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:bulletblue: What is Paypal?:bulletblue:
Is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders.

:bulletblue: RULES OF THE GROUP :bulletblue:

1. Only PAYPAL COMMISSIONS. Sorry but Points are not allowed.

2. Only COMMISSIONS WORKS. Please don't submit requests, trades, collabs or gifts.

If we check the gallery and see some picture that is against our rules, we'll remove it automatically. No exceptions.

3. Please be respectful with the other members!

4. If you want to post your commission info in our Home Page please do one time each two days. We don't like spam.

5. Any type of Commissions are allowed but PLEASE SUBMIT THEM IN THE RIGHT FOLDERS. Submission are automatically accepted, 2 per day.

6. MATURE CONTENT IS ALLOWED as long you have mature tag and according to DA rules submission.



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Hi fellas! :la:

Thank yo so much for being patient!

It was really hard because we found a lot of works that didn't belong here, so there were erased.

You can keep submitting your commissions (info, works, paintings, texts, crafts and more) meanwhile they're related to Paypal payment.

We also included a NEW FOLDER RELATED WITH PATREON, so you can submit your Patreon works over there :meow:

Have a great week and keep submitting please! :heart:
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Digital Commissions
Miu by Whails
Link Again by TheAdiRam
Commission -Voxsteller by AlineSM
2017-commission by Razorkun
Traditional Commissions
Casual Klee and Albedo by hikariin25
The Road Warrior by suzarte01
Adopt auction [close] by nosmokedhuman
[FanArt] Cruella de Vil  [JASY] by MiushuStudios
Literature Commissions
Loreline Kidnaps a Smuggler Prologue He woke to terribly cold sweat and shivers unlike any he had felt before. It was the nightmare he had, one that would have probably aroused him in different circumstances but... this felt... ominous. Removed from reality even.Joshua wished to roll over from his bed, get a cup of coffee, clear his thoughts a little... but then noticed that he was completely unable to move. His eyes darted over his body, as he tried to comprehend what exactly was happening to him.His legs, arms and torso, all the way up to his neck, was tightly hugged by a latex, rubber bag that left almost no room for movement. What little he could do, was wiggle, in vain, while a flirtatious chuckle beckoned his eyes to the left his bound form.It was her... the woman from his nightmare... or maybe... it wasn't a nightmare...?His captor, a slender blonde girl, with a piercing, dominant gaze and eyes of pure ice and smoky, stood with one gloved hand upon her hip, peering at him with a smug smile. Before he could take the whole of her outfit in, and there was a LOT to take in, with girlish glee and predatory prowess in her step, the leather clad woman crossed the room and sat upon his bound form, crossing her legs."Hi." She chirped. "Finally awake are we?~"For a moment he was at a loss for words. His mind could still not fathom what exactly was going on."Wha- what have you done to me?!" He blurted."What have I done?" She chuckled playfully. "Why, don't you remember last night?"He didn't... for a moment. But then blurred images started coming back to him. A bar... a stunning woman... her! She put something in his drink and then... blackness."You kidnapped me!" He yelled and she placed one gloved finger upon his lips to shush him."Now baby, no need to yell. I know you are frightened now but trust me... in time, you will beg to be in my presence." The blonde villainess said as a eerie, evil, seductive grin spread across her lips. Her hands glided over his legs, crotch and chest as she winked at him."Who... are you..." He breathed, full of fear."Loreline. I am a witch. And soon, you will be a part of my collection of obedient boys.~" Thewoman called Loreline explained.What the fuck is going on?!His mind raced as she got up again. It looked like she was posing in front of him, only so that he could feast upon how good she looked in the stirrup, leather, catsuit. It was skin tight, painted on even, with a short leather jacket cupping her breasts and shoulders. Her feet were in a pair of shiny, leather heels with dark pantyhose that disappeared at her ankles, bellow her catsuit. He believed that she was a witch based on looks alone."You have been a bad boy Joshua." How the fuck does she know my name?! "And bad boys canbe fun pets~"With those sinister words she hovered her palm across the floor and a pink link, followed bystrange letters he did not understand, shone with a dazzling light. He felt shivers just looking at it.After another deliberate movement of her palm his bound form levitated into the air as hescreamed from the top of his lungs. Loreline, with clear annoyance upon her face, snapped herfingers and a tight, latex, hood covered his face. Joshua's muffled screams were barely heard byher, let alone by a neighbour."I have a proposition for you. Let yourself sink nicely, without throwing a tantrum, and I will letyou have your first submissive orgasm as the pink aura touches your cock." Loreline laughed."But make a peep and you will not cum for the rest of your life."At those words he stopped struggling. He wasn't sure, though, if he did because he was afraid, orbecause he wished to orgasm. Her future slave nodded and Loreline giggled enticingly, happy tosee the first signs of his obedience.His body sank into the pink light... but it sank so utterly slowly, that he knew that she enjoyedthe view so much, that she wished to prolong it as much as she could. A tickly sensation spread from the moment his feet entered the magical circle, sending sizzles and tingles of pleasure across his completely bound body. He sighed in his latex prison, the strange blissful feeling dominating his mind into a pleasurable stupor.All the while, Loreline observed his agonizingly slow decent, smiling possessively at her newestprey. With, what little strength he had left, he started talking, hoping that at least some muffled sound would escape the latex bag and reach his captor."Please... I will not tell anyone... just... just let me go..." He whimpered."No. Now what did I say about making a fuss?~" Defeated, he simply closed his mouth andwaited for the dark, eerie pleasure to reach his cock. By the time it did, one could say that heenjoyed it... completely. Thoughts of surrender and pure enjoyment at her manipulations and teasing left him feeling weak like a babe.As he shivered in post orgasmic bliss, Loreline lifted her heeled foot and placed it upon his shoulders, grinning from ear to ear."Oh, the fun you and I will have my little puppet. I will have you dancing on my strings and licking my feet by the end of the day. And, by tomorrow, you will be an obedient doggy listening to my every whim and command.~" She purrs, the pink light finally drowning out everything else as he sinks into the floor into an unknown world.

