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free cuddles


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free cuddles


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WaLoS 2020 - Comet

Comet stumbled a few feet, tripping over his own paws multiple times in the process, and eventually caught himself against a tree to try and not collapse ungracefully to the ground. It wasn't just that his head was pounding and his mouth felt like he'd been gargling wool-- the unfortunate aftereffects of a night of fun-- it was that his entire body seemed to have been swapped out for a different one overnight. Things loomed larger around him than they had any right to. His feet-- and how strange it was to try to balance on only two-- were misshapen, somewhere between a human foot and a goat's hoof. Somehow, he didn't think the reason they we


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in the depths


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egg worries

Calypso sighed and gently resettled the grey-and-purple striped egg in its makeshift nest, curling around it and trying to bury it in her ample fluff. Gecko would be back soon, she knew. But until then, she was watching over the egg alone. She was… new to being a mother. She had to admit that… she had not much idea what to do. Perhaps Carmen and Frio would have some advice? She sighed, twitched her ear, and settled back down around the egg. She couldn’t leave it alone… It could get too cold, or there could be a hungry memic on the prowl, or… Maybe she should go to Carmen and Frio. They knew how to take care of e


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[muffled jrpg final dungeon music in the distance]


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Figment Quest Step 4


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