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I've now got a Patreon page! Go check it out!

Paul Caggegi on Patreon
It took a while, but I finally sat down and got my recent and best stuff together in a new showreel of work. Loads of illustration work featured. Check it out on youtube: 

Hey everyone! I've been doing commissions at local conventions for a number of years. If you like my work, and you weren't able to catch me at one, you can order your very own commission right from the website!

Choose from digital prints, a pencil and ink or marker sketch in a variety of sizes. Shipping is FREE worldwide!…
Especially on WIPs. If there's something you think I can improve on, I'm happy to take critique here.

I am currently working on a series of character posters for my convention stand. I made quite a hefty loss at the last convention I attended, and I wish to improve on making my product more attractive to the the fans passing by.

while I will create some fan art, it won't be for sale - I'm kind of against that sort of thing - but I want to have it in a portfolio to inspire some commissions, or to just attract people to my art.
I know loads of art types hang out here, so I thought I might join you. I actually like DA's set up, and how I can share with a more focussed community. If you'd like to know more about some of the sketches I put up, check out my comic, Pandeia -

It's a sci-fi action adventure set in Earth's distant future. Described by some fans as "Indiana Jones meets Firefly" it is the epic story of a small group of unlikely heroes who uncover the long-forgotten truth behind the moon's destruction, and how that information might bring balance to a slowly declining Earth.