Mature Content

Yoruichi by reportgg
ADOPT (closed) STAR WANDERER by ottozs
Commission  waist up  by KukkiSan
3D Commissions
RevolVer_Marilynmansonsm._3D_c180_09.06.2021 by AliceGothic
Commission post!(OPEN) by Neuko1n
[CLOSED] YCH#50-51 by ininomie
Flash Animation Commissions
(OPEN) AUCTION OUTFIT ADOPTABLE BATCH #02 by lovelystorydrawings
[OPEN]ADOPT AUCTION Number:30 by takuma12
Commission: Cradle-Rocket by whizumi
Chibi adoptabe CLOSED by 666Lost-Soul666
Artisan Crafts Commissions
Auction Adopt (O P E N) by Moshi-Adopts
FULL BODY [OPEN] Auction Outfit Adoptable SET 5 by iononion
Patreon reward by Awakeningwind
Banners Commissions

Mature Content

(Open) Adopt Auction #84  Green-eyed witch by Anrig
[Open] Lamia [Adopt SetPrice] by VET0CH
Photography Commissions
(OPEN) SB 15$ Auction Adoptable by lovelystorydrawings
Watercolor chibi DTIYS by Inntary
DA-025 MR.kit adoptable auction(open) by KITnewplayer
Azaako Kuttari  plush by Miru-Studios
Accesories and Jewerly Commissions
Magic YCH [OPEN] by RustSR
Icons and Avatars
Lacrimis Clamantium By VanillaNena by VanillaNena
Weaponry 784 by Random223
Painting Commissions
Commission OPEN by vricci
Card Commissions
Sci Fi Phantom And Sci-Fi Assassin - Adoptables by ArtByGhost
I'm Searching an Artist...
Adopts #41 auction OPEN by Grimlai
YCH AUCTION 5 (OPEN) by homrazzz
Pixel art Commissions
The Good Book Shop by Tirquaz
Digital Commissions II
[Commission] The Queens of Underworld by RicaSensei
Patreon related
Shark-Merman Qrow [Mermay] by shadowfreak98
Commissions Info II
Stunnin' Animation Meme - YCH OPEN by AbaddonLicht
Adoptables II
[OPEN] Adoptable Auction #5 by acro-bike
Digital Commissions II
[QUICK ADOPT SALE] Pink hair girl + free chibi by ShiroiYurei
Devious Folder


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Reilixin Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Adoptable auction is open!❌
                        SB - $20
               OPEN|Adoptable #05 [AUCTION] Cyber Demon by Reilixin
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       Hey, New adopt up! Sb: 60USD
[OPEN] ADOPTABLE AUCTION #18 [OPEN] by Rolleta              
                Please, check it out!! 
KITnewplayer Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
JessicaPegoraro Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Goth Shooting Star (Right)COMMISSION OPEN Goth Shooting Star 

black heart bullet I draw: portrait, original character, and fanart.

