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Hello there!
I'm just your friendly neighborhood gamer and artist that likes to draw!

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All of those gorgeous fanfiction writers out there~
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Undertale, Paper Mario 64, and Okami
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To Those Still Here

To Those Still Here

So it's been a while since I've even touched this account (or my alt DA account as well in fact)--but every so often, I think back to here and go: "Man, I sure wonder what those people are doing." Logging in to two separate accounts is a ton of work when trying to check in on people, so I've been considering merging my accounts and just saying to all hell with the fact this one is known for my AU mostly and submitting whatever the heck I'm currently working on. (If this website doesn't implode from Eclipse being made permanent that is.) If you'd like that, then let me know! Otherwise, I'll continue to focus on FA and Twitter.

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Reminder About Rumors

Reminder About Rumors

Apparently some leeches in the old Undertale fandom are going around in their vicious little cliques claiming my girlfriend or I are saying things about other Undertale creators that are lies. I haven't spoken to anyone in the UT fandom since over a year ago and I've entirely separated myself from the fandom, DA and Tumblr. If anyone is trying to spread my name or say "the creator of Monotale/Monofell is saying that--", they're lying. I 100% assure you that if you press these individuals for proof, they won't be able to actually provide anything, because there is none to be had. Proof as in actual live screenshare evidence of true, genuine s

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gorillazfan666Hobbyist Writer
What is Monofell Nice Cream like? Does he even go by Nice Cream Guy?
PC-DoodleProfessional Digital Artist

A nickname was never decided on, and the only art I have of them was the little kid versions that got corrupted because of DA's stupid "1 transparent pixel needed" rendering. I THINK I drew them as an adult once... not too sure where it is.

They're a gentle SOUL however. Very kind still--a big optimist.

gorillazfan666Hobbyist Writer

Neat. Thank you.

Light-He-arthHobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday.
PaumolStudent Filmographer
ehhh!, happy birthday 
Fox emoji - birthday :ayylmao: :party: 
I hope you had a nice day Party Pepe 
TumfuleriStudent Traditional Artist
I hope you had a nice birthday!