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"Wildblood was a virus which mutated giving it consciousness and self-awareness.
Once in it's victims system the Wildblood virus quickly travels through the bloodstream to the brain where it takes control of the victims mind and body.
Wildblood corrupts and distorts the victims body; growing large fangs is one of the disfigurements that it causes.
The virus quickly begins breaking the body down at the cellular level. To combat this cellular degradation the body needs regular infusions of uninfected human blood.
To obtain this blood Wildblood will attack humans with the fangs of it's host body to bite them and drain the needed blood.
The Wildblood virus is transmitted from one victim to another through it's bite. Each newly infected victim can act independently but is controlled by the single viral hive mind."

Created for 'Twilight of the Vampires' contest at Seventh Sanctum. [link]

Vampire Name Generator(Fantasy-Last Names)= Wildblood
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