Commission by JessicaPegoraro   commission by JessicaPegoraro  
Oc by JessicaPegoraro    Commission by JessicaPegoraro   

black heart bullet My email:

PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra

*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) Thanks!    
hazumonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist

SPECIAL OFFER fullbody bondage for 32$ [4 slots]RULES:- 32$/character- you will recieve the clean linearts and all the fullbodies with transparent background- i can do male/female/Non-binary- paying with paypal upfront- you can come up with a pose or i can make up one- you can have them naked, sexy lingerie or any other clothes you prefer- no commercial use- send me a note or comment under this if you are interested : )EXAMPLES:,SLOTS:1.)2.)3.)4.)  OUTFIT DESIGN/wardrobe COMM [3 slots]RULES:- 40$/fullbody outfit [for example 2 outfits should be 80$] [This price can go up if the outfit is super detailed. armor for example]- i can design an outfit, or you can send me references for an exact outfit that you wanna see- the price includes hairstyle and make up variations too! - armors and weapons may cost extra!- you will recieve the clean linearts and all the fullbodies with transparent background- i can do any type of clothing [fantasy, armor, goth, punk, 80's, loli etc.]- i can do male/female/Non-binary- paying with paypal upfront- you can come up with a pose or i can make up one- no commercial use- if you are interested please comment under this- send me a note or comment under this if you are interested : )EXAMPLES:,SLOTS:@dragonwakener2.)3.)4.) COMMISSION INFO 2021IMPORTANT:- i always have some special offers open, but i you willing to pay the full price (below) you will automatically jump to the first place, and your commission will be more detailed than the special offer onesRULES:- no commercial use (if you are interested in commercial use art, please send me a note and we can discuss the detailes) - paying upfront - paying with paypal - i accept written references and picture references too, just try to be clear and organized with your references - you will get several WIPs (work in progress), including the clean lineart - if you are interested please send me a note or comment under this journal - if you want to buy just a lineart/flat colors/sketch please note me and we can discuss the price - if you have any questions about the prices/commissions please feel free to note me, i am happy to answer any questions.OTHER INFOS- i can do furries- i can do fetishes, please contact me if you are interestedCOLORED BUST [20$]- with background is +10$,COLORED HALFBODY [30$]- additional character is +20$- background is +15$,COLORED FULLBODY [42$]- additional character is +25$- with simple background + 15$- with complicated background +28$,CHARACTER SHEET [90$](includes 2 fullbodies, 1 halfbody, 3 detailes)- additional fullbody +35$- additional halfbody +25$- additional bust +18$,OUTFIT DESIGN [42$/outfit],BONDAGE [45$]- can be male or female or anything in between,NSFW [note me with your exact wishes and i can give you a price offer],
[YCH] Lifting her up couple ych [3 slots] by hazumonster   [YCH] In the clouds couple ych [4 slots] DISCOUNT by hazumonster  
Yuji-shirogane Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there~! I open my commission <3
Bust-up : 11$
half-body : 16$
Full-body : 23$
Shiro's Commission OwO (OPEN)[Last update : May, 21 2021]I re-open my commission with new price </3I hope my new price is not too high. I hope. Style 1 : Full Shade Full body : 23$ Half body : 16$ Bust-up : 11$ Additional character +75% from main price Simple background : start from 2$-10$Without background will have decors as bg and transparent-Transparent/decors bg,-Simple bg,Style 2 : Paint Nah, I just randomly named it Paint QwQ Head-shot only : 8$, Style 3 : Sketch This style is just sketch with solid color background. It's can be bust-up/half-body depend on the pose : 4$ Additional character : +2$, Do :OCFan-artLight goreNekomimi/kemonomimi Don't :Mecha/Furry/Oldman/MuscleComplex background (too much buildings)Realistic18+/NSFWIf you interested with my commission, please send me a note with form :Commission type :Reference pic/link :Pose (description/ref.pic): Character personality :Background (if used) :Notes :Paypal email :Once I accepted your notes, I'll draw sketch and send it to you, if you okay with the sketch, i'll tell you the final price and send a paypal invoice. After I receiving your payment, I'll finish your commission.The more detailed piece, it will cost 1$-5$ Each draw will be finish in 3 days - 2 weeks. But if you had any plans, please tell me the deadline.You can do 3 times revision when I give you the sketchI don't do refund (if I already working on your comm), the price already including the paypal feePlease fast respond when I give the sketch, don't make other people wait their turn too long.48 hours not respond to the sketch note, I'll eliminate your order from list, but you can ask me to add you again anytime.Don't send me any payment until I tell you the final pricePersonal use onlyYou will get watermark, unwatermark, transparent, and non-transparent pics.I always puts my works on social media but if you don't want, please tell me. And you can share the watermark pic with proper credit to me.So yeah, that's it. I'm sorry ... if there's bad explanation, please forgive me since english it's not my first language QwQ If you have any question, feel free to ask me on comment section bellow or dm me on Ig~!
Some of my works :
[Comm] Nox by Yuji-shirogane   [Comm] Koray by Yuji-shirogane   [Comm] Watch Your Step, My Queen by Yuji-shirogane  
NewPersonaWorld Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
[OPEN] Rose Knight by NewPersonaWorld  
KHRANIMIRA Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
OPEN ADOPT AUCTION Baroness Of Dragons by KHRANIMIRA  Auction open ^^
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