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Saint In Devils Armor-Flats by Pbuckley Saint In Devils Armor-Flats by Pbuckley
He might have Elric of Melnibone's color scheme but this Boi is as pure as the driven snow. Well for now anyways, long story short, I decided to try to build a paladin in GRUPS for the 15th time (It actually functions this time!) but we where doing this thing where we where incorporating the blood powers from Birthright into the campaign, and wouldn't you know it, I rolled Azrai (For the laymen we rolled to see if we inherited some kind of magical powers, and I ended up with dark magic in my veins). So I ended up making him a Red eyed Albino in black armor who worships a moon goddess. Still he is pretty cool, and a ton of fun to play, as he is your typical dyed in the wool champion of truth, justice, and the "American" way. But he also plays into the whole "I look like a ghost" bit, in order to frighten enemies into focusing their attention on him. Hopefully one day I can even use it to avoid a fight all together. Still he is pretty much doomed to mutate into a horrible monster, which is sad, I just hope I can avoid the cliche "Paladin falls to evil" plot line that is so dull, cynical, and played out. He deserves better, even if he does have a bit of a temper...

Ill be shading it later, technically I already have but it looks absolutely terrible so I decided to start over on it. You can think of this as my "Halloween Project" for this year.
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October 13, 2018
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