maastricht formation non-marine fauna by paleosir Maastricht formation non-marine fauna :iconpaleosir:paleosir 114 14 Behold, the largest non-dinosaurian land predators by paleosir Behold, the largest non-dinosaurian land predators :iconpaleosir:paleosir 114 57 Galeamopus pabsti SMA 0011 skeletal restoration. by Franoys Galeamopus pabsti SMA 0011 skeletal restoration. :iconfranoys:Franoys 86 21 Spinosaurini(=Spinosaurus aegyptiacus?) specimens. by randomdinos Spinosaurini(=Spinosaurus aegyptiacus?) specimens. :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 224 97 KKG Metroid Bosses by PhillGonzo KKG Metroid Bosses :iconphillgonzo:PhillGonzo 639 99 Minecraft Iron Golem by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Iron Golem :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 30 5 Minecraft Slime by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Slime :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 19 2 Minecraft Ghast by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Ghast :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 50 9 Minecraft Zombie Pigman by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Zombie Pigman :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 28 1 Minecraft Enderman by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Enderman :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 63 9 Minecraft Blaze by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Blaze :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 96 8 Minecraft Guardian by CriticalRobotBoy Minecraft Guardian :iconcriticalrobotboy:CriticalRobotBoy 58 6



Dang, that Brazilian museum fire was so devastating.

Here's a moment of silence for Irritator, Santanaraptor, Tropeognathus, Anhanguera, Tupuxuara, and Tapejara.
I am heading off to college soon, and so, since I'll be studying most of the time, I feel like I'll be pushing out less drawings now. Of course, my art schedule has been inactive during my high school years, but I feel that what is about to come is now guaranteed.

As a going-away gift, I bestow upon you this big moo:
The trophy of your nightmares by PCAwesomeness
The trophy of your nightmares
After my encounters with the peaceful yales and the majestic unicorn, I have never thought a large ungulate would be unpleasant to look at until I discovered the catoblepas; standing at a height of 2 meters tall, this large herbivore is one of the foulest swamp-living creatures you could ever see. It has the general appearance of a bovine, with a bulky body, long, supple legs, long, a long, semi-conical head with mid-sized, mobile ears on its sides (just a little distance behind the animal's small, blood red eyes), and large, curved horns; however, its neck is extremely long (due to the lengthening of its cervical vertebrae), it has large tusks protruding from the sides of its jaws, and due to how heavy its head is, it always holds its neck and head downwards, as if it were depressed. This is perhaps the best way you'll be able to see it walking around, for if it raises its head, your situation quickly becomes dangerous. Catoblepas are territorial, and raising their head usually signifies that they are alert for danger, threatened, or angry; if it detects you while feeling one of the three emotions, you are in for a fight with one of the worst hellspawn to walk through the murky bogs.

Catoblepas are herbivorous, feeding on a wide variety of plants low to the ground, such as ferns, mosses, and liverworts; due to their abnormally high threshold for poison, they are also capable of feeding on plants that would be toxic for any other animal. If they eat enough of these poisonous plants, they become able to breathe a noxious gas that asphyxiates anyone foolish enough to approach these eerie herbivores; if such foes manage to avoid the toxic gas and keep on bothering the catoblepas, they will raise their head, stare their attacker dead in the face, stamp their hooves, and emit a terrifying bellow that rings through the dark marshes. They will then start charging at the poor soul who dared to provoke them, right before proceeding to pound them into a paste by slamming into them with their powerful necks, goring them with their curved horns, or even trampling them with their clomping hooves. Due to this territorial behavior and unpredictable attacking method, catoblepas are considered one of the scariest beasts of Terra Pecunia, right in the same league as the petrifying cockatrice and the hair-raising hell hounds; combined with their foul breath and ugly look, this makes them something people are better off avoiding like the plague.

"He was the biggest wildebeest I'd ever seen. He was 14 feet tall- I meant, 14... hundred... a-a-and one feet tall! And he had two... no, FOUR of the biggest horns I've ever seen. His breath was red hot... I mean, green, but he hated the environment. To pull this off, I knew I was going to have to dig deep, deeper than I ever had before."

