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Obama vs Putin

Obama VS Putin
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putin win obama jackass worst president

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putin: i own this show, you think i can't speak english? there's nothing i don't know
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Say goodbye, Obama!
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Manga Comic by PMBO8  
This Epic Fights
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Вауууу красивый артик :3
Я за Путина ехехе
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Obama looser!!! Trump wins!!! Putin is The President of Universe!!!
the black community organizer picked the wrong Ruskie to fight.
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Who is a WORSE president? Hmmm....
name states destroyed by both nations during the last 20 years.
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Someone should do a fighting game like this for sure lol. 
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Vladimir Howard...
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dumb and dumber
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That Putin doesn't resemble Putin. Fail. :(
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Best picture EVER!!
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Ew, homophobic asshole.
This is so instant fav. Happy new year.

For the Children definitely.

You Putin lovers can all suck my balls.
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I love you man, in a totally platonic way... you know things are bad when you're actually rooting for the guy who said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worse thing to happen in a century because he's one of the few world leaders with the balls enough to to stand up to ISIS! :D
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You seem to be a deeply insecure person.
Putin says : Those who do not regret the end of the Soviet Union have no heart, those who want to rebuild it have no brain.
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