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Ken VS Lt John

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how can you get ownd before even fight starts ?! :iconwhattheplz:
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how street fighter would be IRL.
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Lt John vs A Guy with Goggles
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Where does Lt. John come from?

I do miss the days when fighting games would show a beat up portrait of the characters.
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lt.john comes from a bystander video of a cop pepper-spraying some goofy college kids who wouldn't break up their human wall or something like that.
Was quite entertaining.
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Oh god thats amazing. :rofl:
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Could it be possible... that he's actually Rufus in disguise?
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Really, Really Awesome.
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sick work man ! <3
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Hahhaha, that it awesome.
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Kotaku Bump as well ;) Great work! :D
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Directed here from Kotaku ([link])
Excellent work! :D
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Haha Amazing! I wish it was a playable character, perhaps a matter of time before he makes it into Mugen.
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