My fourteenth mythical creature factfile so far, featuring the ominous, heavy-headed Catoblepas! If you have any questions about it, ask me!
A masochist's KFC dish
Never before have I found such feathered beasts as unnerving as the dreaded cockatrice; measuring 4.2 meters long and standing at 1.8 meters tall, this terrible reptile is one of the many reasons searches for the elusive unicorn are excruciatingly challenging. Despite its reptilian affinities, it actually bears a heavy resemblance to a pheasant (more specifically, a chicken), with a bipedal posture, bird-like feet, a feathered body, and a feathered head with a large comb and a moderately long, hard beak; to add on to this, it commonly struts with the same prowess and dignity as a rooster would, it moves quickly and energetically (very much like a bird would), and the clucks, squawks, hisses, and screeches are very bird-like in tone. However, it has some reptilian traits that betray this avian appearance, such as the long, scaly tail that helps it balance while it walks, the many claws and spurs on its leathery wings, and the many sharp teeth hidden in its beak. Generally, the cockatrice is quite calm, only turning aggressive when threatened, hungry, or angry; however, it feels threatened by even the most subtle glares directed at it, and when it fends for itself, it fights with a ferocity and truculence on par with that of the more threatening monsters that terrorise Terra Pecunia, such as hellhounds, manticores, dragons, and sea serpents.

Cockatrices are omnivorous, feeding on grass, seeds, fruits, crops, and tiny animals; however, I've seen some cockatrices audacious enough to prey on large mammals such as badgers or deer. When hunting prey, cockatrices are able to kill a mid-sized mammal with one blow from their powerful legs, and they are able to put their prey to sleep with a toxin secreted from the spurs on their wings; however, when defending itself, the cockatrice will emit a low-frequency sound that stops its victims in their tracks and causes them to quiver for a long time, only resorting to the previously mentioned fighting tactics when this fails. If angered into a fury, it will amplify this dangerous sound and combine it with its horrid, raucous shrieks, incapacitating its foes and killing them in a matter of seconds; in short, such belligerents are literally screamed to death. Combined with its powerful legs and sleep-inducing spurs, this makes the cockatrice a deceptively lethal beast anyone could encounter; when wandering around in a dark forest, you should be extremely careful, as you can fall victim to the cacophonous sounds emitted by this vile creature.

"Do the chickens have large talons?"

My thirteenth mythical creature factfile so far, featuring the terrible, cacophonous Cockatrice! If you have any questions about it, ask me!
Man, trying to learn more about Cretaceous sharks was kinda disappointing.
Tagged by :iconmerkavadragunov:

1. which fossil formation would be best for a Saurian sequel?
No fossil formation, because Saurian is incredibly boring and another game like it would be entirely unnecessary.

2. what anime/manga/cartoon/show/etc. are you watching/reading/etc. right now?
Uhhh, I just watched a few episodes of The Office with my friends a while back; does that count?

3. which prehistoric animal would be a best candidate to be an inspiration for Monster Hunter fauna (i.e Anjanath inspired by T.rex with a mix of old dimetrodon spine theories and hooded seal)? and how what combination and design would be possible for it to be in Monster Hunter universe?
I'd make a Lightning-element Allosaurus-like Brute Wyvern with moderately large crests that remain folded against its head, but stick up and start glowing when the beast is angered and capable of using more devastating lightning attacks.

Also, I'd recommend not asking this question, as very few people I know actually know about Monster Hunter.

4. JWE (jurassic world evolution) or PK (prehistoric kingdom)?
I don't know; they both look OK.

5. what obscure prehsitoric fauna would be great when designed as a mecha (i.e mecha-Sinraptor)?


6. if we had the ability to own prehistoric animals as pets, what would be your pet?
I'd like to have an Archaeopteryx as a pet.

7. which would be more practical in the military? a JP/JW style hyrbid/chimera/fauna or realistic looking fauna? (inspired by JW and JWFK) (factors must take in consideration: cost , effectiveness, companionship , and strategic roles.) (i.e use of avian troodontids through falconry for hidden alarms/etc.)

Realistic-looking fauna, seeing as modern animals can be used in the military.

8. do you enjoy this?
I kinda do.

9. do you have the guts to draw an animal/monster through the combination of Paleoart and Fantasy/Sci-Fi? if you said yes, i am looking forward to that art. (i.e a Utahraptor Lich partially feathered and skinny while showing typical traits of a lich).

It's more a question of whether I'm interested in it or not. In that case, not for now... an artist/paleoartist what kind of object/person/event is hard to draw?
Humans are kinda hard to draw, as are arthropods and some dinosaurs.

11. what games are you looking forward to the future?

See #4.

12. is this a good questionnaire?
It is!

I tag nobody for now


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