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Shani swept across the floor of the Banukel, purring low in her throat as she made sure Everything was exactly in order. The catering? Excellent, of course, as she and her apprentices had handled it themselves. The lighting? She'd trust in the technicians. The decorations? Hm. She moved a set of balloons a few inches to the right. That looked a fair bit better.

After all, with so many visitors coming to town, she had to make sure her city was welcoming.


Akihisa threw the door to the club open with a howl; "Coming in hot!" he charged inside, his steps light and prancing, tail hooked over his back. Someone who didn't know him might assume that was to keep the bag of supplies secure on his back.

Anyone who did know him knew better. "Special delivery for one Shani!" the orange toa announced, prancing over to the crimson kadin with a grin. "Damn, is it hot in here or is it just you?" Without waiting for a response, he'd flopped down to dig in his bags, pulling out a holopad. "That's... Three boxes of balloons, two streamer packs, and..." he squinted at the holopad in his paw. "Seventeen? Kegs of Skreeksian beer? Sign here please!"


"It is just me-- thank you kindly for taking note." Shani sighed, taking the holopad and artfully signing her name. "--it's pronounced shreese, by the by--" distractedly but without judgement as she handed the pad back and checked over the bags herself to make sure everything was in order. She didn't trust delieverypeople, particularly flirty ones. "...However, you'll have to do more than one canned pickup line to get me to lift my tail, I'm afraid. I've been courted by men who have written odes to my beauty in the past, and I expect no less."


For a moment Akihisa didn't actually realize that Shani wasn't outright rejecting him. It didn't help that there was something blinking on the holopad--email? Yeah that was email--and--


"What's an 'ode'?" he asked, blinking up at her. "That means I have a chance, right? Cause you're like, on fire." he added, putting on his best smirk. "I can drag the kegs in if you want--won't hurt 'em or nothing, just tell me where to put 'em!"

the offer was certainly Something coming from a toa who was more Bone than muscle.


"Poetry. Particularly of refined composition and set to song." She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Well, this one was earnest, at least. An absolute fool, but earnest. "Put them in the storage room, please. I suppose that you could say you have a chance, in the same sense that purchasing a lottery ticket gives you a chance of winning." she sat primly, wrapping her tail daintily around her haunches. "Although if you think you can meet the high standards I have for courtship, you're welcome to try..."


"Oh. Word stuff." he stuck his tongue out and flattened his ears. "I'm no good at that kinda thing." a quick dash back through the door. He returned with three of the kegs-one on his back, two on a dolly behind him. "This is gonna take a few trips! Do you like paintings? I can paint'ya once all the kegs are in! You're my last stop of the day unless my boss calls with another rush order!"

Into the storage room, and he carefully unloaded the barrels of booze. "Oh! Or I could build you something! I've gotten really good at puzzle boxes and jewelry lately!"


Paintings? Shani's ears perked at that idea. It had been a long time since someone had offered to paint her... "That actually sounds quite intriguing. I suppose I could sit for a painting, if you so desire."

A fool, perhaps. But a fool perhaps she would tolerate a little longer. ...When surrounded by so much duplicity, sometimes she forgot what honest earnestness was like.

Shani gets a delivery of party favors from a very particular flirty deliverytoa.

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