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Ponysona v2
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Published: May 28, 2012
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v1 here: [link]

Changed a few things around, I like the cutie mark a lot better than the old one.
And now she has a proper name, it's Timid Tracks.

Now with full bio!

Appearance: Shorter than average mare with a light build, this allows her to be light on her hooves making it so she usually doesn’t make any noise when she walks. It also makes her fairly weak compared to other Earth ponies. Light blue coat with brown and dark green mane and tail. always wears glasses for her nearsightedness.

Special Talent/Cutie mark: Her cutie mark is three paw prints of different animals. Her special talent is tracking animals, she discovered it when she was younger and her friend’s dog got off his leash, Tracks was able to locate the pet before anyone else could.

Personality/Traits: Because of her quiet nature she can typically move around unnoticed and she likes it that way. Shy around new ponies and dislikes large groups and loud noises. Always willing to help her friends, though she tends to drag her hooves with anything that isn't animal related.

Background: Timid Tracks grew up in a small town about an hour away from Seaddle. After discovering her cutie mark she started learning everything she could about animals and now works at a reserve tracking wild animals for tourists who want to see them (she doesn't lead the tour groups, she just tells them the places to go) and general animal care, she will also track down lost pets for anyone who asks.
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